Author's note: Edited and rewritten chapter one!

"Where am I? Aang? Toph? Sokka? AANG?" Katara screamed, jolting upwards. Frantically she looked around, her cerulean blue eyes focusing slowly in the dim light. She saw a figure, and narrowed her eyes until they focused. The figure blurred and then became sharp, and Katara held back a scream. Fire Lord Ozai.

"Do you not remember what happened, Waterbender?" The Fire Lord said, his voice warm. He leaned over Katara, his long black hair shadowing his harshly angled face. Goosebumps rose along Katara's skin and she shuddered, but sneered. Of course she remembered what happened.

The Fire Nation Soldiers attacked their camp. They got the group...they took everyone. Sokka's arms burned until they were black...Toph disoriented, being slammed into the ground, crying and lashing out as the soldiers burned her bare feet. Aang...Aang...he was one could do anything. She could still recall the feeling of her nails digging into his skin as they were forcefully ripped apart. His screams of her name...Sokka and Toph yelling for each other...and then she was out.

"Where are they?" Katara asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Your friends? They Not particularly sound, but they are put away. They will remain safe, as long as you...cooperate, Waterbender." Ozai said, his voice calm, but chilling.

"Cooperate with what?" Katara asked.

"You, my dear, will be...a courtesan, you could say, for the soldiers. Specifically for a Fire Nation Soldier. You are a Waterbender, and you are of age. You are beautiful, and exotic type, of the sorts we do not see or get. You will be quite a treat. If you do not agree, your friends...will die." He smiled wide, the shadows cast on his face growing darker.

"No." Katara said, her voice shaking. "No. I can't."

"Maybe you need more...incentive." The Fire Lord said. "Sokka...your brother. The nonbender. He is in our prison. His...cage, you could call it. Steel bars, steel floor. Constant heat. If he makes a move...we burn his arms. He is chained by his ankles to the wall, stripped down to nothing but his underclothing. His arms are burned past the elbows. They are blistered. Severely." Ozai seemed to get pleasure from telling Katara this, his eyes were sparking like lightning.

Katara felt tears threatening to spill, but said nothing.

"The blind child. Her feet are burned. She cannot feel a thing. She is in a steel cage, much like the nonbender's. But she has sand. No water. No food. She is chained by her ankles, to the point where she must remain sitting. If she makes even a small move, her feet will be further singed."

She set her jaw.

"And Aang. Your precious Airbender, the Avatar. Chained in an all brick room. Steel enforced. Chained...hanging from the ceiling by his arms. Chained around his waist and by his ankles. So much heat. No food. Little water. We will break him. He's already breaking." Ozai's eyes closed as he smiled.


"If you do not agree...they will all die. After we kill you in front of the Avatar."

"...I will do it..." Katara said, blinking back tears, trying to show no weakness.

"Good. Yesuke, enter. Fix her up. She is the new Concubine." Ozai commanded, voice booming. A slight woman entered and bowed deeply. She walked to Katara and grabbed her by the arm, murmuring about fixing her up, and leading her out of the room. Yesuke lead her down the hallway and into a large, white-walled, steaming bathing room. The room was open, but the heat was stifling. Ktara was quickly surrounded by two other women, who proceeded to fix her up. They stripped her of her clothing and dipped her into the steaming water, scrubbing her skin and hair with ocean-water scented soaps.

Yesuke stayed in the background. She was tiny and slight, and very quiet as the other two, Soo Jin and Amaye, fawned over Katara.

"What a lovely body!" Soo Jin cooed. Katara brought her arms up to cover her breasts, and Soo Jin pressed her arms back down. "Get used to it, dear. Use this body. It's not a bad job, I promise. Use it to your advantage."

Amaye pulled Katara from the water as Soo Jin dried her off. Yesuke stepped forward and began dressing Katara in a wonderfully soft, blood red fabric. She was dressed in a body-hugging dress, with intricate black designs in the pattern of a dragon, curling over her back and right below her breasts, where the dress turned into a sheer red gauze, and covered her until her hips, where it once again became the lovely fabric with the black dragon patterning. It reached her ankles, and there were two slits up the sides that reached the gauze at her hips.

"She is beautiful." Yesuke stated. "We shall keep your hair down, and do no makeup. You are much too pretty. And such a lucky woman."

"No, her Master is a lucky man." Soo Jin interjected, looking Katara up and down. The color of her dress clashed with her mocha skin and cerulean eyes, making her strikingly exotic and beautiful. "I shall lead her to the room."

Katara followed obediently, down three hallways. Left, right, right. Soo Jin knocked on a heavy metal door, and a muffled yet familiar voice called for her to enter. Soo Jin pushed on the door, and pushed Katara inside. The door shut with an ominous clank behind her, and Katara turned around...

Staring straight into the eyes of Prince Zuko.