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The Doctor threw the empty chip wrapping over his shoulder. It landed neatly in the bin behind him. Jack was drunk out of his head, and Martha was trying to stop him from trying (And failing) to chat up a very unresponsive lamp post. According to Jack, she was very attractive, possibly even more so then the Doctor's coat, which he had been trying to chat up a few minutes earlier, when the Doctor had hung it over a tree branch for no reason whatsoever. The Doctor thought that Jack was either so drunk that he didn't realise that there was no-one inside the coat when he had tried to snog its butt off, (Which the Doctor had recorded on Martha's phone, strictly for blackmailing purposes, of course, he assured Martha as he pocketed the phone) or he just had even stranger taste in women then he had previously thought. One example was when Jack had been trying to make out with a cactus the previous day. The cactus, (Again according to Jack) had been the strong silent type, and was only unresponsive because she was asleep after returning from the arctic from rescuing her camel from the psychopathic, evil genius hedgehog by the name of Mr. Snuffles. Martha pulled Jack back as he tried to launch himself of a bench to try and climb his "lover's" neck. The Doctor laughed as Martha gave up and walked on ahead, tutting to herself. He walked over to Jack, who was now sitting on the bench, holding his head in his hands.

"Is the alcohol wearing off?" He thought. "Jack?" He asked the man, sitting down next to him. Jack looked up at him, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"She left me!"He whispered sadly, burying his face in the Doctor's chest, sobbing.

"Come on now. Shhhhhh" The Doctor whispered in Jack's ear, rubbing his hand up and down the man's back, trying to calm him down. "You were always too good for her. Her light bulb flickered every time anything even remotely resembling a man walked past. You weren't the only one. I hear there's a wall round the corner, apparently she always shows up for dates. Even if you're late she'll wait for you, and won't go wandering. The not wandering thing is very important, trust me! I think you'd have a pretty good chance with her ya know!"

"Ya think so?" Asked Jack, raising a tearstained face to look the Doctor square in the eye.

"I know so" The Doctor replied, trying not to laugh at all the blackmailing possibilities passing through his mind, and spoil the moment.

"I just wanna know what it's like to be loved by a woman!" Jack cried, sniffing into the Doctor's shoulder.

"I know" Replied the Doctor.

Jack looked into his eyes again. "You feel like a woman" He sobbed, bursting into tears again, burying his face in the Doctor's neck and rubbing a hand down the side of the Doctor's face lovingly.

"Yeah, thanks Captain Compliment!" The Doctor thought. "Thanks Jack" He said, solemnly.

Martha walked on ahead. She thought it was hilarious that Jack was drunk, but it got a bit tiring after a while. They had first entered the pub at 1:00pm, yesterday, the 11th July, 2008. It was now 5:00am on July 13th, and Jack had been drinking the whole time. She looked back at the pub, and saw its sign glittering in the streetlamps that penetrated areas of the early morning darkness. "The War Drums". Martha looked back at the Doctor and Jack. They were a few streetlights away, sitting on a bench in a pool of light, as Martha was, which made it easier to see when Jack decided to show just how drunk he was. He suddenly decided that the Doctor actually was really fit now Jack looked at him through rose-tinted glasses. Martha doubled up laughing as Jack pinned the Doctor to the bench and proceeded to land a great big snog on the Time Lord's lips. The Doctor's eyes widened in shock, he leapt up from the bench, throwing Jack off him, choking and swallowing half the bottle of water he produced from his pocket it two gulps. It was a good thing that the street was deserted, Martha reasoned, otherwise half the drunk population of London would probably be trying to follow Jack's drunken example. Martha leant back against the lamp post and closed her eyes, letting the normalness of the scene surround her.

She should have known it wouldn't last long. She suddenly became aware of the sound of someone sobbing. She opened her eyes, lifted her head and looked to her right. There was Jack, chasing the Doctor round and round in circles, trying to get another kiss. Martha laughed again. She looked to her left, into a small, dark alley at the side of her. In the darkest part of the shadows she could just see the outline of a man. He was sat on the floor, his back up against the wall, with knees up to his chest. His whole body shook as he sobbed quietly, hiccupping occasionally. Martha approached him quietly and crouched down beside him.

"Hello? Are you alright?" She whispered. The man stopped shaking quite so much and looked up at her. He wore a smart suit and had short, light brown hair. His face was obscured by shadows. He shook his head. "Are you hurt? Do you need help?" Martha persisted. He shifted a little bit, and now Martha could see something else. He was clutching his hand tightly to his chest, but it looked metal and robotic. It stopped at the wrist so Martha guessed it was some kind of alien glove. She also guessed that that was the problem.

"No-one can help me" He whispered, tearfully.

"I've got a friend. He's called the Doctor, he can help you." She called back over her shoulder, "Doctor!" She yelled to the Time Lord, who had now wrestled Jack to the ground, and was now sitting cross-legged on the ex-Time Agent's stomach, leaning in so that their faces were almost touching, but not quite close enough for Jack to get his second smooch. Jack wriggled and squirmed but the Doctor was stubbornly refusing to fall off the other man's stomach. "Come 'ere, will ya!" She turned back to the man, his face still obscured by darkness. There was something familiar about him, but she couldn't quite place him. She heard the Doctor's footsteps behind her, felt his hand on her shoulder, stood up, nodded to both of them, then turned and started to make her way back to Jack, who the Doctor had managed to convince to get back onto the bench, leaving the two men alone.

The Doctor crouched down next to the man. He had bowed his head again, so now even his hair was obscured by shadows.

"I'm the Doctor. I can help you. Now, what's wrong?" He asked, gently placing a hand on the man's arm. Or he would have, but the man threw himself away from him before he made contact. He ran down the ally and further into the darkness. The Doctor stood and followed warily. He walked for a few meters, until the path came to a dead end. The man was standing with his back to the back wall. He stood straight, with one of his hands out in front of him, palm pointing at the Doctor's chest. Except it wasn't his hand. It was a metal glove that pulsed with a soft golden light. A beam of that same light shot out fro the glove's fingers and lassoed itself around the Doctor's torso. He couldn't breathe; the light was draining him of all his energy. He could almost see it travelling down the beam to be absorbed by the glove. He tried to move his arms, but they were pinned at the elbow by the light.

"Finally. I have you. I've waited so long for this"

The Doctor sank to his knees. His weakened legs couldn't support his weight. He struggled to think straight.

"Who...... Who are you?" He demanded, darkness clouding the corners of his vision.

"I thought the name of the pub was quite ironic. Don't you? "The War Drums" Quite funny really!" He stepped further into the light, closing the gap between him and the Doctor, who was now struggling to stay conscious. A shaft of light from the street passed onto his face and the Doctor's eyes widened in realisation as the penny dropped with a nasty clang. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer, but maybe he could still warn them. He weakly raised his head, summoning energy that he knew would be gone in a few seconds.

"MARTHA, JACK, RUN! IT'S -!" He never got to finish. The clamp tightened even more, forcing the breath out of him, as the man pressed his face into the Doctor's.

"Ohhhhhhh. You shouldn't have done that, Doctor!" He growled menacingly.

Martha walked over to Jack. He was leaning on a wall, stroking one spot of it and chatting to a brick a bit above it.

"So, you, me, a moonlit walk on a sunny day, on a pool table with my tea boy and a cardboard box. Whaddya think Walda?" He was whispering. Martha sighed and pulled him away by the collar, forcing him to sit back down on the bench.

"I thought you could sober up when you wanted to?" She asked him, exasperated.

"I can. But maybe I just like being a tiny bit tipsy!" He said loudly, swaying where he sat. "I just need the proper motivation"

"MARTHA, JACK, RUN! IT'S -!" The Doctor's voice rang out across the deserted street, before he was cut off abruptly. Suddenly, Jack was sober (Ish)

"Motivation like that!" Jack finished. They both dashed to the entrance to the ally where the Doctor had cried out from. They were a few feet from the opening when something big and brown flew out of it. I t was the Doctor. There was what looked like a steel claw, glowing gold, producing fro the depths of the ally, out into the light-ish street, struck the Doctor in the chest and looped around his torso. The object threw him across the street and crashed against the wall on the other side. They ran over to him. He appeared to be only half conscious, but slowly pulling himself together. Jack pounded his fists against the object, but was shocked to find that his fists just passed straight through it. Martha put her hand to the Doctor's head. Her touch seemed to partially revive him. He opened his eyes blearily and tried to struggle against the restraint, but it failed to budge.

"Doctor, what's going on? What happened? Where's the other bloke? What is this?" Martha yelled, watching her hands pass through the glowing beam.

"No time" The Doctor groaned through gritted teeth, his head spinning after the impact with the wall. "You've got to get out of here. Quick while you can!" He insisted, his struggles slowing.

"No way Doc! Now, how does this thing come off?" Jack said sternly.

"He controls it......... Draining... me.............Can't ...............fight.................." The Doctor was fading, fast.

"Who's doing this? Doctor tell me!" Jack yelled in the Time Lord's face, trying desperately to keep him talking, keep him conscious, long enough to get him away from the danger.

"That would be me" Said a calm voice from the shadows. Jack had heard it before. It couldn't be him! He was dead! Jack had watched him die in the Doctor's arms aboard the Valliant.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Jack yelled in that general direction, hoping his hunch was wrong. It wasn't.

The culprit stepped out into the open, his hand out in front of him, the gold light extending from the metal glove he wore.

"I am the Master. And now the Doctor," He indicated to the other Time Lord just with a movement of his eye, "Well, now he belongs to me!" He laughed and tightened the clamp around the Doctor's chest. The Doctor groaned in pain. Jack lost it. He charged at the Master, only to be pulled back at the last second by Martha. "Aww. So touching." He sneered. Suddenly, he moved his hand out to the side, dragging the Doctor with it. He smashed into Martha and Jack, sending them flying. They landed in a heap a few meters away. Another beam shot towards them and clamped them together, so tightly that Martha's face was almost embedded in Jack's chest. The Doctor landed on the ground, having what little breath he still had swiftly removed by the force of the impact. He was suddenly free. He could move! He had to stop the Master. Had to help Martha and Jack. He got to his feet shakily, swaying dangerously. His hearing was still fuzzy. He could just about hear frantic voices, yelling at him to run. Were they Martha and Jack? He couldn't tell. He hesitated for a moment too long. He suddenly felt the clamp around him again, and his strength disappeared as fast as it had come. He was being drained again, he couldn't fight it, it was too strong. He sank to his knees.

The Master walked over to his helpless prize, ignoring the shouts from behind him warning him to get away from the Doctor. He took a deep breath, preparing himself, as the Doctor looked up at him. The Master was delighted to see fear in his unfocussed eyes. He took the glove off and held it under his arm, maintaining mental contact, so that it continued to hold the two companions. He knelt down and placed his fingers on the Doctor's temples and entered his mind, sweeping away his mental defences as thought they were dried leaves. The Doctor screamed in agony as the Master probed deeper and deeper into his subconscious, looking, searching. He smiled, and established the link, as he'd originally planned. He effortlessly pushed away the Doctor's feeble efforts to stop him, as though he were a bulldozer against a small breeze. But then he spotted something else. He hadn't realised that the Doctor had kept it that deep, that guarded. The Master knew that he had one himself, but the two were so close that were almost brothers. This was interesting. He'd think about this. Then he swore. He realised he'd lost contact with the glove. The Doctor was in his power now so that didn't matter, but that meant that the humans were free. Damn. He felt himself wrenched back to his own body, and the Doctor's falling away from his grasp. But he wasn't finished! He still had work to do! He grunted as Jack shouldered him aside, pushing him to the ground and quickly restraining his hands behind his back, the glove flying a few meters away. No matter.

While Jack took care of the Master, Martha pulled the Doctor away from them. She laid him out on the ground, his head lolled to the side, his eyes closed.

"Doctor, come on wake up, please! Come on! Talk to me" She urged the unconscious Time Lord in front of her. She patted his cheek a few times, trying to wake him up. He half opened his eyes, silently staring straight ahead. His intelligent brown irises were somehow hidden behind a swirling, sparkling silver cloud. "What the Hell?" She gasped, jumping back "Jack! What the Hell is that?"

Jack forced the Master over, keeping the Time Lord's hands held firmly behind his back, preventing escape.

"What did you do to him?" Jack growled, forcing the Master to look straight at the Doctor's eyes.

"Ohhhhhhh, shiny!" The Master giggled, childishly "Should take him a while to get out of that mess!" He said, gleefully.

"What did you do to him you idiot?" Jack yelled in his face.

"Not much. I just completely isolated his mind from his body" He said slowly, as if stating the completely obvious.

"Undo it, now" Martha glared at him.

The Master smiled. "Only he can stop it. And since you stopped me before I was finished, I can't relieve him either" The Master sighed "Shame really. It could have been so useful."

"And why's that?" Jack asked, through gritted teeth.

"Well...... It was so easy to isolate his mind that I decided to take it a little bit further. I made it possible for me to impose the separation freely, without the need for physical contact, or even to be in the same room, and in turn, remove it. But you stopped me before I was finished. But unluckily for him, I did manage to establish a link between my mind and his, so I can still enforce the condition, but I have to wait for him to beat it every time. As I said, a shame really that you stopped me"

"Oh well I'm really very sorry, sir. Feel free to sue us, and take my Vortex Manipulator as compensation for the trouble we caused you today. Have a nice day sir." Jack said sweetly, trying not to throttle the man. "So what's that thing?" He nodded towards the glove, now lying motionless on the ground a few feet away, well out of the Master's reach.

The Master sighed. "It's from the planet Telekin. All of its inhabitants have an amazing psychic power. They all have a glove that they wear to amplify and control their powers. "That thing" as you called it, is one such glove, called an "Isomorphic Ability Controller", or and IAC for short. I managed to get hold of one and now I can use the power I have always had to my own ends." His mind strayed again to what he had found in the Doctor's subconscious, buried so deep down, yet yearning to break free, and smiled, as a plan began to form. He was snapped out of his thoughts as Martha's voice interrupted him.

"Well you can say goodbye to IAC then" Martha told him, glaring. She returned her attention to the Doctor. She took her jacket off and slid one hand underneath his head, gently lifting it so she could slide her jacket under it. The Doctor was still staring, his eyes half open and obscured by sparkling silver.

"Yes." Said the Master, answering her un-asked question, "He is still conscious. He can hear and see everything; he just can't do anything about it. That is, until he gets his head back on his shoulders" He laughed at his own joke. "It doesn't matter anyway" He closed his eyes and breathed deep, as though thoroughly bored with the whole situation.

"Why's that?" Martha asked, confused.

"Because the Doctor and I have some business to be attending to, so we'll be going now." The Master stated simply, a hard edge to his voice. He snapped his eyes open and the IAC jumped up from the ground, hovering a few feet in the air, its fingers tightening into a metal fist. Martha tried to move between the prone body of the Doctor and the IAC, but she found that she couldn't. She couldn't move her body from the neck down. She looked over at the Master and Jack, scared to see that Jack was frozen too, with the Master gently removing his arms from Jack's grip and walking towards the Doctor. Jack turned his head to follow the Master's progress.

"Don't you dare touch him Master. If you even try, I'll-"

"You'll what? Stare me to death?" The Master laughed. He crouched down next to the Doctor's head, with Martha stuck, frozen on the other side. She watched on in horror as the Master reached out and began stroking the Doctor's hair, before moving on to start stroking the side of his face, like Jack had done while he was drunk. Martha was scarred to see a lustful look in the Master's fiery eyes.

"I'll release you. I'll let you out." He whispered into the Doctor's ear, just loud enough for Martha to hear.

"Get away from him!" She growled, trying desperately to move her limbs, but to no avail.

"Umm, no!" He replied simply. He fished around in the Doctor's chest pocket and pulled out the Sonic Screwdriver, before placing it in his own pocket. He then moved on to his own pockets, pulling out a small silver box, its shiny surface covered in bright flashing buttons. He pressed some in a precise sequence. A few seconds later, a huge, jet-black 4x4 sped into the street. Martha thought that it was quite good that this was a pedestrian-only zone, otherwise a lot of people would have woken up in the morning to find a mess of flattened cars. It crashed through the bollards, sending them flying. It raced towards them, and skidded to a stop, turning at the same time to end up with the back facing them, the smell of burnt rubber in their nostrils and the sound of screeching breaks still ringing in their ears. The Master pressed another button and the boot opened, the door rising up with the hissing sound of powerful hydraulics. Jack glared at the Master, and the Master smiled back and giggled.

"Sorry, but we have to go. Deadlines and all that, you know what I mean." He smiled "Oh, and thanks for the compensation. You know, I think it'll really come in handy!" He laughed, waving the Vortex Manipulator at them, before pocketing it. Jack glared down at his wrist and was unsurprised, yet very worried, to see that it was bare. How'd he got hold of it without him noticing? He looked back and glared at the Master again, but the man simply smiled at him and winked, before adding in a mock-serious tone "You know, some of your memories really are quite fascinating, and others quite scary. You really should see someone about it. I'd book you in with the Doctor, but he's going to be quite busy for a while. I could pencil you in but don't hold your breath."

He bent down to the Doctor's head again, and smiled to himself. He slid his arms underneath the Doctor's and lifted him slightly, beginning to drag him towards the boot of the 4x4. The Doctor showed no resistance whatsoever, his head lolling on his chest, legs dragging behind him, arms dangling by his sides as the Master continued to drag his limp form across the ground. Martha watched on, silently, unable to believe what she was seeing. The Doctor had lost the fight, and there was nothing she could do to help him. It wasn't happening. It couldn't happen. The Doctor was unbeatable, invincible, unbreakable, and every other word that meant anything similar. Martha hadn't seen the Master since the time on the Valliant, when he had died in the Doctor's arms. Whatever the Master wanted to do with the Doctor, it couldn't be good. But the Doctor should have know that the Master was here, so how come he hadn't? How had the Master hidden himself?

"How did the Doctor not know you where here? And how come you're alive?" Martha shouted to him. He'd now dragged the Doctor all the way to the 4x4. She had to distract him, had to keep him occupied long enough to come up with a plan. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Jack straining with his limbs, a vein throbbing in his neck with the effort he was using.

"Another little gift fro IAC. I can create a mental shield around my mind ad consciousness, enabling me to hide my identity from others." He answered, not even bothering to look at her. "As for dying, I stored my identity and a memory of my body in my ring. Luckily it wasn't burnt. It would have spoilt the design horribly. But it called out to anyone close by, ad when someone picked me up, I absorbed their life-energy, and used it to bring myself back to life and harnessed the remaining amount to alter their body and change it to look the way I wanted it, which just happened to be the way I previously looked." He gloated, but then broke off as he attempted the next stage of his task. He stood behind the Doctor and knotted his fingers together around the other Time Lord's chest, his arms still under the Doctor's and lifted him up with ease, using one leg to knee the Doctor's into the boot. After that was done, he lowered the top half of the Doctor's body down, making sure that his limp head was still facing the humans. His eyes stared at them, silently pleading with them to help him. Yet they were powerless to help themselves, let alone him. The Master reached in and began stroking the Doctor's hair again, almost lovingly, then stopping to attach a pair of alien looking handcuffs to the Doctor's wrist and to a section of the boot's wall. He then reached up, shutting the boot, trapping the helpless Doctor inside. He looked back at the humans, smiling.

"Got to go now. Places to be, personal stuff to sort" He turned back to the car and walked to the driver's door. The IAC hovered where it was for a few more seconds, before shooting backwards and through the passenger side rear window. The Master slammed the door, the sound echoing in the early morning. The car revved a few times, then shot away, the breaks screeching as it rounded the corner and disappeared, the tires actually smoking.

"Doctor!" Martha screamed, fighting to move. She was surprised when her legs suddenly decided to do as they were told. She stood up quickly, but the shock of the action made her newly re-found legs give way beneath her and she fell forwards onto her face. Jack reached her just in time to catch her. He looked over at the corner where the car had vanished, taking the Doctor with it.

"I think......... We're gonna need some help with this one" He said quietly.

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