So, I was really bored and couldn't sleep so I decided to write another chapter but this is it so…yeah.

The drive home was completely silent. I didn't want to say anything stupid. When we pulled into my driveway, I hopped out and dashed to the door, hearing Macon right behind me. As I fumbled with the keys in the dark, Macon wrapped his arms around my waist and planted kisses along my neck and my shoulder, sending chills down my spine.

"I can't unlock the door with you distracting me." I giggled but he didn't let go. Finally, the lock clicked and we tumbled inside, not bothering to turn lights on.

"Wait, I need a drink." Macon said with a sly smile and I rolled my eyes. Of course Macon would choose now to drink vodka or something.

"No time." I said seductively and headed up the stairs with Macon following me. I led him to my room and flipped on the light. I sat down on my bed and looked up at him. "So…what now?"

"Oh, I can think of one or two things." He mumbled before sitting next to me and kissing me, sliding his hands everywhere. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor as he slid me further onto the bed. As he unzipped my dress and unfastened the pins all I could think was, this is it.

I woke up to pure sunlight and found myself draped across Macon's chest. I looked around me, confused for a minute before remembering last night. I giggled to myself and sat up, pulling some sheets to cover myself. The clock told me it was eight in the morning but I was still exhausted. I needed to get Macon out before I could go back to sleep. First thing: I needed a glass of water. I grabbed Macon's shirt he was wearing under his prom jacket and slipped it on, opening the door quietly. After getting my glass of water, I tip toed back upstairs to find Macon awake.

"Hey." He smiled at me and patted the bed for me to come back and sit with him. I did so, sliding under the covers.

"Hey," I whispered back. I hoped this didn't turn out awkward. "How did you sleep?"

"Like a freaking baby. How about you?" he asked, putting an arm around my shoulder.

"Awesome," I answered. "Last night was…wow."

"Wow indeed." He laughed and I for some reason felt embarrassed. "You were perfect." He added in a whisper and I plant a kiss on his cheek.

"So were you." I said, laying my head on his shoulder and sighing, never wanting it to end. But then I heard the car. "Shit!" I yelped and bolted out of bed, grabbing my dress and throwing it into the closet before gathering Macon's clothes and throwing them at him. I took his boots and chucked them out my already open window.

"Hey!" he protested but was now dressed. The door was opening and I heard them in the foyer, near the stairs. "Okay, I'll be going."

"Wait," I said and he froze, half out the window. "I wouldn't trade last night for anything."

"Neither would I. I love you Halley." He said and gave me a kiss before leaping out the window.

"I love you too!" I called. Mom was coming up the stairs so I got back into bed before grabbing a book and turning my radio on. The door was opening just as Macon ran through the neighbor's backyard.

"Hey, honey." Mom smiled sweetly and at on the edge of the bed.

"Hey, Mom. How was your night?" I asked innocently.

"A lot of fun! How about you?" she replied. Perfect, I wanted to say but then I'd have to tell her

"Well, I hung out with Scarlet until she fell asleep and then I watched Grace and then walked home and went to bed." I answered. She nodded.

"You must have been exhausted!" she agreed before standing and telling me she was going to go make breakfast. I was just about to sigh in relief when I saw it.

My trash can was right next to my desk, just on the opposite wall of my bed so that you'd have a clear view of it right where Mom was sitting. On the very top of the trash pile in the can was the condom from last night. Oh, god. Mom saw it! I ran over and placed some papers over it just in case and then put on some pants to go downstairs for breakfast.

It was quiet because Mom and Dad wanted to go eat while watching some television special from last night so I decided to eat in my room. Right as I was walking up the stairs, Mom stopped me.

"Busted," she whispered. "We'll talk about it later."

I never wanted to come out of my room again. But last night was totally worth it.