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Spiral Tangents Introduction and Scorecard - Updated 10th November, 2009

Summary: Steamy vignettes from Holly Evans and the Spiral Path; Rated M for sex, violence, disturbing imagery and/or weirdness. Spiral references at the top of each chapter, so you know where it fits in the story.

There are a number of events mentioned or hinted at in the Spiral Path that others may want detailed but that Holly would never include in her journal. To allow for a more complete telling of the story, these events are related here. Rated MATURE. No holds barred. We call them Spiral Tangents.

Each chapter is a standalone but fits into the continuity of the main story. Hopefully they'll appear in order, but sometimes the muse wishes to speak of times past. Background info will be provided at the beginning of the chapter, including where it occurs within the chronology of the main story. Hopefully I'll remember not to include essential story elements in these, as they are here to enhance the story. Each chapter is dated; '9311 - Glorious' occurs in November of 1993.

Author's Other Note: There are links in my profile to pics I've used as inspiration for Holly and Newt, as nearly everyone else you can fill in with the actors or your own imagination. These show pretty well how I see these characters as of Chapter 24 'Define FUBAR'. If you're wondering who the girl is, Google for 'met art Jade'- she's a European erotic model (NC-17, you follow?). In fact it was difficult finding a picture of her wearing clothes...

No copyright infringement intended, so I posterized the pictures- using someone else's work is bad; recoloring someone else's work is art. Just ask Andy Warhol. Besides, by referring back to the source they may make more money. If you're suddenly saying to yourself "Gosh wordhammer, you're kinda pervy!", my response would be "Umm, yeah. Have you read the story? Anything after Chapter 12 should make that clear."

Just for clarity, I will provide a scorecard of sexual preference as it is revealed in the main story. This will be updated periodically as more info is uncovered or circumstances change. Keeping in mind Florean Fortescue's guide to ice cream in Chapter 16, don't be surprised if something declared here isn't an absolute and subject to change over time.


- Hermione is straight, mostly. Holly was working to bend her a bit, but it backfired when Hermione was put under Compulsion to reject both Holly and lesbianism. Hermione's feeling much better now, though still 90% boy-fond.

- Holly/Harry is...mentally agile. After much experimentation, Holly is bisexual though more lesbian and Harry's just straight but not easily offended. To be less label-centric, Lily's child thinks the anal thing is just a poor substitute for the proper hole but is willing to play with whatever parts are available, as long as there is mutual consent. Our hero can fall in love with almost anyone found to be worth the trust, but that's a very small population so far.

- Luna isn't right ...in the head. Aside from that she's happily gay though frustrated by the limited market.

- Marietta Edgecomb is gay but Cho Chang isn't, much to her frustration

- Padma Patil experimented with Marietta, but is playing with Dean now; she may have Dom/Sub tendencies

- Pansy Parkinson may have been straight but has been traumatised to the point of rejecting sex altogether

- Most every other girl at Hogwart's is straight-ish as far as the story is concerned, aside from some unnamed Ravenclaws from 3+ years ahead of Holly. (Seriously; the Chasers, Davis and Greengrass, Bones and Abbott, Brown and Patil are just buddies, and leave Millicent alone)

- Newt is a lizard-shaped blob of ink, though she identifies herself as female. That said, Newt's just pervy enough to enjoy recounting the tale whatever she sees. She 'achieves rapture in writing about sex'

- Nymphadora (call me Natalia) Tonks is polysexual, as most metamorphs are ('poly-' has new meaning when you can be either gender to satisfy your partner's preference), though she can only bring about babies as a girl. One of her commonly-used male identities is Gordon Knot, a lanky 6' tall American bloke bearing more than passing resemblance to Edward Norton

- According to Tonks Veela are primarily bisexual, as are their daughters. We'll have to ask Fleur in a few chapters.

- Director of the DMLE Amelia Bones is possibly into rope-play and girls, but is a competent interrogator so that may have been a smokescreen to gain Holly's trust

- Lily Evans was straight enough to have sex with Severus Snape and Remus Lupin before marrying James Potter. Don't think of her as loose- it was the 70's, man.


- Gilderoy Lockhart was a panderer but not entirely a pedophile, and straight. Now his skull is like the bottom of a bag of tortilla chips, so no more jollies for Locky

- Dean Thomas is straight and quite the player

- Oliver Wood is gay, and he has a gay study buddy in Gryffindor named Tim Dibney (OC of no other consequence)

- Colin Creevey is gay, or at least a stalker of famous boys

- Florean Fortescue is married, and seems to otherwise be very open-minded

- Ron has a tendency to draw the attention of gay men. It's a mystery.

- Draco is gay, though he hasn't acknowledged it yet

- Albus is gay, and never married

- Fred and George are straight, or at least not into each other or Lee Jordan enough to share a bed when under Dementor siege.

- Remus Lupin likes Tonks enthusiastically; Holly believes he's obsessed with Lily; either way, girls are OK for the wolf.

- Neville LIKES Holly

- Cedric is just dreeeeeaaamy

Everyone else I leave to the imagination until later.

For those who would accuse me of wasting chapter space with Author's Notes, I present a brief scene between Holly and Hermione during second year as they were brewing Polyjuice, rated PG for cattiness:

HG: I thought you said before that you wanted to be a hero?

HE: I want to stand up like an Amazon. I just...I can't stand the attention. I did want to be a hero, but modern heroes don't use their minds! The villains are all busy plotting, and the hero just stumbles into it and survives on luck. Well that, and the uncanny ability to get villains to describe their plans in detail when they think the hero is going to die, and I can hardly depend upon that. Besides which, heroes are usually gifted with 'powers beyond mortal ken!'

HG: As you have pointed out in the past, we are gifted.

HE: Yes, but we're all gifted, everyone involved. It re-levels the playing field. I think spy novels come closer to an analog for our situation. We're elite, moving through the masses that don't know what we do, to keep them safe from things they'll never hear about.

HG: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"

HE: Well, that would be the Gryffindor Chasers again ...oh, wait, you said the HEARTS of men.

HG: (giggling quite a bit) Yes, well! Pants, hearts, it's all the same at the end of the day!

Both: ...to Them!

Author's intriguing but almost pointless factual add-on:

The Age of Consent for sexual contact between willing partners (without commerce involved) varies depending on the country where the act occurs.

US varies depending on the state and the type of intercourse (MF, MM, FF): typically 16-18, though Iowa, Missouri and South Carolina allow for 14 if married MF (MM and FF are entirely illegal in those states)

Ireland: 17

UK, Belgium, Switzerland: 16

France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden: 15

Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (except MM), Germany, Iceland, Italy, Romania: 14

Spain: 13

Netherlands: 12, though parents may have rights to overrule consent until 16

Mexico: 12 for MF, 18 for FF or MM

Yeah, I didn't actually have sex until I was 18, but it wasn't from a lack of intent and I broke the law when I did it. I assure you, that did not enhance the experience for me in the least. Nevertheless, stop squicking that Holly and Hermione started early. It isn't like it's inconceivable, and the Dutch might consider them late bloomers.