AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've gotten some reviews about things being misplaced, or weird, and I'm sorry. ffnet somehow ate a chapter or two making the story kinda wonky in some places, as frustrating as it is, so any nonsensical jumps come from eaten chapters.
So dear Guest comments that can get HIGHLY rude, lay off. Shit happens, it used to be a lot better but things just got wonked out somehow. I wish I could fix it but replacing what I'd previously written in the exact way is daunting because I'm afraid to mess it up. I started this story a few years ago while I was in high school and while it's not my best story it's the longest I'd written and I was VERY proud. Again, I apologize for any weirdness and no there aren't any ~random costume changes~.. just some things missing, and it sucks, but now I've saved all my stories and their chapters to be able to back up in case anything weird happens to them.
Apologies and I hope anyone new that read understands.