My wonderful readers! Thanks to you all, you who have spurred me forward with your wonderfully kind words...I took a chance and 'A Faire To Remember' is now on Twilighted! If I could see every one of you, all that read, all that reviewed, and I could I would give you all a great big thank you hug, I so would! Because of you, I am seriously reconsidering my childhood dream of writing - so, thanks! And again and again and again! If you get a chance, head over there - of course there are tiny changes in grammar etc to fit the Twilighted bill - but whether you do or don't, you have made this writers world.

If at any point I can take the stories (not Twilght related, lol) out of my head and onto paper - it's all because of you guys. I'll never forget it, one way or the other. You guys have given me the will and courage to push forward - I hope that whatever you wish for comes your way.