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Pairing: Jeremy/Sydney


Even after Jeremy stopped using his puppet, he was still shy. Sydney was slowly helping him get over his shyness though. If it wasn't for her, he would still be talking with his puppet, to shy to make any new friends….or a girlfriend.

Sydney and Tyler had broken up weeks ago when she caught him kissing Rachel. In his defense, the girl had started the kiss, but Sydney walked in on the wrong time. By the time Tyler had finally explained what had really happened, Sydney had already asked out Jeremy. And it was a good thing she did since he was still to shy to ask a girl out.

Sydney always had to make the first move with them. If she didn't, it wasn't going to happen. She was brave though, so it worked out okay. Jeremy wished he could be more of a man though. He had heard Gurkin's girlfriend telling him how his attitude was hot. Was Jeremy's personality attractive? At all? He wasn't anything like Tyler. He didn't know what Sydney saw in him.

Sydney made him want to be brave though. She was so confidante in herself. Even if she got nervous sometimes and talked a lot, she was still amazing in his eyes. He wanted her to think the same thing about him. So…To night…He would be the one to kiss her.

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