How far I've come


After being somewhat saved from Kahlua, Moka has become a bit shaken up. Both sides of her fear what had happened and start to contemplate it until they both decide on an 'action' This will not include any of the new chapters until maybe much later.......up until the little 'date' Tsukune had with Moka

Chapter 1: Gaze into the future

Moka looked on as everyone was packing up to leave the ice village. Her eyes were trailing off to Tsukune every now and again but once she caught herself starring for to long she would just shake her head as if nothing had happened. They all said their goodbyes to Mizoras mother and the other residents that lived their. Moka however had been thinking long and hard about what had happened.

"Hurry up Moka!! Do you want the Bus Driver to leave without you!" yelled Yukari from the window of the bus.

"Just hold on a sec" Moka broke away from the bus to where the snow priestess was. "What will happen to me?" asked Moka without much hesitation.

"Oh ho you are to general." Jack Frost chuckled at Mokas obvious fatigue from the earlier battle.

"What will become of me during my time in this world?" Moka started to become a little impatient to herself. She did not like to demand things but this was just something she needed to know.

"Let me take a look girl." Jack Frost closed his eyes for a brief second until he quickly flashed them open. "Oh I see a very interesting future for you."

Moka eyes opened a little wider at the thought of what he said. "What do you mean by interesting?"

"On one hand I see that you will live a long and happy life with an eternity ahead for you. On the other I see you as a lonely widow. One who's heart has been dieing for years without much resolve."

"Widow?" Moka became perplexed by the very words that the ghost like creature said. 'Doesn't that mean.....'

"This path will be chosen. The choice you make will ultimately lead the path of a certain person. If this person stays safe he will follow you into the next millennium and so on. His smile will be your morning and his love for you will become your night. However if you flip the same situation around that very same person will have died in your arms leaving you a sulking wreck from which you will not be able to recuperate from. You will wander this world as a marauder, taking anything you please and leaving entire cities in ruin." Jack Frost took in a sigh.

"What choice?" asked Moka as she became more anxious to know what lay ahead.

"I can't tell you this choice for I do not know what it is. However I do know that both you and your other half will need to come to decision once that day comes. I also know of the person that will most be most affected by the outcome. His fate will be enter twined with your choice."

"Who is it?" Moka somehow knew who it was though.'Tsukune'

"Why it's none other than Tsukune. He will be the key to your future and will follow you until the end of his days. No matter when that day comes."

Moka gasped to herself. "What must I do can't you tell me more?"

"I'm afraid that I have nothing left to tell you. Now go on and live your life." Jack Frost waved his hand for her to go.

"Th...thank you very much." Moka turned away and started off to the bus that had been waiting for her.

"It seems as though they have a destiny about them." the snow priestess took in a deep sgh as the bus started off.

"Yes........I think.......the right choices might be made but hey what do I know. I can only tell the future right." Jack chuckled to his humor.

The priestess gave him a concerned look, "What do you think?" the priestess raised one of he eyebrows.

"Oh ho don't you mind it. The two of them will be the ones to figure it out." Jack smiled until he dissipated back into the glove.


Tsukune was sitting quietly as the bus headed for the teleportation tunnel. He had been very concerned about Moka. She had chosen to sit away from him. Actually besides the bus driver she was the furthest away. He frowned. What happened?

He sat their idly as the others were jabbing about this and that. He paid no attention to any of what they had said. Just then his head started to hurt. He could feel his temples pulsing rappidly and thought his brain was going to blow. He felt the pain but made sure as to not alarm anyone of his pain. He started to rub his temples until his head finally stopped the violent beating.

'Ugh..... what was that just now?' Tsukune looked over to Moka who's head was looking out the window. 'I could have sworn that she was looking over this way a second ago, wait her hair is twisted on her left side. Why would she look away from me? Have I done anything wrong?' Tsukune continued looking at Moka until his mind drifted off to the tunnel which they had just entered.

Moka looked over as soon as Tsukunes eyes drifted away from her. 'Tsukune.......what am I to do about you.'


Tsukune laid in his bed not being able to go to sleep. His head hurt to much for him to go to sleep, and it was becoming increasingly more painful. Tsukune sat up and started to breath heavy. "Aghhhh! I feel so hot!" Tsukune felt his forehead but quickly brought it back when he felt how hot his head actually had been. The pain started to become more painful in other places now.

"Why?! Why do my eyes feel like they're about to fall out!? AGHHHH! It hurts." Tsukune started to shake violently now with the increased pain.

'Aghhh I'm gonna die. This isn't normal. To think I was going to go like this.' Tsukune fell out of his bed and started to curl shake even harder than before. "AGHHHHHHHHH! It hurts! Aghhhhh Moka! Moka!


"Tsukune!" yelled Moka as she sat straight up in her bed. She looked around the room to see it was her own room. She brought her hand up and brought the sweat off of her forehead. 'It felt so......real.'

Moka looked over at the clock on her wall that read 2:24 A.M. 'What should I do.'

'Go to him and save him' Moka looked at her rosario and blinked hard.

"But it was just a dream wasn't it?" Moka couldn't believe what had happened in it. 'If you don't go he will die. Trust me.......I know.'

Moka broke off of her bed and darted towards the door. 'Tsukune.....' she started to run towards the boys dormitories over on the other side of the school. (I don't know where it is at all)

She ran under the light of the full moon while every breath she took became heavier with anticipation. She needed to save him. No matter what it was she needed to save Tsukune from death.

Once she reached the dorms she quickly looked for Tsukunes. Sadly she didn't know which one he lived in. 'Where is his room!' Moka looked around franticaly until she heard a very quiet cry. She went back to the door and tried to open it up. Sadly it was locked.

"Moka." he heard her voice very faintly. Her eyes started to water up.

"Tsukune." she kicked down the door that had been previously sealed. She looked around the room to notice Tsukune on the ground still shaking. "Tsukune!" Moka knelt down to Tsukune and picked him up. She felt his head and noticed the burning heat that came from him. "Don't worry Tsukune I got you." whispered Moka as she put him on her back.

The last thing Tsukune remembered was Mokas face that had a very sad and concerned look placed on it.


Okay I think I'm gonna wrap up this chapter. If you like it tell me, if you don't tell me what was wrong. I can take criticism you pansies.