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Prologue: Once Upon a Story

"Come on, you guys, hurry up!" The young mage tapped his foot and crossed his arms impatiently.

He pulled his long black trench coat tighter around his body to block out the frozen winds that were chilled with every speck of winter. He smiled and ran a hand through his midnight locks of gravity defying spikes.

Winter had always been a favorite of his. Ever since he was a child, something about the beauty and coldness of the black silhouettes of trees against a silver sky, barren land covered in a blanket of crystal, and the rivers and plants were frozen in sparkling crystal cages of ice enthralled him. The glacial touch of the ice and biting chill in the wind made him shiver in delight. The snow always brought such joy in his youth, whether it was snowball fights and other innocent games played by young children or skating on the frozen lakes; the enjoyment the season brought him was priceless. He even looked like a winter child: his storm colored eyes looked like blizzard clouds, his frosty skin and chiseled facial features, his rich black locks, love of the nightly color and clothing even in the long months of Ireland's summer. Yes, he was every bit a winter child down to his cold and domineering personality, with a temper and a spirit that was a unpredictable as a blizzard, and another side as gentle as freshly fallen snow.

"WILL YOU TWO HURRY UP!?" he yelled again, seeing the lamp post clock chime, alerting the small town that noon was only an hour away. "At this rate we won't get there until dusk!"

He stomped through the gate, the snow crunched loudly beneath his boots as he stormed back towards the small Victorian-like home that he shared with his two younger 'brothers' for the past year. But it wouldn't be home much longer.

He stormed through the door and up the spiral staircase. The woman who owned the building was a good woman, enough so to allow three orphans to live under the roof of one of her extra rooms, but none of them were given charity. Unless they could pay her the rent they would be forced to leave, but that would no longer be an issue. Now that their guardianship had been solidified and their apprenticeship confirmed they would never have to worry about the trivial matters of urban Ireland again.

Finally, he reached the top of the endless stairway and threw the door open so hard that a loud thud echoed through the room as the wood and iron crashed against the wall.

The two younger occupants jumped at the intrusion before turning to meet a pair of angry stormy-blue eyes. "What is taking you two so long?!" he demanded, seeing that the two were no closer to finish packing than they were when he first left.

"Calm down, Chazz. We're almost done," The middle boy said as he flashed a cheery smile that had aggravated Chazz to no end when he first met him.

"Just shut up and pack, Jaden!" Chazz ordered, leaning against the door.

The rambunctious and rather playful teen just laughed brightly. "Alright, alright." Jaden stuffed his bag with as many outfits as he could, shaking his mop of brown hair topped with spreading orange highlights from his rich, chocolate eyes. Though, he was incredibly modest about it, even Chazz had to admit that Jaden was a handsome teen: he boasted bronze skin, large chocolate eyes, a lean build, and muscular form, while he himself was frostily pale and rather lanky, yet many found him attractive. Jaden's child-like attitude only seemed to fit his appearance, the wild-spirit, and innocence he seemed to radiate.

They both paused when the heard the youngest member of their trio uttering a frustrated grunt, and turned. All the caught was a large mass of wild cyan hair, barely tamed into three parts, before the younger was on his feet trying to close his over-stuffed bag with his feet and knees while trying to tie the lock with his hands, but the stubborn suitcase refused to shut. Fortunately, the boy was persistent.

"Do you need help, Sy?" Chazz asked, raising an eyebrow. Syrus looked up and blushed, finding the two boys staring at him. A bright scarlet blush painted his creamy cheeks.

"I think the lock's broken," He admitted. "Either that, or I really am as helpless as everyone says," he muttered the last part with a sad gaze in his wild cherubic eyes, brilliant like liquid silver.

"Oh enough," Chazz snapped. "You're far from helpless Sy, with or without that new sight of yours, you know this whole city cold, and when I met you, you were smarter than most of those nobles that like to prance around."

Syrus smiled. "That was only 'cause of my brother. ' Course, then again, it's the master you should thank, not me." He smiled, and gave a silent cry of victory when the lock finally snapped.

"Well, in retrospect if it hadn't been for your eyes, we never would've met the Master," Jaden chimed in, throwing his stuffed suitcase over his shoulder—it was a miracle the lock hadn't burst open.

"Maybe, now come on," Sy said as he rushed ahead, his petite form giving him extra speed.

"Finally!" Chazz snorted, as Sy brushed passed him.

Though Sy was the shortest and rather attractive in his own right, it was rare that you found anyone with sky blue hair, silver eyes, and cream skin, let alone in Ireland. But Syrus was of slim build, and had a soft form, especially when his underdeveloped muscles made him look more feminine than anything else, but despite that, he was by no means the weakest of the three, despite his physical fatigue. Syrus was soft-spoken and gentle, and often the most timid, but he was also the most determined and outspoken. Both Jaden and Chazz had been on the wrong side of the boy's temper before and it was not a place they wished to return to.

In fact it was during one of these events that got them where they were going now in the first place. Memories flooded back as the three orphans huddled through the iron brass gate and down the cobblestone pathways, the snow crunching beneath their feet as they did so.

Not a week earlier during one of their usual quests for a job, Syrus, who'd born with bad eyes and spending the majority of his preteen life partially blind, had mistaken one of the street signs and had become separated from his siblings. After hours of endless searching, he'd found himself alone on the front steps of an old cathedral-like building that looked abandoned. All he could do was nothing other than cry, and cry he did. That was, until someone quite unexpected lifted the frail boy into his arms and brought him inside, sheltering him from the cold. From that day on, the boys' lives had forever changed. Sy wasn't sure how the man had located Chazz and Jaden so fast, but he brought them to the cathedral in less than an hour. When Sy explained his problem, the man simply smiled and said he would be glad to aid the boy in his failing sight. Sy wasn't sure what he did; all he remembered was seeing his reflection in a small mirror and the man casting a prayer of some sort. The next thing he knew the mirror looked like it was covered in a haze, and he could see clearly for the first time in his life.

The man had later explained that he was a mage, a magician of sorts, who lived alone in the cathedral and was rather respected among both the citizens of the town and the 'fair folk" as he called them, who made Ireland famous. Naturally, the trio was skeptical, but it wasn't until the master explained their own magic that they started to believe: Syrus' telepathy, Jaden's ability to conjure elements, and Chazz could command winter storms. The way the man spoke; it was as if he knew everything there was to know about them. When he asked if the boys would like to stay with him and be his apprentices, the trio nearly fainted from shock. But there was no lie in his kind, but determined indigo eyes. They had only returned to their former home to back their things, for they would be living in the cathedral from now on.

The three had been forever grateful to their new Master, though he constantly insisted they call him by his first name, he'd saved the three orphans from a life of poverty, and also helped them come to terms and understanding with something that had plagued them for years.

"There it is!" Syrus burst with an enthusiasm that rivaled Jaden's, and burst down the cobblestone path, dragging his suitcase behind him. The two other teens quickly followed.

As expected, their Master was waiting for them outside the front steps. The warm purple cloak wrapped around him served as protection from the cold. "A little later than I expected but good to see you again," The Master smiled as Syrus jumped into his arms. The Master returned the hug, and motioned for the three to calm inside.

The Cathedral was truly lovely, and rather cozy for being made of wood. The boys followed their master into a lavishly decorated lounge room where a roaring fireplace blazed to life and several couches, rugs and chairs circled it. Shelves of books lines the walls on all but one side. The chandelier above them and the torches around them were lit with candles, bathing the room in a crisp orange glow.

"Now don't be shy, make yourselves comfortable, this is your home now," The Master smiled, no lies in his bright blue eyes, glowing like brilliant sapphire stars against his caramel skin. Smiling, the three dropped their suitcases, stripped off their wet coast and boots, and warmed them selves by the fire while the Master prepared a few cups of tea.

"Thank you so much," the three bowed their heads in gratitude as they received and sipped the warm tea.

"No trouble at all, little ones," the Master smiled, taking a seat in his large chair, and turned to the tower of books next to him. "As you can see, I live alone; it gets so lonely here with only my books for company."

"I love books," Sy chimed in. "Ever since my brother taught me to read, I've never stopped."

"I never liked reading," Jaden admitted, sitting on the rug by the fire. "I could never get into it."

"Never bothered me," Chazz said neutrally as he sat cross-legged on the rug, resting his back against the couch.

"Then perhaps you would like to hear a story instead?" The Master suggested. Three pairs of eyes shot up. "My little ones, everything in life is a story. Be it your own tale or the life of someone else or even the history of any other place, they are all stories told and passed through words of mouth, and some even recorded or created and made into books. But everything fantasy or reality is a story."

Even Chazz's stubborn eyes widened with curiosity.

"How about I tell you one of my favorite tales…" The master smiled. "For we all know life is and never shall be a fairy tale, you three are old enough to know that, but that by no means life can not have a happy ending if you're willing to fight for it. That, young ones, is what many tend to forget, and what a dear friend of mine learned."

"Can you tell us, please?" Sy and Jay piped up. Even Chazz had a pleading look in his eyes, though he kept it well hidden.

"Of course I will," The Master chuckled and poured himself another cup of tea. "Now, this is a story of the most powerful and important thing on this earth. Do you know what that is?"



"Food?" Both Syrus and Chazz stared at Jaden.

"All of those things… possibly, this is a story about love. About a boy who was very, very different from everyone else, and who desired more than anything to find someone like him to love him for who he was. And, another who wanted the same thing but in a different perspective, for he wished for freedom, the freedom to love and to be with the one he loved the most. But that is not all this story is about. For it is also about struggle, courage, and of the many trials one must face to find themselves; to never lose hope or give up, and though love may not always conquer all, as it is indeed the most powerful force on this planet…"

The three apprentices sat up, immediately intrigued.

"This, my young apprentices, is the story of Chibi-Yugi…"

this story takes place in Galway, Ireland, because my Great-grandmother is Irish and ever since i was little she told us all about the fairies and sprites of Ireland and since it would be more fun to turn the characters in to farie, sprites and spirits than animals.
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