That had to have been the most beautiful and weirdest experience of my life. Grace was such a cute little girl and I couldn't wait to watch her grow up with Scarlet. I knew in my heart she would be a good mother. I put Grace back in her crib and walked into the hospital hall. Everyone was long gone and I had no ride, so I was forced to walk home. But I could use the time to think. About life. About the future.

I tried to comprehend all of what happened tonight. Scarlet going into labor, my dress ripping, Noah drunk in that dark classroom… and Elizabeth telling me that Macon still loved me. That was certainly unexpected. But I couldn't lie to my heart. I still loved him too. And I would give anything to tell him that. But right now he was probably with Elizabeth Gunderson doing the exact thing I wouldn't do on New Years. I was on the highway when a car came up next to me. I ignored it thinking it was just some drunken kids from prom trying to get attention. Then the car beeped. I jumped and spun around.

"What the hell do you want?" I screamed at the person. Then the car stopped and a person opened the door. I got a clearer view and it was Macon.

"I was waiting for you in the hospital parking lot but you didn't see me so I followed you." He explained. I suddenly felt sorry and idiotic.

"Oh…I'm sorry." I smiled.

"How was the birth?" he asked with a smirk on his face. After everything he did to me he thought he could come here and just…what was he trying to do? I could smack that smirk right off of his face.

"What do you want Macon?" I asked tiredly. I didn't want to play games either.

"Elizabeth told me she talked to you while you were fixing you dress and I just waned to know what it was about."

"You and other things." I pushed myself onto the hood of his car as I said this, resting there because I knew this talk would take awhile. His face turned serious.

"What do you mean by 'other things'." He asked.

"Jesus god, she told me that you still love me." I blurted. First he looked scared. And then he looked pissed.

"What were you doing talking to her anyway?" he boomed. I flinched at his sudden explosion but soon became serious again.

"She was in the bathroom when I came in to fix my dress and she started talking to me about me and you and her and I didn't stop her. It would have taken too much work anyway. Did you notice that when she gets talking, it takes more then just duck tape to shut her up?" I rolled my eyes but Macon leaned forward so that his stomach pressed against my legs.

"Well?" he asked.

"What do you mean- 'well'?" I said.

"I mean do you believe her and do you agree?" I didn't answer for a couple minutes. He hopped up next to me with no trouble. He looked like a really young James Bond in that tux. "Come on Halley. You're going to have to answer me. I'll give you the entire truth- I love you and there's no doubting it. I shouldn't have freaked out on New Years and then left you in the hospital."

"Yeah, you shouldn't have."

"But I'm sorry! How many times do I have to say it? I love you. I'm sorry. Happy?" he glared at me. Then I burst into a smile.

"Yes." And then I leaned across the hood of his car and kissed him. He kissed me back as cars beeped and kids in our grade yelled at us on the highway. We decided to get in the car and continue so that we weren't disturbed by idiots. We were still kissing when my cell phone suddenly started ringing.

"Damn. It's probably my mother." I looked at the caller id and was right. "Hello?"

"Halley, are you still at the hospital with Scarlet?"

"I'm just about to leave." I lied. I'd kind of gotten better at it.

"Well, your father just got a call from Noah's parents and we're going out for a couple hours and I'm not sure if we'll be home tonight." She said.

"Oh. That's cool. I'll see you tomorrow." I mastered a wink at Macon.

"Yes you will." Then the line went dead.

"I'm guessing that was your mom. Is she going to send out a search party?" he laughed.

"No…she's going out and won't be home till morning." I smiled.

"Well then. May I give you a ride home?"

"I'd be honored."