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Bella POV~

I pulled open the refrigerator to find empty shelves. It was almost as if someone had been here before me since I was usually greeted by rotten food, but I knew that couldn't be true seeing as I was the last person alive. I had been on my own for two long years and food was hard to come by, especially since I didn't know the first thing about hunting of fishing. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't eaten in almost four and a half weeks and the last good night of sleep I had was almost a week ago. After the door closed with a loud crash I went to go explore the rest of the house. I hadn't gotten very far when the need to sleep took over and I headed for the couch in the living room. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep but it was better than most of the places I had slept before. I needed to move on to a new place as soon as I could try to find some food. I didn't even bother to look for a pillow as I stretched out on the couch. I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness but before I was completely asleep I could have sworn I heard the door open….

Edward's POV~

I sighed as I ran my fingers through my mess of bronze hair. Being alone was all I had ever wanted at one time, but now that I finally was, I wanted to take it all back. What I wouldn't give to have someone, anyone at all, to spend these endless days with.

I had woken up this morning to find my fridge empty, which wasn't a surprise since I hadn't made the trip to the small abandoned market on the outskirts of town in almost a week. It isn't that I wanted to starve myself to death, but it is hard to get myself to make the long trip when everyone I love and cared about is dead, all the hopes and dreams I had for the future ended abruptly after it happened two years ago, and humanity is going to end with me even if I don't starve.

I grabbed all of the food that would spoil the soonest and stuffed them into the large pillow cases I held tightly in my hand. I then proceeded to grab random items off of the shelves that would last longer than the other stuff I had in the other pillow case. As soon as I filled them to a manageable weight to carry all the way home I stood by the door and looked over all the food that was left. Including the suff in my bag I had about a months supply left. Great, in one more month I have to move to a new place. Just great.

Another sigh escaped my lips as I kicked the door to my house closed behind me. I didn't bother to lock my doors anymore since there was no one to rob me. I accidently dropped the food to the floor as a yawn made its way out of my mouth. The four hour walk back really took a toll on me. I picked the food back up and slowly carried them into the kitchen and put them away. There was no point in rushing; I had all the time in the world. I walked into the living room as my eyes began to droop. I was too lazy to attempt to climb the stairs so I was just going to crash on the couch, but what I saw there made my eyes shoot wide open and all traces of being tired were gone from my body. A girl was sleeping on my couch!

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