A little KabuShizu drabble, just sprang into existence while I was thinking about the various characters of medic-nins. Then my muse spotted the possibility of a messed up relationship, and this thing was spawned. For the 100 themes challenge on DA.

Warnings: non graphic masturbation and sex. Enjoy!

93) Give Up

She hated him, hated the thought of his skillful fingers, hated the way he smirked. Hated the way he spyed and double crossed. Hated hated hate-

She came hard beneath her own fingers, unseeing in the hot darkness.

Outside the window, a figure crouched, the moon reflecting on his glasses as he listened to her gasp. Listened to his name falling brokenly from those gentle lips.


He dropped through the window silently, walked over as she came back to earth. Leaned over as her chocolate eyes opened, unsure whether or not he was real. He trailed a hand across her breasts, against her stomach, down between the fluttering muscles of her thighs. One hand fisted in his hair, drawing him in for a kiss even as the other tried to push him away.

Moments stretched into hours, passing in a blur of sliding skin. She ached to be closer, she wanted to kill him. Their tongues dueled and their hips met in perfect time. It was so much better when he was there in person, she could hate him properly, with all the passion he deserved.

The next morning, she woke to his softly smiling eyes, to his fingers stroking out the tangles in her hair. He smirked almost cruelly.

"Pleased to see me, Shizune?"

She didn't really hate him after all.

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