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Epilogue: Ever Ever After…Is only the beginning

The 21-year-old Faerie King smiled as the morning light crept through the cracks of his knothole room, illuminating his little faerie mate in the loveliest of ways.

Yami smirked and rearranged himself so he was perched on his elbow overjoyed with simply seeing his little aibou sleeping next to him. His heart melted as his angel snuggled into his warm, naked chest. He took Yugi's golden locks between his fingers and twirled the silken strands around his fingers and petted and stroked his hair, smiling as Yugi purred and cuddled at his husband's gentle touches. He brushed Yugi's cheeks with his thumbs and kissed his forehead, and pulled his angel closer.

Even asleep, Yugi moved and snuggled in Yami's arms and rubbed his cheek against him. Yami wrapped his arms around him and stroked his back, loving Yugi's moans and purrs of pleasure. Lord, he could never get enough of how soft his little one was: his skin, his hair, his touch. He buried his face in his little ones locks and inhaled his unique aroma.

But he was in for an even more wonderful realization when all five of his senses were suddenly overcome by a wave of the new aura his lover was giving off. At first he jumped, unsure of what it was but when it settled and he recognized the new aura, instantly. The Faerie king grinned with all the happiness of a cat with all the cream.

"Oh, Aibou?" Yami rolled them both over so he was on top of Yugi and began raining kissed along his cheeks, neck and torso. Yugi moaned and stirred to wakefulness, but the laziness in his eyes revealed he was too tired to begin the previous night activities again. Reluctantly, Yugi moved his hand to Yami's head and brushed his face away, and tried to roll over, but the elder simply rested his chin in his hands, bracing himself on his shoulders. Yugi moved a bit so he was half-sitting up, half pressed against the pillows, his half-lidded eyes meeting Yami' wild ruby ones.

"Yami, it's too early for this," Yugi yawned, pulling the comforter to cover his naked torso.

"It's never too early to celebrate starting a family," Yami smiled exuberantly. Yugi blinked, his half-asleep mind not understanding what was being said. Yami chuckled at seeing Yugi's glare on incomprehension and decided to elaborate. "What I mean, little one, is we're going to be parents."

Yugi shot up. A moment of silence past in which Yugi's gaping shocked eyes stared at his grinning husband, trying to decipher if what Yami just said was real or if he was dreaming. "Y-Y-you mean, I'm, I'm, I'm…" Yugi stuttered looking form Yami, to his stomach he'd subconsciously placed his hands on and back to Yami again. The clear astonishment in his voice made him unable to form complete, coherent sentences.

Yami smile warmed and he scooped his little one into his arms and hugged him, before murmuring, "Yes, beautiful mother of my children." He smiled gently down at the Faerie King-Regent, lowering his forehead to touch Yugi's "We're going to be parents."

Yugi's lips curved to a smile as he lowered his eyes in time for tears to fall freely from the glittering, amethyst jewels, smiling all the more when Yami brushed them away with gentle strokes. Yami hugged him tighter, loving the sensitive being in his arms all the more. By the time Yugi got over his shock, he was just simply happy; his grin mirrored Yami's. He snuggled Yami's chest. Yami lied the two of them back down and kissed Yugi's forehead, twirling Yugi's golden bangs once more.

"We should tell everybody," Yugi moaned as the two sat up. "We need to see our council this morning anyway."

Though he wanted nothing more than to lie in bed with his little one in his arms, Yami nodded in agreement. I just hope mother and my aunt can hold off their excitement until we're finished telling them the wonderful news." Yami laughed, sliding out of bed and into a silk robe, before grabbing one for Yugi.

The two dressed quickly, too excited to put much thought into their exterior. Once they were fully clothed, Yami wasted no time, scooping Yugi into his arms and flying towards the throne room. Yugi squeaked in surprised and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck. No matter how many times Yami did that, he still never got used to it. Once they arrived in the throne room, everyone was already alive and bustling. Yami's parents sat with his maternal grandparents, having given their throne to their son and son-in-law when Yami had turned 21 as tradition required. Seto turned up from his conversation with Bakura and Marik to smirk upon seeing them enter.

"Good morning, Your highness, your Majesty," He addressed formally, knowing the titles would piss them off. Yugi growled in annoyance. Once he'd been coroneted and became regent, he all but refused the titled of Majesty or Queen, preferring King Regent or King's Assistant, but eventually he'd warmed up to the title, knowing his position as co-ruler was still intact. He'd become very intact with his new role, and like Yami was determined to do his very best at it and succeed in any way.

"Morning, Yugi!" Malik and Ryou flew over enveloping the small boy in a hug the second Yami put him down. Malik paused for a bit afterward noticing something strange about Yugi's aura.

"You're aura's different. Are you alright?" he asked a little concerned.

Yugi couldn't stop the smile that threatened to split his face in half or the small tears glowing in his amethyst gems. "I've never been better in my entire life."

Confusion suddenly covered everyone's faces. Deciding the two had held off the news long enough. Yami scooped Yugi back into his arms and flew to the pedestal where the thrones rose above the floor.

"My fellow Faeries, friends, Family and all those within our protection and care, I have the most spectacular news to share with you all." He smiled, holding Yugi high in his arms. Instead of squeaking, Yugi just laughed like he owned the world.

"My Beautiful Bridegroom is pregnant with my child! Yami announced with pure bliss.

The entire room erupted in happiness. The former King and Queen were ecstatic but their happiness paled in comparison to Yami's aunt and grandmother, who hugged the couple tightly. The court cheered and offered their congratulations to the young couple not just for having a family but an heir to their throne as well. Their friends surrounded them smiling and cracking jokes while offering their condolences.

In the center of it all, Yugi felt like his heart would burst in happiness as it sank in that he was going to have a baby: he and Yami were going to be parents, they were starting a family, he was the co-ruler of the faeries who loved him. He felt like he ruled the world and that he couldn't be happier. He couldn't wait to tell his grandpa.

Yami likewise felt like he was in heaven, and said a silent prayer to the heavens for blessing him with the love of the pure, wonderful angel in his arms, for the child their love had created and for the bright future that awaited them, and thanked heaven everyday for such a blessing.

Tears filled Yugi's eyes and he buried his face in Yami's chest. Feeling dampness on his chest, Yami's first instinct was panic, but on look in Yugi's beautiful eyes shining with tears of pure happiness.

"Yugi…" Yami asked a tad concerned.

Yugi just shook his head and smiled brightly. "I'm fine Yami, it's just…it's not every day your dreams come true." Yugi smiled and rubbed his head in Yami's chest as the Fairy King collapsed against the throne with Yugi still in his arms. "I could never have imagined a happier ending."

Yami chuckled loudly, causing Yugi to look up. "I have to disagree, little one." He smiled. Seeing his little ones confused face, he elaborated the unasked question. "It is hardly the end, little one. Rather it is…a beginning. A brand new beginning."

"Each happy ending is a brand new beginning. I agree," Yugi nodded in agreement. The two kings held the other close, their hands wandering to the little one growing inside Yugi's stomach, as the court and faeries continued to cheer and celebrate the choices news.

Yes, one chapter of their lives together had ended, but there would still be life, still be dangers and still be bright futures. And they were ready to face it…together.

"To new beginnings," Yami and Yugi announced in agreement.

"And they were right," The Master smiled in conclusion. "It was only the beginning. And that is an end."

"Wait, that's it?" Chazz was on his feet in less than an instant. "That can't be it! We don't even know if Yugi had the baby! Or if it was a boy or a girl. Or if he had twins. Or…" His brain went into overdrive, trying to organize the unanswered questions storming through his mind.

The Master could only laugh. "I never said that was the end, Chazz."

Both Sy and Chazz blinked in bemusement.

"I said it was an end, not the end." The Master elaborated. "You see, as I said in the beginning, life is a story, every person you meet, challenge you take and decision you make is a character, scene, conflict and challenge; the only differences are our stories are never ending. Even after we die the story keeps on flowing. This is simply the conclusion to one part of their story. As Yami said, their real story is just beginning, everything else before was simply a prologue and a preface and not their true story is about to take place, but that story hasn't been written yet. So we'll just have to wait until it is."

Chazz slid to the floor and sighed in disappointment, his mind still trying to piece the unanswered pieces together. Syrus was impressed; the Master had quite a talent to leave Chazz in a state of mental turmoil and pondering over a story he at first has no interest in.

"Besides," the master smiled, rising from his chair and gesturing towards the antiquarian grandfather clock in the corner, and the darkness outside the window next to it. "It's getting late, and even I need to sleep." He stated, pulling three of the blankets off the couch, using one to cover Jaden, who'd passed out shortly after the story and was snoring loudly. Chazz removed his coat and boats and put them in the corner, before making himself comfortable on the couch. Sleep came easy, but his calculating mind continued to unravel its mysteries stubbornly.

Syrus yawned loudly, hanging up his coat, and deciding to follow his foster siblings. "Master," He turned with a small smile. "Is that a true story or did you make it up?" He asked as he drifted off to sleep, but still expecting an answer.

The Master was taken aback by the question at first, but winked with a sly smile. "You'll find out soon enough."

He waited until the trio was fast asleep before taking a candle to his study. Books flooded the shelves covering them walls wall the far side was a single wall of clear glass, a perfect window of the night sky, brilliant and luminous on such a clear summer night. Moonlight bored over his lovely Oakwood desk, where he sat down in his favorite chair and pulled out a few parchments, and ink vial and a pen before turning to write his letters. He smiled at the painting in the corner, a detailed image of two lovely tri-colored haired faeries dancing and singing on the pond under the summer sky, another small series showed the same two faeries on their wedding day: the elder lifting the smaller into the air, another of the ceremony itself, the third showed the two of them dancing among the wild splendor of a faeries ball celebrating the joyous occasion falling exactly on their most sacred day of the year: the midsummer full moon of the Summer Solstice.

One by the glass wall, revealed the Prince and his regent's coronation two years later; the two of them looked stunning in threads of scarlet and gold, and violet and silver. The Faerie King and Queen looked radiant as ever as they coroneted their son and his bridegroom. He smiled as his eyes scanned the vigorous paintings and made a mental note to send another thank you note to thank Solomon for them.

His brilliant cerulean eyes soon fell on his favorite resting against the wall at the head of his desk, and his smile widened to a grin. He had yet to hang it up only because no place seemed perfect enough for such a remarkable piece of artwork, the only one of its two of a kind: a gift from the artistic faerie queen herself, one for him and the second for Solomon. He smiled, at the stunning photographic artwork, the brushstrokes and blends of colors almost invisible unless you looked at it closely, the moonlight illuminating the lovely image in a way the sunlight never could. Among a grand room that served as the background, either the throne room or another room within the hollow he couldn't tell. But if the golden, hallowed walls littered with natural gemstones and tapestries of striking autumn color were any hint, he'd say they were located in the heart of the hollow. The newly crowned Faerie king, the handsome age of 21, looked as radiant as ever in his favored black and red tunic, pants and scarlet cloak embroidered all over with gold in a vine and leaf pattern, a crown of golden oak leaves intertwined with small rubies and emeralds adorned his head surrounding a lovely golden sun-shaped charm with a large ruby in the center. His arms wrapped lovingly and almost possessively around the petit body of his co-regent, looking more resplendent than ever in his own lovely, amethyst, violet, and blue garments, an ice-blue sash around his waist, and silver decorations embroidered. The day had been their coronation.

Eyes wandered to other pictures where two white-haired children with almost invisible wings and brown and green eyes splashed, around a lavender eyed girl with blond hair. In the center of the trio glowed a boy the splitting image of the faerie king-regent, from his large eyes and cherubic face, but the colors of his hair and eyes matched the Fairy King. The boy appeared again in another picture in the lap of the King Regent who sat parched on a throne of twisted roots, with his husband standing next to him, their hands intertwined.

Smiling at the images, he turned to the letter he'd found on his desk that morning, having put it aside to help his new apprentices move in. He sat down at his desk, skipped over his name and began to read the letter with great enthusiasm and a bright smile.

It is good to see you are in good health and that Grandpa is doing well. All is well in the fairy Hollow though the kids can't wait for Spring. Ari is growing more and more with each day, it seems he's inherited both my and his papa's wild spirit, and neither Yugi nor I have the heart to punish him.

Between his papa and I, his grandparents and even Seto, that boy is going to grow up being the most spoiled and beloved fairie prince there ever was. He's only three and he's already learning to fly. And lord knows he loves it, he can't seem to keep his feet on the ground any more.

He could just hear the laughter behind the writing.

It's a shame Sparks hadn't stayed, but he's done more for me than I could ever thank him and who am I to deny him his happiness with his mate and family. I could ask no more of him.

Once Spring arrives Yugi and I plan on seeing you and Solomon again. Yugi can't wait to see Grandpa, he worries so much about him even though he knows he's in good hands. Sometimes I have to threaten to tie him to the bed if he doesn't calm down.

We just returned from on visiting the Animagus. We has such a wonderful time. Ari loves visiting his god-fathers and Yugi loves seeing them, and they him. I can never thank Raphael Valan and Amelda enough for taking care of him when I could not. We would've stayed longer, but it's dangerous to be out for long in Winter and Yugi shouldn't be traveling so much in his condition.

But alas my love knows his limits and he would never risk the safety of our newest bundle of joy. Ari can't wait to be an older brother; he never stops going on about how he's going to teach his little brother or sister to fly and how to rule the Kingdom. Only three years old and already he can't wait to be Fairie King.

Tell me about your new apprentices. Yugi and I would both like to meet them, and welcome them to the family. We'd hope you'd bring them to the Equinox ball; it is fast approaching; we both hoped the five of you would attend. We can't wait to see you all soon, and Ari wants to say Hello and that he loves you.

Love Always


The Master smiled and grabbed parchment, and a quill pen before words dashed across the page in brilliant amethyst ink.

Dear Yami and Yugi

Thank you both for the previous letter. It is wonderful to hear you are all doing so well. Thank you for the pictures you sent me. Solomon has already filled up an album of paintings and pictures of his, the two of you, and your friends. How is everyone by the way? Or are they still in hibernation until Spring?

You know Solomon, he's always prepared. Already he has a few new albums to fill with pictures of his grandchildren and my new apprentices. Yes, it is correct I have taken in three apprentices. They are very wonderful and talented boys, each one of them. But, of course, their power is not what interest me, but their wonderful spirits, and I am proud to give them such a good home.

Solomon adores them, and they're always keeping him company when I must do my job breaking faeries curses and granting wishes, so Yugi need not worry about his grandfather, though if I know Solomon he'll have already explained that in his letters.

They love your story by the way, especially my youngest, Syrus. I think they would love to meet you in person and know that your story is far from over.

I'm glad to hear Ari is in good health and as energetic as ever; such a feisty thing that boy. I'm not surprised he is excited to learn he's going to be an older brother. Solomon and I can't wait to see his newest great grand-child. It is such good fortune he is blessed with longer life, for being such a loyal friend to the faeries. I assume our newest family member will be ready in time for the Spring Ball? Good, I'm sure my apprentices would love to meet them both.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Equinox Ball, and will make sure my apprentices are ready for the event. And be sure to bring those pictures Solomon and I requested. My Apprentices will adore meeting you, they simply adore your story, and I think it has taught them that life truly can have a happily ending if your fight for one, and keep fighting for one it seems—and, of course, that one happy ending is a brand new beginning. You two are living proof of that lesson after all.

I am so proud of you both and can't wait to see you once Spring comes.

Lots of Love


The faerie mage smiled, rolling up his letter, sealing it with his seal and cast a small spell to shrink it. Already he heard a buzzing from the window and handed the letter to the small blue dragonfly, proud to make the delivery.

Once the dragonfly left, the Mage peeked inside to check on his sleeping apprentices, smiling. Silently, he cleared some spaces in the main hallway and den. He'd already filled his library and many rooms with pictures of his god-son and his husband and their friends. Now he was eager to fill the empty spaces on the mantle and walls with paintings and pictures of his apprentices and his godsons' children. Starting with the Equinox ball.

He couldn't wait for this chapter of the story to begin.

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