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To answer the questoin (or comment, rather) of a review I got: Yes, Inuyasha was a human when Kagome was attacked, and yes, the adversary wasn't even a youkai, so naturally, Inuyasha wouldn't want to be a human ever again because of it. I honestly never thought of that, and it got me thinking. In all honesty, I don't have a real good answer for this one. Okay. Inuyasha is still concerned for Kagome's safety, but had he stayed a hanyou, he and Kagome couldn't have the life together they wanted. Because half of his blood was youkai, Kagome would've aged away without him, leaving him ultimately lonely in the end. People would get to wondering about his doggy ears, and because that's just how people are, they'd shun him. Their kids would be quarter youkai on top of that, and would probably be picked on at school. So he had to make that sacrifice to gain the happiness he really did deserve. That's my answer. x_x;

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Here's the alphebetized Japanese list of words I've used, so if you don't know a particular word, here's the place to look. n_n It will change from chapter to chapter, though. A word repeated in another chapter will still be included. -noddles-

Akabeno - Dawn/Daybreak/Beginning n__n
-chan - Little, tiny, word of adoration
Hanyou - Half-Demon
Hontou - Really
Jiichan - Grandpa
Kaachan - Mommy
Kitsune - Fox
Oyasumi - Good Night
Sengoku Jidai - Feudal Age
Touchan - Daddy
Youkai - Demon


Shattered Eternity
There's Always Tomorrow

-12 Years after the Shikon no Tama was completed-

"Akabeno-chan," a much-older Kagome said to a rosy-cheeked three year-old. "What about this one?" She stuck her finger through the bars of a cage to scratch a grey tabby kitten under the chin.

"Akabeno-chan wants a puppy, Kaachan!" the little girl giggled, sticking her chubby hands into the cage of a friendly golden retriever. The puppy eagerly sniffed and licked her hand. Akabeno giggled.

Kagome smiled tenderly her dark-haired husband. Of course their daughter would want a puppy. After all.."She's your daughter," she said with an affectionate pinch on his arm. "You can tell."

Inuyasha chuckled. "Who wouldn't want an adorable puppy?" he asked innocently. "You're daughter is falling in love with a little puppy, just like her mother did." He gestured to the little girl, who was now at the cage of a snow-white akita-mix puppy. Her bright eyes were wide with awe, an eager smile playing on her lips. Reluctantly, she went on to examine the other puppies, but soon returned to the playful akita's cage.

"Kaachan! Touchan!" she called. "I want that one!"

Kagome and Inuyasha crowded around the perky little puppy. Kagome smiled, touching a lock of Inuyasha's now-black hair. "Alright, you can have this puppy."

"Hontou!?!" Akabeno cried excitedly. She eagerly helped her parents pick out food and water dishes, a collar, a leash, and other doggy necessities. Once they got home, Akabeno helped set up her puppy's new home. It was well past her bedtime when Kagome finally seperated the puppy and the little girl and tucked her in to bed.

"Oyasumi, Akabeno-chan."

"Oyasumi, Kaachan!"

Kagome walked to her's and Inuyasha's room. He was sitting up, waiting for her. She slipped beneath the covers with him. "She's so much like you," Kagome whispered.

It had been twelve years since the Shikon no Tama had been completed. Kagome was 16 when it was finally complete and Naraku defeated. Kagome and Inuyasha had kept reasonably quiet about their love for each other, to keep various enemies from using her to get to Inuyasha more than usual. As promised, Inuyasha used the Shikon no Tama to become a human so he could live the rest of his life with Kagome, in the safety of her world.

The curse of the jewel didn't fail them, Inuyasha had never been educated, and being only a few years older than Kagome, couldn't just start in preschool and work his way up. But because of his eagerness to learn (after he had been informed he wouldn't make it in this day and age without an education, and that Kagome's mother wouldn't allow her daughter to marry an uneducated man) Inuyasha graduated from college a year after Kagome.

Kagome's friends had wondered where the handsome stranger had come from. Kagome made up the story that Inuyasha came from a foreign country, the son of an old family friend. The family had all died, leaving Inuyasha an orphan and in Kagome's family's care. Her friends suspected it wasn't completely true, but acepted him as "Kagome's weird boyfriend". And after Inuyasha graduated college, he was "Kagome's weird husband."

The curse followed in many worse aspects. The shrine caught on fire, and the family had to live in a small apartment while repairs were being made. Kagome's Jiichan died a month before Kagome's high school graduation. Worst of all, was when Kagome was pregnant with Akabeno.

She had been in a minor car crash, and she wasn't hurt terribly..except something had hurt the unborn baby. It was two weeks before the baby was due, and the doctors feared that the baby would die before even being born. 72 hours later, Inuyasha and Kagome waited in fear to find out if their baby was going to live. When the doctor returned, he announced the baby was alive, but wasn't likely to live more than a week, a month if they were lucky.

But Inuyasha and Kagome were more than lucky. Not only did the baby live past a month, she lived through her first, second, third, and fourth birthdays. And she was very likely to live through many many more.

Kagome and Inuyasha terribly missed their friends form the Sengoku Jidai. The well never failed them, Kagome and Inuyasha occasionally found time to visit their friends. Sango and Miroku had married the year before, and they were expecting a little one of their own. Shippou was all grown up, a very handsome kitsune indeed.

Now as Kagome lay snuggled up next to Inuyasha, she stopped pondering on the past. She wondered about the future. Inuyasha's train of thought follows hers. One arm draped around her shoulders, the other resting on her belly, thumb moving in slow circles on the still-small swell. The future brought so much mystery and hope and anticipation. While sometimes it was fun to remember all the adventures they'd had in the past, they all looked forward to all the good and bad times that were waiting for them.


-hiccups- There it is. The end. ;_; I thought it was a nice closure on everything that happened. I didn't directly mention the rape, but I hinted at getting on with life was what mattered. I hope you caught that. n_n;

I really do hope you enjoyed this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm sad to see it end, but all good things must come to an end. :P