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Placement: 24th June 1995; AFTER Chapter 49 - 'Coming of Age'

What you need to know: I, as the author, only enjoyed writing this from the perspective of demonstrating Holly's strength of spirit. This isn't a fantasy. Remember 'Striking Flint with Steel?' This is worse.


Holly helped Cedric as they struggled past the strangling vines and into the center of the Maze. Sitting before them on a short marble pedestal was the Tri-Wizard Cup. They had only to touch it and wait for the others to get there. Once everyone was collected, the Cup would bring them back to the arena entrance.

"Looks like we're first, Ced."

Holly's teammate groaned. "Yeah, but I would have preferred to lose if it meant not having to swallow that thing."

Holly helped Cedric another few feet into the space and they collapsed next to the pedestal.

"Whiner. Acromantula venom is nothing to scoff at. The bezoar will be nothing but an unpleasant memory once you start celebrating Hufflepuff's victory."

"What do you mean? You deserve to win. You touch first."

"I told you before; I don't care about winning. You get the victory- I'm just happy to go home tonight."

"Just... we'll do it together."

"Won't Cho be upset? I mean, you're a dish and all, and it's not like I'm shy about stripping for the public..."

"Aiggh! You're obsessed! We'll touch the Cup together. Just let me... there." Cedric fished a coin out of his belt and tossed it into the bowl of the shining artifact. Holly looked at him curiously.

"I promised a friend I'd do that."


Both champions reached up and grasped the Cup.

Immediately they were whisked out of reality by the lurching pull of a Portkey. The transport took a few seconds to deliver them forcefully into the heath of a graveyard. Holly had checked Cedric's expression during their flight- he was as surprised as she was by their destination.

Holly caught her breath and began to roll into a ready position but was struck by a red spell, knocking her unconscious. A second Stupefy struck Cedric as he turned to face their opponents. Newt scampered around their unconscious bodies and climbed a nearby obelisk.

Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew stood up from behind a tombstone and smiled. He moved around the headstone and carefully walked up to the two champions, poking at their cheeks with his wand.

"I believe they're stupefied."

From behind his previous cover, a milk-white creature like a deformed baby crawled out and began to hiss. "~Bring me to them, Nagini.~" An unusually large snake slithered between Riddle's stubby legs, and the ugly thing gripped onto the spine with a Sticking spell to ride the serpent.

Off in the distance in a lower part of the graveyard, the sound of a woman screaming and several men cheering could be heard.

The baby-thing spoke. "Gather our prizes, Wormtail. We must Turn back or we shall never get to enjoy that celebration we've been hearing since we arrived."

Wormtail sat Holly and Cedric up against each other. Once they and he were bunched together and the deformed Riddle baby had ridden the snake over to curl into Holly's lap, Wormtail lassoed the group with the gold chain of a Time Turner. Newt hopped onto Cedric's sleeve just in time; Pettigrew had cranked the center as far as it would go and let it loose.

Time pulled backward around them, the night receding back into afternoon. Once completed, Riddle once again 'mounted' his serpent steed to head towards the low point in the graveyard. Wormtail spooled up the Time Turner chain, Petrified both Holly and Cedric, and then levitated them down the hill.

They gathered near a mausoleum, in front of which a massive cauldron was set. Riddle propped himself atop a wide, flat-topped monument while Wormtail started the fire beneath the cauldron.

Riddle whispered in a strange garbled alto; "You must strip them down, Wormtail. Miss Evans is known for her trickery."

Wormtail turned to give his master an appreciative grin, and set to un-Petrifying the two. Cedric was quickly unclothed and then propped up against a tall memorial, where Riddle then lashed him in place with a sweep of a long, bony wand. Wormtail took his time with Holly, testing before removing each piece of clothing or jewelry and carefully placing it in a pile beside her limp form. Riddle spent the time directing the brewing in the cauldron, using his wand to add ingredients from a collection of bags and boxes nearby. Wormtail finished Holly's stripping, but kept pawing at her and turning her body, as if looking for additional hidden enchantments.

Nearly an hour later, Riddle spat out, "Enough of your lechery. Place her, so that we may restore my rightful form."

Holly was strapped, fully naked and ring-less, to a stone angel of death that loomed over their proceedings. Soon, Pettigrew was chanting through a ritual that sent a dread cold emanating from the cauldron's depths.

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you shall restore your son." A bone was levitated from a wooden box, set in front of the Mausoleum (the family name Riddle was carved above its door).

Wormtail grabbed a large hunting knife from its sheath at his hip and walked up to where Holly was hung. As he stretched the blade towards her, Riddle hissed at him. "Fool! You know the incantation- she must be awake to resist! Rennervate."

A shock seemed to pass through Holly and she stiffened up in her restraints. Almost immediately she winced from a searing pain on her forehead. While she tried to get her bearings, Wormtail continued his work.

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you shall replenish your foe."

Holly growled and twisted as Pettigrew cut along her calf, allowing blood to collect in the groove along the blade. He turned to flick the blade's bounty into the cauldron.

Holly made a very unladylike 'snerrrrrk' sound and spat in an arc from her position above. The bogey landed in the bubbling liquid at the same time as the blood dripping from Wormtail's knife. The cauldron's contents shifted to a reddish hue, but soon changed to a sickly orange.

Riddle grumbled in his twisted, high-pitched whisper. "Wormtail. Don't sever anything just yet. We have to rebrew."

Holly grinned madly until she was again Stupefied.


It took almost twenty minutes to properly re-cleanse the cauldron and restart the brewing. Another forty minutes passed as the actual simmering process achieved its proper tint. Wormtail had shifted Holly so that she was facing the dark stone angel this time.

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you shall restore your son."

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you shall replenish your foe." Holly had once again been revived, and continued to writhe under the influence of the worst migraine imaginable. She barely opened an eye long enough to catch sight of Newt, who was sitting on her arm's bindings with an imploring look. They traded a quick conversation, and Holly attempted to relax.

"Flesh of the servant, freely offered, you shall resurrect your master!" Wormtail followed this last incantation by slicing off his own hand with the hunting knife. The hand dropped into the brew and the liquid's colour changed to bright red, as if lit from the fires of Hell below.

Wormtail shuffled over and picked up the Riddle baby, holding him up with a bloody stump for one hand and his knife in the other. As Pettigrew lifted up the baby to drop it into the roiling cauldron, Riddle screeched out, "Wait! WAIT!"

Looking down, they could see that the liquid was quickly turning puke-green. Following the source of the liquid draining into the cauldron from its lip, they saw a lizard-shaped imp turning from yellow to grey as it released Holly's urine into the brew.

Wormtail bumbled with the Riddle-baby, attempting to not lose his grip upon his master while he was held so precariously over this rancid solution. Riddle was dropped to the side and Wormtail ran around the cauldron, looking for where the ink imp had run off to.

Holly cackled for a moment before wincing in pain from her scar. A Stupefy struck her soon after.


Now operating with only one hand, it took hours for Wormtail to cauterize his wound, re-place Riddle in a position to oversee things, empty and cleanse the cauldron and ready for another go.

Riddle roused Holly. She was now strapped to a foot-wide stone pillar with her arms anchored above her head. Above was relative, as the pillar had been upended and so Holly hung by the bonds around her ankles, facing the bottom of the Mausoleum door. Riddle sat below her.

"It appears that you are a student of alchemy, Miss Evans. You have shown admirable ingenuity, but my rise this day is inevitable. You know this. I know this. Rather than continue in this struggle, perhaps we can come to an accord."

Holly ground her teeth. Inside her mind, the splinter of Riddle's hate was jumping and screaming like a lunatic asylum patient. She had to concentrate just to hear.

"H-how do you f-f-figure?"

Riddle softly replied, "You have seen the stars; you have stirred the entrails; however you know it, I know that you know it. I offer this; I will swear not to harm your friend, the other champion, if you will simply allow my plans to come to fruition this day."

"N-no deal. Spare my life, too, or it's... a dozen monkey-wrenches until the Solstice is done... and you're stuck looking like a seawater-bloated abortion."

Riddle responded tersely, "You have HEARD the ritual- we have to harm you."

"Didn't say health- promise to protect Cedric from harm, and... (groan) vow that neither you nor your minions will kill or cripple me; I will vow not to attack you or interfere with your... (urgk) ...plans IN THIS PLACE until midnight. You leave, and I'm free to act. You hurt him, I act. Someone looks to get lethal or ruin some part of me, I act."

"Interesting. Why would you offer such a compromise?"

"D-don't want to die. Should be able to f-f-fight soon, but you're right- you'll rise. Maybe this way we go our ways and are done. Your argument's with Albus."

"Don't you want to kill me? I murdered your mother, after all."

"Casualty of war. Don't cross me after, and you'll see how little vengeance means to me."

From a distance, Wormtail shouted out "AHA!" A flame erupted from his wand and small shriek made Holly twist her body to see the cause. She caught the last moments of Newt burning and bubbling down to just a gooey scorch mark at the edge of a tombstone with the name 'Crichton'.

Riddle smiled. "I agree to your terms. Let it be a vow between us. I so swear."

Holly turned back to look at the deformed creature beneath her, tears streaming down along her forehead. "(Sniff) I so swear."


"Hurry up, Wormtail!"

The Riddle-thing was suspended above the cauldron by one of its feet. Pettigrew finally succeeded in slicing off his big toe and adding it to the brew. He then tremulously aimed his wand at his suspended master and said, "Liberacorpus."

The gruesome thing fell into the broth and the world itself seemed to churn with discontent. What Holly had been feeling from her scar as the worst migraine imaginable now rose in volume and fury to the feeling of a molten spike being hammered into her third eye. Cedric didn't seem to fare much better; though he was gagged, he successfully vomited past the cloth onto his bare chest.

The cauldron itself was consumed in the dark cloud of Riddle's rebirth. He stretched forth, a pale, noseless, hairless being... with both sets of genitalia and a modest pair of breasts. Holly might have been amused, but the burning piston on her skull had her attention. Once properly reformed, Riddle gathered smoke and mist about him until he was clothed in a heavy black hooded robe.

And then he disappeared.

Wormtail shuffled forward to where the Dark Lord had been standing, mewling, "Master, my Master! Here is your wand."

Holly finally wrested some control over her screaming invader-spirit and took another unfocused look towards where Riddle should be standing, only she couldn't see anything there. No one stood there, but she could feel his presence, nonetheless.

Within her mind, Holly shouted a protest. 'If I can't find him, I can't fucking hit him. He is impossible to target. I... I can't beat him.'

From somewhere to her left, Holly heard a ghostly voice call out, "Come to me, my Death Eaters!"

While Holly couldn't see Riddle, she could see a bony wand applied to Wormtail's forearm tattoo, making it slither and glow.

Within minutes, several meteors of black smoke plummeted into their clearing, each one coalescing into a black-robed person wearing an ornate mask. Each one bowed towards the West where Holly was fairly sure Riddle was standing, and then moved to a position in a semi-circle of several rows. They stood quietly as more of these wraith-forms appeared.

A quick check by Holly confirmed that the Anti-Apparation Jinx was still in effect. Whatever this was, it wasn't that. Her feeble attempt at clear thinking was once more drowned out by screams within her head.

While waiting for his minions to arrive, the Dark Lord performed a small miracle, granting Wormtail a fully-functioning replacement hand fashioned like silver. Black-cloaked minions shared a few whispers of awe.

Finally, however many faithful he expected had arrived, and Holly could hear Riddle address his troops. Even the splinter in her skull was interested in what he wanted to say.

"My friends. I am so happy to see you all come so promptly to celebrate my resurrection."

One figure mumbled, "Not all..."

"Avery, are you concerned with the absence of some of our trusted comrades? Fear not; those who are missing are not expected... or will be dealt with. Instead, prepare yourselves for a return to glory! A return to power! A return to strength!"

The assembled rose up in cheer from the speech, and quieted just as quickly to allow their master to continue.

"I have arranged for a 'coming back' party, one that will stun the magical world into submission. We have gathered this day to celebrate my rebirth, but tonight, we shall revel in our latest victory! In a short while, the Cup that brought my two visitors here to help..." at this, the Death Eaters laughed.

"...yes, they have been most helpful. Their conveyance will bring us back into the arena at Hogwarts, where we shall rain down destruction on the coddlers of mudbloods and muggles, from both the school and the Ministry."

Another cheer, slightly less enthusiastic.

"We should thank our helpers! Allow me to introduce you. This is Cedric Diggory." Cedric was highlighted by a nimbus of yellow. He looked around in a panic, but couldn't shift far with his bonds so tightly knotted.

"Mr. Diggory comes from a poor but decent family and has done us no particular wrong. We shall spare him of any trouble. Our other guest is of rather more interest."

Holly's body, still suspended by her feet from the pillar leaning on the Mausoleum door, was flipped up and levitated to the center of the proceedings.

"This is Holly. Black Holly. The Unholy Evans. Lady Holly Jade Evans of the House of Black. Tell me, my friends, does she appeal to you?"

Several low chuckles rumbled up, but another voice barked out, "She's a half-blood lesbianist whore!"

"Ah, Jugson. You should not judge her so harshly. She has provided for my return by her own vow of non-aggression. She doesn't threaten us. At least for now."

Holly relaxed a little in her restraints.

"Still, the Portkey won't be ready for a while. Rape her."

The cloaked figures went quiet, several having made a half-step backward.

The Dark Lord must have appeared upset, as his following command was unusually venomous, as well as magically reinforced. "Maybe you didn't hear me. I said, 'RAPE HER'."

Holly growled out, "Riddle..."

"Do not speak that name. I am the Dark Lord. You are the stupid bint that promised to abide by my plans so long as you weren't killed or crippled. I always intended to have you raped."


Holly found her throat swelling under the influence of some spell- she could barely breathe through her nose, but speaking was definitely not happening.

By this point, several of the cloaked figures had removed her from the pillar, while another cast the Ragdoll hex to disrupt her muscular control.

While his minions prepared some sort of multi-tiered table (apparently, they had a practiced and proved set of arrangements for this sort of party), Riddle continued his explanation. "What most of you could not know is that I have been tortured by this slut over the last few months. As she lay with man, woman and beast, her ecstasy was my torture. Every pleasure for her was like fire ripping through my veins. Suffice to say... I owe her some pain."

Holly felt the first cloaked molester splay her legs out wide. The heavy-set man leaned forward to gaze at Holly through his mask.

MacNair taunted, "Well, well, my little dearie. It seems we're to have our time together at last!" and he penetrated her with a hefty thrust into her un-lubricated quim. She would have screamed, she would have fought, but all she could do was feel, as he thrust into her again and again.

While MacNair raped her nethers, another masked figure began massaging her breasts. Her nipples involuntarily came to points, and the Death Eater laughed. He took off his glove and slapped the sensitive flesh at a different interval than MacNair's thrusts. His slaps increased in frequency as the skin grew red from the abuse.

A third cloaked figure approached her other side. He chose to relieve his bladder across her face.

In her unfocused vision, far past the shifting bulk of black cloaks, she thought she could see Cedric, still strapped to a statue, forced to stare as she was violated.

Riddle must have seen it too, as his voice now emanated from behind Cedric. "You can't look away, can you? Oh, you could, but you won't. You won't."

Cedric continued to stare as MacNair bellowed out in triumph (and orgasm).

Three more men moved to replace the first ones. They chose to shift Holly's body position to their advantage. One tilted her head back and drove in his cock while two (who must have been close enough to not mind sharing) twisted her pelvis sideways to allow each to penetrate an orifice in rhythm. Cunt, arse; cunt, arse; throat, throat, throat. A fourth stepped up and nudged the oral rapist away 'to demonstrate'; he inserted his cock into her mouth, grabbed hold of her head and rapidly shoved it onto his erection like a reversed jackhammer.

Cedric cried, but continued to stare.


"Well, you know the fun is dwindling when Wormtail gets a cheer."

The silver-handed little man finished his thrusting with a roar that others mimicked in a cheer. Holly's body lay splayed on the stone table with cuts and bruises covering her. Blood and other fluids dripped from her skin onto the grass.

The Dark Lord came close enough to whisper in her ear. "Release her from the hexes. I'd like her to speak."

Holly's body was released from their control, and she immediately doubled up and turned to vomit onto the ground.

"I'm sorry. Did you drink too much, my dear?"

The Death Eaters laughed and followed around her as she rolled off the table and retched again. Her body was overcome with convulsions from overused and torn muscles. Her lips were cracked and torn.

Riddle spoke with pleasant, airy quality. "Please understand, Miss Evans. This wasn't personal. In fact, now that you've gone through our 'hazing ritual', you can become one of us! Would you like that? To have the power to punish others for your suffering, and the freedom to indulge your every whim? I can give that to you. Think about it. We'll be back in a few hours to see about your response. Wormtail, petrify her. The rest, stow your john-thomases and follow me."

Holly wrested control of her voice from her pain and fear. Still, her skull was filled with screaming, but she had adjusted to the volume a bit.

"D-done so soon? Tell me, Devo. Why make everyone else do the work? C-can't get it up?"

"What? What did you call me?"

"Immortal Lord Devo. It's a much better anagram. At least, it would have been until nineteen se-seventy-eight or so."

"You will address me as 'my Lord'!"

"R-really? Sure it's not... milady? Tell me, can you even get an erection anymore?"

"You will stop this-"

"Breasts too tender, maybe?"


Pain erupted across Holly's body, torturing every nerve that she had. Even so, it didn't feel as bad as when Quirrel had hit her with it. Nonetheless, she screamed.

The Death Eaters threw out a cheer as their master hit Holly again with the torture curse.

Her screams continued for a moment after the spell let up. Riddle's voice teased, "Hurts, doesn't it?"

Holly dribbled blood and spit from her mouth but smiled all the same. "Are you k-k-kidding? I f-finally climaxed."


Holly's breathing after the cessation of this round was having difficulty due to her heart pumping in double time- not from the pain, but from the strange build-up of tension on her scar. The voice of the splinter was growing quiet, and Holly felt stronger.

"C-c'mon, Devo. My muggle uncle did worse with a car battery and an icewater bath!"




The third time Holly felt nothing, but that was because Riddle had chosen to target Cedric instead. The boy's screams filled the night sky. The Death Eaters turned to watch him squirm under the Torturous Curse.

Holly felt the oath between her and Riddle break.


The attention of the assembled was drawn back towards Holly when she used a broken-off piece of tapered marble to cave in the skull of one of the Death Eaters in the back of the mob. The one next to him shouted, "Nott? Fucking Hell!"

Holly hadn't waited for a response, immediately taking Nott's wand and ducking between the headstones. With a moment's concentration, she was Disillusioned again.

The Death Eaters fanned out, following gestures of instruction from two of them who stayed near the center. Holly ducked between the stones to aid in her stealth, heading further South towards a manor on a hill nearby. Once she had some distance, she threw a series of cutting hexes at the closest two opponents. One growled in pain as his arm was sliced open; the other shielded her spells and called the others towards their location.

With the bulk heading to track her down, Holly reversed and headed West, then North, tacking back towards Cedric. She set off some timed bludgeoning hexes that sent pieces of marble and basalt flying into the Death Eaters.

Sensing no one ahead, she snuck up to where Cedric was strapped to the statue, weeping and breathing heavily. Once close enough to whisper, she did so.

"Can you Apparate?"

Cedric goggled but whispered back, "Holly? I... I've tried it before. No promises."

She released his shackles. "Good enough. I'll Silence and Disillusion you. You RUN. When you make it beyond the graveyard, try to Apparate home. Devon should be a much quicker hop than Hogsmeade. Then floo the Aurors."


Cedric's naked body was lifted up into the air twenty feet as if by some invisible hand around his throat. He struggled, choking. Before Holly could react, she found her world turning topsy-turvy, with no ability to find her balance. She then collided heavily with several sharp stone markers, hard enough to break an arm and scrape her face bloody. A second later she was stretched backwards over a 6-foot stone sphere with her hands and feet mummified in strangling roots. Pain once again drowned out most of her conscious thought- the roots were still pulling back, stretching her limbs from their sockets.

She could hear Riddle shout, "My friends, the party is back here."


The Death Eaters quickly reconvened near the Mausoleum.

Riddle used his power to shake Cedric's body in the air several times, and then drop him forcefully onto the ground in front of Holly.

"It seems our agreement has been broken. I am very disappointed, Miss Evans."

Cedric clambered up to kneeling, but was forced to all fours with a gesture Holly couldn't see. Cedric looked panicked as his own limbs shifted outside of his control to present his bare arse to the sky.

"Since Mr. Diggory has been left out of the festivities up until now, we shall see about 'catching him up.' A number of you are prone to enjoy such entertainments; please, step forward."

Six of the masked men moved towards the front of the assembly, once more strapping back the bottom half of their robes to provide free movement for their hardening manhoods.

Cedric looked at Holly with an overwhelming dread. Holly could hear his thoughts, as desperately as he was thinking them.

'No! I can't! They can't! I can't go through what she did; I... I'm still a virgin!'

Riddle barked out, "Wait!"

His men stopped their advance.

"It occurs to me that young Mr. Diggory might prefer to earn his freedom from us. All you have to do, Mr. Diggory, is kill Miss Evans." Wormtail's hunting knife dropped point-first into the ground between Holly and Cedric.

"Kill her, and I promise to let you leave... unmolested." His men jeered and laughed at the humour.

Cedric trembled in fear and confusion. Not quite knowing why, he gently pulled the knife from the ground and shuffled forward to look at Holly.

Holly's eyes swirled and glowed, drawing Cedric in to stare at them. He found himself leaning forward until their foreheads touched. At the same time, Cedric brought the knife blade up to press against Holly's throat.

Riddle cackled. "A moment of intimacy, before you choose? I'll allow it."

Cedric whispered, "Holly, I can't..."

Holly concentrated. A moment later, she shouted.


... and Cedric toppled backwards, dead. The lingering green light from the spell left his forehead like smoke.

The Death Eaters stood stunned. Holly strained to break free of her tethers, but she suddenly heard a sibilant whispering, and her own tongue was pulled to stretch out of her mouth until taut.

She saw Wormtail's hunting knife spin through the air from Cedric's lifeless grip to hang before her eyes. Riddle whispered, "Enough of you."

Her tongue was severed near the root. The pain was horrible, but more pressing was the sudden flood of blood in her mouth, threatening to drown her. Holly concentrated, hoping to heal the wound.

The Death Eaters cheered when Riddle whipped the tongue into the air like a celebratory streamer. It landed some feet away, only to be retrieved by Wormtail to some laughter.

"Anyone else want a piece of her? We've certainly been inconvenienced enough to justify keeping a trophy from this one."

MacNair stepped forward. "Please, My Lord. 'This one' owes me an eye."

A cheer went up and MacNair took hold of the hunting knife. He strolled forward and stood there for a moment. With little ado, the knife was plunged into her left eye, but not far enough to take anything but her vision. He pulled the knife away in an arc, cutting her face open near the socket.

A second cheer greeted his roar of victory. MacNair turned back and crouched in front of Holly.

"I should take the other one, too. Maybe the Dark Lord will reward me, allow me to keep you, my little dearie. I'll put you in your own cage, where I can feed you and teach you tricks. Would you like that?"

Holly stared at MacNair's eyes through his mask. Her right eye swirled and glowed, drawing him in, making him stare back.


'You- you can't be in my mind. The Dark Lord protects me!'

'I'm not invading; we're just having a chat at your entrance.'

'Get out of-'



'You owe me a Duelists' debt.'

'Maybe I do. You can't ask me to defy the Dark Lord for it, though.'

'Kill me. I'm fucking mutilated- just kill me, and your debt is cleared.'


'Kill me, Walden.'


'Kill me...'


They could see Holly slump in defeat. Riddle dissipated his conjured sphere, leaving Holly chained by the binding roots, kneeling on the ground in front of MacNair.

Holly knelt on the grass. She could feel terrible pain in her joints and her nethers. She was cold, naked and afraid. She squeezed her eyes shut and found herself whispering, "I love you all." Visions of the women and men she loved flashed through her mind. Natalia. Hermione. Minerva. Hedwig. Newt. Neville. Luna. Padma. Sirius. Remus. Poppy. Florean. Fleur. Violet. Prestwick. Pog...

...and little Mayday.

Perhaps it was the resolve of the doomed finally bringing her some calm, but Holly then found herself caught up in a single thought;

'This is really an inopportune moment for another bout of Déjà-vu.'


Walden MacNair took three steps back from facing Holly and spat at her ruined body. He dropped the knife, drew his wand and incanted, "Avadaaaaa..."

Riddle lurched forward, screeching, "MacNair, NO!"


A charge of green light arced between MacNair's wand and Holly's scar. MacNair's body filled with an eerie light emanating from his pores and orifices, and then he exploded into a bright green ball of fire. It burned up four others standing near him, plus one recently resurrected Dark Lord. Several others were burned as well, stuck trying to Apparate until Riddle's jinx fell with the destruction of his body.

Holly was also caught in the blast and fell backwards, reeling in pain. Her hair burned and her skin cooked into a paper-thin covering.


Holly could hear men moaning. One shouted, "The Dark Lord! He... he..." and another answered, "He is gone, burned like the others! Exeunt, lads!"

Multiple pops signaled a mass exodus.

Holly twitched a few times, lying where she had landed, her mind on fire from pain.

Several minutes later, she heard another 'pop' and the 'whoosh' of a broom rider overhead. She heard Harry whisper 'Oh, Morgana,' along with a gasp.

Harry landed and then stalked carefully into the blasted area, trying to understand what was being seen. He morphed into Natalia, and her pace increased as she saw bodies at the center.

She soon tripped over the corpse of Cedric Diggory. "Oh, fucking Hell. H-holly? Where are you, sweetie?"

Her worst fears were revealed to her, several yards further in. Natalia cried out and rushed forward, tripping again into kneeling a few feet away from Holly's charred body.

"No! Nonononono-"

Holly gurgled.

"Oh Shite! You're alive? (Blooorgghhh!)"

Once finished being sick on the grass nearby, Natalia crawled over, a mix of worry and horror etched in her face. She looked down on the burnt body, holding a hand to her mouth.

Holly opened her right eye, startling Nat once more.

After taking control of her hyperventilating, Natalia carefully crawled up so that she could look straight into her eye, while trying to ignore the state of the surrounding person.


'(LOVE! RELIEF!) Focus... eye. (PAIN!)'

'Sweetie, what am I to do?'

'Cup... up the hill... is Portkey. Be... Harry.'

'Is Newt with you?'

'(GRIEF!)... Crichton... flames... (PAIN!)'

'I'll leave a tracker and take us back. What do I tell them?'

'Truth... what you see. Poppy... (PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!)'

Natalia sat back on her heels, weeping so much that she could barely aim her wand at Holly. "Dormus, my love."

Holly sank into sweet oblivious sleep.

Natalia dried her eyes and then shifted back into Harry. He carefully moved Cedric's body over to where Holly was laid. An 'Accio Tri-Wizard Cup' later, they disappeared from the graveyard with a flash.


Almost an hour passed in silence in the graveyard. It was broken by the quiet scurrying of a rat with a silver paw. The rat ran towards the center of the wreckage and stopped. After a few looks around, it grew into the shape of a short, balding man in scorched robes.

Wormtail surveyed the scene once more, and then started moving between the bodies left behind. He retrieved masks and wands and also burnt away tattoos on their forearms where necessary. Once that was accomplished, he entered the Mausoleum.

Wormtail came back out carrying a wood box filled with dirt-covered bones and a pile of clothing and jewelry. Seeing its approach, he knelt down to allow a very large snake to slither up and around his neck. He turned suddenly as he heard multiple pops of wizards arriving by Apparition. With a moment's concentration, he Disapparated.











SPOILER, so you can skip reading the above:

Holly is captured at the conclusion of the Third Task of the Tri-School Wizardry Tournament and brought to the Little Hangleton graveyard, where she does everything in her power to screw up the creation of Riddle's new body. Despite her efforts Riddle rises again, Newt is burned onto a headstone and the Death Eaters are summoned to renew their activities. Riddle commands them to start with gang-raping Holly.

At a critical juncture, Holly attempts to escape with Cedric but is recaptured. When they threaten to torture Cedric worse than Holly had just suffered, she kills him with a wandless Killing Curse. Riddle severs her tongue to prevent further trouble from her. Their plan to invade Hogwarts using the return Portkey is interrupted when Holly convinces MacNair to finish her with the Killing Curse. The backlash from his spell being deflected by Lily's protection incinerates his body. The explosion of MacNair destroys Riddle's new body, kills several other attendees, and burns the rest, including Holly.

Now that you know this you can skip the chapter.