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"Ok Bella, I think I have a truth that is perfect for you." Jasper said a bit too happily for my liking.

"Well." I said still waiting for him to elaborate.

"Bella if you had to play seven minutes in heaven with someone other than Edward who would it be, and why?" Jasper said with a smug smile.

"Jasper!" I half yelled as I turned to face Edward who was also wearing a smug smile. Why was he smiling at me like that? Did he really want me to answer that?

"Are you going to answer Bella?" Emmett chimed in with the same shit eating grin that seemed to be plastered over all the guys faces right now.

"Fine," I said resigned. "Emmett."

"Whoo hoo, I always knew you liked what you saw Bells, you want me, sucks to be you Edward, you girl seems to have a thing for me, that is ok though I can understand why, I am super hot and crazy sexy right Rose?" Emmett said turning to Rosalie who was fuming and if she could turn red with anger I am sure she would be glowing right now.

Edward mouth was hanging open and he looked like someone had just told him Santa isn't real. Jasper was not grinning anymore, but he looked to be concentrating hard on a math problem or something and then I figured it out, he was trying to calm Rosalie down she looked like she was about to rip my head off.

"You never said why, Bella," Jasper added quickly trying to interrupt the tension.

"I picked Emmett, because I know that Rosalie would never let Emmett anywhere near the closet, I was not so sure about Alice, so Emmett was the best choice, knowing nothing would happen." I said smugly with a huge grin.

Emmett's face dropped and Rosalie suddenly had a huge smile on her face.

"Bella, you can lie to them but you can't lie to yourself, you know you want me, you want a ride on the Emmie Express, Commander Emmett at your service." Emmett said flexing his muscles and wagging his eyebrows at me.

"Emmett I know that you will get over sooner or later but really I have no desire to ride anything called the 'Emmie Express' let alone one that you are in command of." I said smiling a little.

"My turn right?" I said hoping to get off the topic of me riding anything especially where Emmett is concerned.

"Yes Love." Edward said as he kissed my forehead.

"I wouldn't be so quick to call me Love, I still owe you for your little pumpkin stunt." I said turning so that I was facing Edward.

"Come on Love, that was funny." Edward said almost pleading with me.

"Edward truth or dare?" I said coolly.

"Dare, but love just remember…" Edward started.

"Oh no, Edward. You have it coming and no amount of pouting is going to make me go easy on you. Maybe next time you will think about the consequences before you stick me in a pumpkin." I said smiling wildly at him.

"Bella, Love, please." Edward said trying to pull me closer to him into his arms.

"Edward do you even want to know what your dare is before you start trying to get out of it?" I asked while moving a little further away from him.

"Emmett." Edward growled.

"What?" Emmett said, looking innocent.

"Emmett please, keep your mind out of the gutter, seriously it is hard enough to concentrate with you singing that stupid song, but I don't need to picture it too." Edward sighed getting frustrated.

"Well stay out of my head then, you should be thinking about what innocent little Bella is going to make you do." Emmett said with a chuckle.

"What is the dare Bella." Edward said a little annoyed.

"Eddie don't be a baby, I mean seriously how bad could it be, Bella is the one giving you the dare." Emmett said and then snickered.

"Don't call me Eddie." Edward sneered at Emmett.

"Someone is touchy maybe we should stick you back in the closet with Bella, that seemed to calm you down last time." Emmett said laughing.

"Emmett do you think for once you could try not to be a raging pervert, I know it's hard." Edward said through a grimace.

"That's what she said." Both Emmett and Jasper said in unison.

Alice and Rosalie both groaned, while Emmett and Jasper pounded fists.

"Does anyone want to hear the dare?" I said loudly hoping to get back to the game. Edward looked like he was read to attack Emmett and probably Jasper too. We needed to move on and get back to the task at hand, plus I really wanted to give Edward his dare. I think it was more for my own personal pleasure than anything but it would be fun regardless.

"Better make it good Swan, I think Edward is about to call it quits right away." Emmett said.

"Edward you dare is to walk around Abercrombie& Fitch in New York and pretend to be a model." I said. Alice started squealing.

"How is that a dare Bella?" Edward asked confused.

"Edward have you even been to Abercrombie in New York?" Alice asked with a huge smile on her face.

"No, why?" Edward asked still confused.

"The models there walk around the store topless and the women walk up to them and have their pictures taken with them, you have to let them touch you and…" She didn't get to finish.

"Bella, you want a bunch of other women to walk around touching me?" Edward looked at me clearly confused but slightly scared.

"Well, Edward, I know how you have your rules and limitations on being physical, now you will have no choice but to get touched, maybe when those women are done with you, you might be a little more open to me being the one to touch you." I said in the quietest whisper I could right beside his ear.

Emmett and Jasper were laughing so hard, but I wasn't sure if they were laughing because of what Edward had to do or if they had heard what I had said to Edward.

I leaned up again and whispered to Edward, "Did they hear me?"

"No." Edward said frowning.

"Are you mad?" I asked

Edward was clearly upset about something, I was not sure whether it was the dare or what I had said to him. I know that he thinks that he would hurt me, but I know Edward just needs to loosen up a little.

"Bella, did you really think this dare through, you know you are going to have to watch as other women put their hands on me?" He asked so quietly in my ear I almost couldn't hear him.

I leaned in again and tried to keep this conversation as quiet as possible "I know that Edward, but once they stop pawing you, just think of how much better it will feel when it is my hands all over you." I pulled away and winked.

Emmett and Jasper finally stopped laughing long enough for Rosalie and Alice to tell them what Vehicles we were taking and who was going with who. Edward said that he wanted to drive his Volvo with me, but Alice said that the Porches only had room for two so Rosalie and Emmett should come with us. Edward tried to convince Emmett to take his jeep so that he could be spared the drive having to listen to Emmett sing off key to girly songs as Edward called them. Finally after convincing Emmett that it would be better to have a nice private drive with Rosalie Emmett finally gave in. We were all taking separate cars.

Edward ran us to his house to get the Volvo. We drove in silence for almost twenty minutes before Edward broke the silence.



"Do you really think that letting a bunch of woman grope me is going to change how I feel about our physical relationship?"

"Well Edward it can't hurt to try."

"Why are you so stubborn? Are you really that eager to give in to your human hormones and forget about tradition and virtue?

"Um Edward I do seem to recall a certain vampire not being able to control his vampiric hormones a few dares ago when you were locked in a closet with me. I know you are just as eager as I am , I just have to find a way to make you realize that giving in to them is a good thing."


"Edward you know I am right, think about it just for a minute. While we were in that closet, can you honestly tell me that you would have stopped if Alice hadn't made you?

"Bella, I am not going to lie, I was very distracted when we were in there and I lost control for a minute, but now that I have my senses about me, I will not be losing that control again, no matter how many women paw at me while we are in New York."

"Well I guess I will just have to find a way to make you lose your control again."

"Bella, please can't you just be reasonable, have I not agreed to giving you what you want after we are married? Have I not gone against my better judgement in agreeing to do that? What more do you want?"

"I want you Edward, in everyway, I want you to touch me, I want to touch you, without having to stop because we cross some invisible line you have drawn. I want to be in charge of the lines we cross for a while."

"There would be no line if you were in charge." Edward said with a laugh.

"Is that such a bad thing? Don't you want to touch me Edward?" I looked down a little scared of what his reaction might be. I know that Edward loves me, but I am not really 100% sure that he wants me the way that I want him.

"Bella, I touch you all the time."

"No Edward, I mean touch me." I grabbed his hand and placed it on my lap and pulled his hands up my thigh.

Edwards breathing sped and he pulled the car over, slamming it into park.

"Bella." He turned and looked at me while his hand made small circles on my thigh not moving any higher than I had placed it.

"Edward, please I want you to touch me, really touch me."

His hand slid a little further up my thigh and he took a sharp breath, his hand was an inch away from where I wanted him to touch me. He suddenly removed his hand and placed both hands on the steering wheel.

"God Bella, of course I want to touch you." He groaned and looked out the window.

"Edward I am not asking you to take my virginity or anything, I just want to feel your hand on me, on my skin, I want you to touch me, and show me how much you want me, sometimes I feel like you don't feel the same desire that I feel for you. You stop and you move away from me. I keep telling myself that it is because you want to wait till we are married but a small part of me thinks that maybe you really don't want me the same way that I want you."

Before I could register what was happening Edward was kissing me, his hands were in my hair holding me to him. He kissed me for what seemed like seconds and then pulled away, and righted himself in his chair. My breathing was ragged and so was his, even though technically he didn't even need to breathe.

"Bella, I do want you the same way that you want me, when we were in that closet all I could think about was how amazing your skin felt against me, I couldn't seem to get close enough to you. I was out of control but I loved every minute of it. I was in my own personal heaven, your skin is so soft and it felt so right having my hands on you, the way your body felt under my touch was just beyond words Bella. Please don't think that I don't want to touch you and have you touch me, because I do, I just…"

"I know Edward." I said cutting him off before he could finish.

He didn't say anything else. He started to drive again keeping his eyes on the road. We arrived at Abercrombie a few minutes after Alice and Jasper. Emmett and Rosalie still hadn't arrived yet. Alice told us that they kinda got sidetracked and to just start without them. They might be a while. I was getting a little resentful of Emmett and Rosalie and the fact that they were getting to do the things that I wanted to be able to do. I was seriously thinking about telling Edward that I wanted to get married in Vegas just so we wouldn't have to wait any longer. Just as the thought entered my head, Alice whipped her head around and glared at me.

"Bella, get that thought right out of your head, I will not have you waste all my hard work." Alice almost growled at me.

"Sorry Alice it was just a thought." I said sheepishly. Edward was snickering behind me, obviously seeing what Alice had seen.

"Laugh now Edward but in about 30 seconds you are going to be half naked and surrounded by women. Oh by the way, if they catch you they will throw you out, only the model who work there are allowed to walk around without a shirt on. Oh and Edward, you can get arrested for impersonating and Abercrombie model so do be careful." Alice said with a huge grin.

Edward scowled at her and walked into the store. He walked past the front counter and proceeded to the second floor. He took his shirt off quickly and started to walk among the customers. It wasn't long before women were walking up to him and putting their hands on him. He was grimacing and jerking his body slightly from their touch. He looked so uncomfortable. This was actually another reason that I had chosen this dare. He made it so that I was embarrassed at the school, so I figured if I could make him uncomfortable too it would be kinda like payback but with an added bonus of hopefully getting to get more from him in the physical department.

Alice was walking with me as we followed Edward through the store, Jasper was no where to be seen, I think maybe he was actually shopping for clothes while the dare was going on, I hadn't seen him since we walked through the front door. I looked up at Edward and I think if he could blush he would be right now. An older woman in her 40's was cupping his ass and requesting a picture with him. A woman around the same age was poised with a camera, she took two pictures and started giggling and then she traded places with the first woman. Edward was pleading with me and Alice with his eyes to save him.

Alice was giggling along with me noticing his discomfort. A few minutes later Jasper came into view with Emmett and Rosalie in tow. Emmett started to laugh as soon as he saw Edward. "Eddie, grab her ass dude, she has yours, it's only fair." Emmett yelled getting the attention of a few more women who then formed a line to touch Edward.

Edward whipped up and growled at Emmett. "Down boy, I just thought that you would want to keep things fair." Emmett said laughing.

Jasper was holding in his laugh best he could, but I could see his silent shaking. Alice wasn't even trying to hold it in, she was holding her stomach and howling with laughter. Edward was getting more and more frustrated as the women became a little more aggressive with him. He looked panicked when a young woman probably 20 or so walked up to him and grabbed his ass and slowly dragged her hand towards the front of his pants. Just before she reached past his hips Edward grabbed her hand and moved away slightly. Emmett started to laugh harder and Jasper no longer shook silently. I finally noticed Rosalie, she was talking to some of the women who were waiting for Edward. I knew that was probably a bad thing.

She walked back over to Emmett with a huge grin on her face and whispered something into his ear. Emmett suddenly turned to see the women and laughed harder.

"HEY!" I turned to look at Edward to see what was happening. I saw and older woman in front of him trying to hug him, while a younger woman was at his back with her arms wound around his waist it looked like he was pulling her hands upwards.

I just realized that the older woman was a distraction so the younger one could get behind him and get her hands on him. I started to laugh even though the thought of another woman putting her hands on Edward really bothered me, the look on his face was priceless. He looked scared and embarrassed at the same time. Everyone was laughing except Edward who was growling and walking towards us.

He was a few steps from the stairs when a woman walked up to him and asked for his store ID. He walked away quickly towards the door and was met with two rather large men . He tried to side step around them but they blocked the exit. Rosalie walked up to the men and started to talk to them, I couldn't make out what she was saying, but as she had their attention Edward managed to walk outside. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and I followed Edward out of the store.

Alice was doubled over laughing now, and I was right beside her laughing. "Edward why did you let those women touch you like that, if you had kept it professional they probably never would have noticed you?" Alice asked through her laughter.

"What do you mean kept it professional?" Edward asked confused. That only made me and Alice laugh even harder.

"Edward we never said anything about letting them feel you up, we only said that they would have their hands on you, you know like for a picture. Somehow I think those women are going to remember this visit to Abercrombie for a long time." Alice said still laughing.

"But you guys said that…wait they weren't supposed to…Alice!!!!" Edward yelled her name as she hid behind Jasper. "Bella, why didn't you tell me…"

"I never said that they were allowed to touch you like that, I just said that they were going to touch you." I cut in cutting him off.

Everyone was laughing still except Edward. He looked well sort of embarrassed, with was kinda sexy to watch.

"Edward, did you enjoy having your package examined?" Emmett said wagging his eyebrows at Edward.

Edward just growled and turned to walk towards his car. Emmett was yelling after him to take it easy that it was really funny to watch, which was not helping any. Edward stalked towards his car. I followed behind him not sure how to approach him now. I wasn't sure if he was mad at me or not, he hadn't said anything to me about coming with him.


"What Bella." He said in a cold voice.

"Never mind." I said as I turned to walk back to the others. Obviously he was mad at me. I really didn't think he should be getting mad at me, I mean he stuck me in a pumpkin and made me ask if anyone had seen my peter in front of the whole school at least here he would never see these people again. I would still have to face the people at school until the end of the year. As I walked away I was getting angrier by the second.

I was almost to the corner when I felt his strong arms pull be back towards his chest. "I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear. I wasn't mad anymore, I leaned back into his chest and felt him kiss the top of my head.

Edward walked towards his siblings taking my hand. "I have to get Bella home, she needs to eat and sleep. The game is over for today." Edward said as he turned around back towards his car.

"Come on Edward, the game is just getting good, you can't bale now." Emmett whined.

"Edward, please just a few more?" Alice joined in.

"Sorry but Bella needs food and rest, maybe we can play again another weekend, it is already 8:00. I have to get Bella back to Forks, plus she needs to eat." Edward said walking away with my hand securely in his.

"We are going to keep playing for a while, goodnight Bella, see you in the morning, bye Edward." Alice yelled as we walked around the corner to his car.

Emmett came running around the corner "Bella, Jasper wants to know who you would have picked if you weren't scared of Rose. I think you picked me cause you secretly want to get all up in here." Emmett said running his hands along is chest.

"Emmett!!" Edward yelled.

"Goodnight Emmett." I said rolling my eyes and turning towards the car.

"I told you Jazz she wants me." Emmett said as he ran back towards the others.

Edward didn't say much on the way back to his house. I was kind of worried that tonight may have done more harm than good. He was so quiet and that meant that he was thinking and with Edward thinking was never a good thing, that meant that he was trying to figure things out, more self doubt. I was hoping to talk to him about the things I had said earlier but I didn't know how to bring it up.

After I had gotten something to eat, Edward and I went up to his room. I that Emmett had left a book on the bed 'sex for dummies' I scowled and threw the book into the corner of the room and then I saw the 'night clothes' Alice had laid out for me and decided it was not a good idea to wear them. My coming to bed wearing boy shorts and a lace baby doll would not be a very good idea tonight. I took them from the bed and walked over to Edward's dresser and laid them on top. I opened up his drawers looking for a shirt to wear. Edward walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, and whispered in me ear "I think you should wear it. Maybe we can amend some of those lines tonight."