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Let me stay.

For every time you caused me pain,

I leave you to shed tears again.

My refuge is a shadowed place,

You cannot come, I know your face.

In my mind.

Claiming that I love too much,

Yet hating every loathsome touch.

I'm not alone, you're always there,

To see my lies, my soul laid bare.


I run away to gaze at stars,

And let you follow, heal my scars.

To know that you will not be mine,

Sorrow, I hope, will ease in time.

Comfort me.

Deep down I know I'm just a child,

Embrace me stranger, tame the wild.

Whispering slowly you know I hear

Meaningless, a dead man's tears.

Hold my hand.

Within the dark and weep,

We know that we are in too deep.

How can I ever let you go?

The only one I've come to know.

Withered rose.

I see you with me, hear your scream,

I sleep and yet I cannot dream.

Didn't wish to be a ghost,

And it's your heart I crave the most.

I love you.

I trawl forever through the skies,

Masking the hurt behind my eyes.

I want to live, savour each breath,

But I'm stuck here, the king of Death.

In your arms.

My heart it beats a weary tune,

I know that I am not immune.

It's you I yearn for, cry and miss,

All I am is in your kiss.