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Chapter 5 (final)

"Mmhm... are you up to some gentle love making?"

Shuuhei's smile widened at Jyuushiro's touch and question. He tilted his head to the side and let his eyelids fall heavy. "For you, Jyuushiro-san? I'm always up for it."

Jyuushiro chuckled and kissed Shuuhei's lips, marveling at how aroused the younger man could make him with nothing more than a look and a few words. His fingers gently moved lower and found that Shuuhei's words were true in more than one sense, and he smiled against Shuuhei's lips. "Is there any specific thing you wish of me? This is your time for anything you desire."

Shuuhei lowered his arms and threaded his fingers through Jyuushiro's hair. He returned the older man's kiss, making a small sound of approval in the back of his throat as he felt the Captain's fingers moving over his arousal.

"Anything?" he whispered softly.

Jyuushiro smiled, his arousal firming against Shuuhei's hip. "Yes... anything."

Kissing down Jyuushiro's neck, Shuuhei let his hands wander to the older man's sides, his hip, and his back, the Captain's eyes closing with the touches. He slid his hands around to the Captain's chest and ran his thumbs over Jyuushiro's nipples, eliciting a soft moan. He murmured softly into the Captain's collar bone. "Then would you get on top me, Jyuushiro-san, please? Ride me like you did in the bath last time?"

"Mmmm..." Jyuushiro said, "I would enjoy that very much myself."

Shuuhei gripped the older man's side. "Yes…" he growled, pulling gently on Jyuushiro's frame.
"Lemme watch you roll those sexy hips."

Jyuushiro moved with Shuuhei's grip and looked for the cinnamon lube. He poured some into his hand and stroked the slick coolness onto Shuuhei's already hard shaft. He straddled him, placed Shuuhei's tip right on his entrance, and couldn't help but gasp a little at the sensation of that heat.

Then Jyuushiro lowered himself, pressing Shuuhei slowly into him. His eyes closed and his hands tightened on Shuuhei as he stretched and then slowly impaled himself, ending up sitting on Shuuhei's groin. "Oh..." he gasped, and gave a shift of his hips, moaning. "That feels good."

Shuuhei could only shudder as he slid into Jyuushiro's eager body. He licked his lips and tripped over words as he tried to speak. "It felt good... to be taken by you, Jyuushiro-san... But I'm not gonna lie... this is so much better..."

Jyuushiro chuckled breathlessly and then gasped again as he moved, slowly, deliberately, up and down once.

"I can't quite say the same; but..."

He sighed as he shifted again. He put his hands on Shuuhei's chest as he rocked forward and back again on the hardness deep within him. "It's good to... be able to give this to you as well."

Shuuhei's hands moved to the older man's hips. He rubbed circles into the pale flesh and lifted his hips to meet Jyuushiro's slow movements. His breath was becoming harsh once again, and he couldn't hold in the soft moans that escaped his lips.

Jyuushiro's desire wound higher with each of the soft sounds the younger man made. He met each lift with a motion down, each falling away with a rise, lengthening each stroke, and then sitting back in just that way to really ride and feel the friction against his prostate. His breathing deepened, grew to soft groans and gasps, until he grasped one of Shuuhei's gently rubbing hands and wrapped it around his weeping arousal.

"Please..." he managed.

Shuuhei did as asked, squeezing the Captain roughly, but not enough to hurt. He stroked the older man erratically against his thrusts, having lost all sense of rhythm as the world had narrowed to nothing but the feel of him sliding in and out of Jyuushiro.

Jyuushiro gasped at getting the friction he needed, and moved faster, Shuuhei's touch synched enough that each thrust within him was echoed on him. He felt himself tighten, his hands closed on Shuuhei's warm skin, even as he drove himself harder over Shuuhei's length.

Shuuhei's free hand squeezed the Captain's hip and he growled from deep in his throat as Jyuushiro's pace became frantic. He pulled himself up, with no little difficulty, and slipped his arm around the older man's waist.

Jyuushiro shuddered, but just managed to hold onto his orgasm at feeling Shuuhei struggle to sit up. Then his first reaction was to wrap the younger man up in his arms, but even so overwhelmed with sensation, he remembered the state of Shuuhei's back. He put his hands on Shuuhei's shoulders and used that hold to give himself a little more leverage.

Shuuhei moaned into Jyuushiro's neck, relieved at the lessening of the pressure on the bruises on his back. He licked the expanse of skin before him and used what strength was left in his arm to crush the Captain's frame to his own.

"Ah... Jyuushiro-san..." he panted into the other's neck. "So good... so fucking good, Jyuushiro-san..."

Jyuushiro gave a strangled groan at the wet heat of Shuuhei's tongue against his throat, and the heat in those words and the breath against his skin. "I'm close..." he whispered, and the slap of his flesh against Shuuhei's was loud, but he wanted the strokes to be hard and deep.

Shuuhei bit hard enough to leave a mark and Jyuushiro jerked hard with it. He sucked on the skin just below the older man's jaw, taking in the saltiness of the other's sweat. "I am too, Jyuushiro-san," he gasped softly. "Is it all right if I come now?"

Jyuushiro drew his bottom lip between his teeth to keep from coming when Shuuhei asked his question. The echoes of Shuuhei's deep submission to him eroded the last of his will-power. "Oh, Kami, yes. Come, Shuuhei."

Shuuhei let go of his control, spilling into the older man with a soft cry, his hand twisting and pulling on Jyuushiro's cock like it was his own. "Ah, gods..." the vice Captain grunted into the older man's collar. "Shit, Jyuushiro-san... oh, gods yes..."

Jyuushiro bucked at feeling the pulsing within him. He came hard as well, and he clung to the broader frame before him as the aftershocks rolled through.

Shuuhei felt the splash of warm semen over his hand and gave a few more slow strokes before releasing the older man's length. He wrapped both arms around Jyuushiro's waist and buried his face in soft, and slightly damp, white hair.

Jyuushiro shuddered with each of the gentle strokes, "Oh, yes..." he murmured, as sensitive as he was, that felt so good for just that little while. Gently, not pressing against Shuuhei's back, Jyuushiro wrapped his arms about Shuuhei as well and rested his chin against Shuuhei's hair as his breathing gradually calmed.

Shuuhei groaned happily into the Captain's neck, his body finally coming down from the intense high. He nuzzled the Captain's skin and kissed softly as his hands roamed over the older man's back.

Jyuushiro shuddered again, back arching a little with the warm caresses of Shuuhei's skillful and gentle hands. "Mmmm..." he said into Shuuhei's hair. "How are you doing?"

Shuuhei chuckled softly. "My ass hurts."

Jyuushiro grinned at that. "Would you prefer a little healing kido before we try the healing bath?" he asked, fingers exploring Shuuhei's skin.

Shuuhei leaned forward, kissing Jyuushiro's chest. He ran his hands over the Captain's stomach, his fingers trailing through cooling sweat and cum. "Mmm... just the bath is fine."

Jyuushiro's eyes closed with the kiss, the sliding touches, and smiled. "Yes, the bath should help. Though you're making it so that I do not wish to move..."

He slid a gentle touch through Shuuhei's hair and then moved off from on top. Lightly he stepped to the side of the bed and asked quietly, "Do you wish to try your legs? I'm not sure I want to pick you up with your back the way it is."

Shuuhei scoffed and slowly moved his legs over the side of the bed. He winced slightly. "Bah, it hurts, but I've been worse. I'll be okay." He pushed off the mattress with his hands and stood, a little shakily. He held his hand up as Jyuushiro offered his support, wanting to stand on his own. He hissed at the sting on his back and ass, but was able to gain his footing quickly. "Wow... smarts..." he sighed.

Lifting his hands over his head, Shuuhei pulled his body into a long stretch, releasing tension in his abdominal muscles and popping his shoulder joints.

"Ah," he smiled a little as the pressure in his lower back lessened. "Yeah, I'll be okay."

Jyuushiro took a deep breath at the sight of all that muscle stretching under bruised skin, and he took a firm hold of the sudden rush of both desire and concern that flooded through him. He'd long ago realized that part of why he was a sadist was because of that need to care for someone hurt, that by giving out pain, he also triggered his deep-seated need to care for his 'victim'. He stayed close by as they headed for the washing area.

Shuuhei moved into the bathroom, rubbing his wrists and marveling at the expanse of bruises blossoming just under his skin. He stopped before the shower and pouted at Jyuushiro over his shoulder.

"Taichou," he whined softly, trying to keep the smile from ruining the effect, "I don't think I can wash myself. I'm too sore."

Jyuushiro chuckled and reached up to kiss Shuuhei's lips gently, and then, deliberately, he picked up and kissed each bruised wrist.

"Certainly, Fukutaichou, I'd be honored. You look... amazing in those bruises, Shuuhei... gods..."

Jyuushiro didn't quite touch Shuuhei's skin, but he gave a low whistle as his fingertips ran just over the purpling skin of Shuuhei's back and ass.

He turned on the water and let it warm, not too hot for the welts. "Maybe just stand under the shower... the bench will probably hurt more than help."

Shuuhei let out a soft laugh. "I haven't had a good paddling since I was about five, growing up in Rukongai." He gingerly touched the raised skin on his buttocks with his fingers. "Makes me feel like a little kid..." He looked up at Jyuushiro and smirked. "Kind of..."

Jyuushiro laughed at that. "I don't think I'd mistake you for a child in any way, Shuuhei. But I can see the connection."

Shuuhei's smile widened and he stepped under the spray, wincing again, not really prepared for the sting of the water against his skin. "Oh, oh wow... ow... ow..." He froze, caught in the middle between groaning and giggling.

"You know, Jyuushiro-san," he said, looking at the older man, "I feel a little drunk."

"Mmmm... that's a normal after effect. Your body's compensating for the pain by releasing endorphins that make it so that you don't care as much about the pain anymore..." Jyuushiro smiled at Shuuhei. "I'm glad you're having that reaction, not everyone gets that."

Jyuushiro didn't voice his relief in finding that Shuuhei was, indeed, wired right for this kind of play. There weren't that many that could take the pain and even fewer that found both the sexual satisfaction and the endorphin high afterward. He held this moment close, knowing that Shuuhei would probably go on to Kira soon, and not at all sure that he'd have another chance to interact this deeply with Shuuhei again.

He got a good squirt of shampoo and reached up to rub it through Shuuhei's hair, and then rinsed that dark hair through, careful of Shuuhei's eyes. He started with Shuuhei's front and rubbed soap all over, and then moved to Shuuhei's back so that he could see the worst of the bruising and avoid the most raised portions.

Shuuhei closed his eyes, losing himself in Jyuushiro's soft caress. He loved the feeling of the older man's fingers in his hair. Soon he was relaxed and the sting of his back had lessened enough that he could ignore it.

"Mmmm... Jyuushiro-san..." he sighed, "feels good..."

Jyuushiro smiled at the words and moved more confidently as he soaped Shuuhei's groin, washing his cock and scrotum with a gentle but firm touch, and when he moved to Shuuhei's ass, he worked with the same touch, adjusting only if Shuuhei reacted. Then he lingered on strong, long legs, slicking each with soap, and letting the water rinse everything away.

"Go ahead into the tub, Shuuhei, you're clean enough." The younger man made his way slowly down the steps and sighed as he sank into the hot water.

Jyuushiro shampoo'ed and rinsed his hair. Then, quickly and efficiently he soaped all of himself and cleansed away all evidence of their activities. He didn't linger too long in the rinse, but made sure every bit of soap was off of him before he turned off the water and joined Shuuhei in the tub.

Shuuhei sighed softly, thinking about everything they had done. He smiled to himself, charmed once again at the tenderness and care that Jyuushiro could show, while in the midst of inflicting intense pain. It was an exhilarating and enlightening experience. The vice Captain was filled with a new hope as his thoughts turned to Kira. He prayed that he could take what he had learned from Jyuushiro and use it to satisfy his best friend, and love, so that Kira would never again have to seek comfort in someone else's arms.

He sighed again, contented, and whispered softly without opening his eyes. "Thank you, Jyuushiro-san..."

Jyuushiro smiled at the contentment coming off Shuuhei and relaxed into the pool, feeling tired muscles relax.

"Shuuhei, how are you feeling?"

Shuuhei shrugged and ran a hand over his eyes. "My back doesn't really hurt that bad anymore. It's kind of like a sunburn now. My ass on the other hand..." A smile tugged on his lips as he looked at the Captain out the corner of his eye. "I'll probably be sore there for days."

Jyuushiro smiled as well, and thought a moment. "Did I fulfill the desires you stated at the start?"

Shuuhei's smile turned soft and he tilted his head to the side. He leaned against the side of the tub, his eyes lids becoming heavy as he relaxed further into the warm water. "You were just what I always wanted, Jyuushiro-san. I'm forever grateful to you for everything you've done for me so far."

Jyuushiro smiled as he found himself starting to be aroused again at Shuuhei's trusting and relaxed form. "So... from my actions, do you now know that I care about, desire, and admire you? The way you said that you wished Kira to know how you feel about him?"

The vice Captain's heart fluttered, and the smile slipped from his lips. He stared hard at Jyuushiro and nodded quietly.

"How do you feel, now, about having a way to approach your love?"

Shuuhei slowly sat up, running his hands through his thick hair and then returning them to his lap. He studied his reddened wrists as they rippled through the water. "I feel... confident that I can approach him again. Or at least offer myself for the next time he... needs something..."

Jyuushiro reached through the healing waters, gently capturing one of those abused wrists. He lightly ran his thumb over the flesh, even as he nodded at what Shuuhei said. He thought for a moment before asking, "How do you feel about being able to offer him the kind of pain I offered you? Does it feel as 'wrong' as when we started?"

Shuuhei smiled softly, surprised to feel the press of tears at the corners of his eyes.

"It never felt wrong, Jyuushiro-san. It just felt strange... never wrong." He moved to place his other hand over the Captain's. "As for giving him this... this gift that you have been gracious enough to give me... If this is in fact what he wants... needs... then it feels amazing.

"I've been so hopeless for so long..."

Jyuushiro closed his eyes on Shuuhei's last words.

Feelings welled up, so many of them mixed together that they simply closed his throat for a moment. The deep caring he'd come to have for the young vice Captain, pain and anger at Shuuhei being caught like that, and finally gratitude at being given the chance to help. With that last feeling he was able to take a slow breath and open his eyes again.

Jyuushiro swallowed and when he was sure that his voice would be steady again he said quietly, "I'm glad I could do something to help."

Shuuhei looked up at his friend and smiled through his watery eyes. He blinked back his tears and squeezed the Captain's hand.

"I have to say thank you again, Jyuushiro-san."

"You're very welcome, Shuuhei. And thank you, as well, I'm honored to be so trusted by you."

They sat in contented silence for several minutes, Shuuhei lifting his feet to place them in Jyuushiro's lap. He hummed happily, sliding his legs across the softness of the other man's skin, and felt arousal start to tug at his gut once again.

"Ne... Jyuushiro-san?"

Jyuushiro absentmindedly rubbed Shuuhei's feet, and he didn't open his eyes to answer, "Mmhm?"

Shuuhei sat up, leaning forward to brush his lips across the Captain's jaw, causing the slighter man to open his eyes in surprise.

"Can we do it again in the tub?"