Chapter 9: Courage Versus the Emperor

After defeating a certain Shang Tsang, Quan Chi knew that if he faced the pink pest known as Courage, he too would be defeated.

"Move aside, I'm going to save Muriel's soul!" barked Courage as he was stepping forward toward Quan Chi.

"You must be quite the skilled warrior if you could get pass the Emperor's elite class warriors" replied Quan Chi, "I envy your skills as a warrior Earth dog."

"So what, you're going to let me pass?" asked Courage.

"Sounds a bit out of my character to do so, but seeing the demise of my friend Shang Tsang at your hands, I'm not taking any chances here" replied Quan Chi, "the Emperor's going to severely punish me for this for sure."

In a surprise move, Quan Chi had just stepped right aside for Courage to enter the portal to where Shao Khan was meeting with the Elder Gods. Among those attending was Fujin, the Wind God who was currently Earth's Guardian along with Raiden and a few other nameless gods.

"You say you have a present for us to give you?" asked Raiden who was suspicious of Shao Khan's motives.

"Ah yes, the gift, a good thing you mentioned that" replied Shao Khan as he reached for the jar that held Muriel's soul, "this soul is the purest of pure souls I have acquired. This soul is the jewel of all those whom control every realm would wish to hold dear to their heart."

"Interesting" said Fujin who began to observe Muriel's soul, "I'm however skeptical on how you managed to acquire such a pure soul like this. Something like this just doesn't fall into your hands like that now and then."

"Enough with these suspicions, I have no arterial motives you Elder Gods should judge me upon" said Shao Khan, "now please, my prize would probably be the Earth Realm, if Fujin would be more than happy enough to give it to me, since he so admires my gift."

"Well, sadly, I don't see any nefarious deeds up your sleeve this time around Emperor of Outworld" replied Fujin, "I'll need a few minutes for some time to think over this."

Yet before Fujin and the other Elder Gods could leave the scene, Courage immediately leaped through the portal and came right beside Shao Khan.

"What?!" cried Shao Khan who was quite surprised and stunned to see Courage still alive, "I sent my best warriors against you and they all failed?!"

"What's this, I thought you said you didn't have any sort of an agenda afoot Emperor?" asked Raiden as he turned toward him.

"Bah, this, this?!" laughed Shao Khan as he began to pointing at Courage, "This is just a stupid Earth dog who was just lucky in getting by all of mine top warriors."

"The Earth dog must wants the soul in that jar, if it seems to be quite dear to him" added Fujin.

"No, I acquired this soul fair as game" said Shao Khan.

"Sadly that doesn't matter" said Raiden, "if the Earth dog thinks you may have stolen that soul and wants it back, you must duel him in Mortal Kombat."

"Easier than said than done" laughed Shao Khan in an evil manner to which he handed the jar to Fujin, "here, hold this while I face this stupid Earth dog, and finish off what my warriors couldn't!"

It was just between Shao Khan and Courage now. The Emperor brought out his mighty hammer and charged at Courage at quite a fast speed. Courage managed to dodge Shao Khan's hammer, as it lunged itself toward the wall getting it quite stuck.

"Bah, stupid dog, that was a lucky miss!" cried Shao Khan as he managed to yank his hammer free.

Shao Khan then made another charge toward Courage, he smashed the ground where Courage stood before the pink dog managed to move right out of the way. Like an carnival arcade game, Shao Khan tirelessly attempted to squash Courage with his hammer.

"Stupid dog, stand still!" cried Shao Khan as he roared at Courage.

The Emperor decided it was time to launch a few green fireballs at Courage. Yet Courage was still able to dodge them. He then again took out his hammer, and began to attempt to smash Courage into the ground. But as time grew on, the Emperor was getting a bit tired in trying to crush the pink little dog.

"Stupid dog, stand still" said Shao Khan as sweat was running down his forehead and also trying to catch his breath, "I, I, I'm going to finish you off this time for sure."

"Looks like the Emperor is losing it" said Fujin.

"Nah, give it about another twenty minutes or so" said Raiden.

The Emperor charged toward Courage one last time with wildly swinging his hammer about. He then immediately managed to throw his hammer toward Courage, yet he managed to dodge it at the last moment to which the hammer crashed into the wall and sent it into pieces.

"You stupid dog!" cried Shao Khan as he began to make his move toward Courage, "I'm going to use my bear fist on you then!"

Yet as Shao Khan attempted to put his hands and try to ring Courage's neck, he suddenly felt tired from all the fighting. It took more energy out of him than any fight he had with any real warrior he faced. He then promptly then collapsed to the ground out of exhaustion.

"By default, I grant the Earth dog the winner" said Raiden to which the Elder Gods cheered on Courage.

"Er, here's your soul back" added Fujin as he handed Courage the jar holding Muriel's soul, "we can send you back to your own realm too."

"Yeah!" cried Courage with joy.

Meanwhile back in Nowhere, poor Eustace was trying to smash the zombified Muriel into pieces with no luck. The zombie Muriel would always come together no matter how many times he used his mallet. Before the zombie Muriel could make her move against Eustace, a portal immediately came right open behind her with Courage unleashing Muriel's soul rejoining her body.

"Eustace what in blazes are you going to use that mallet for?" asked Muriel, "The entire place looks like a warzone from here too."

"Well, now that your soul has reunited back with its body, I guess my time here is up" said Shirley as she was heading out.

"So is mine, oh, I did enjoy that fight, no flesh eating zombies, that's fine with me" laughed Dr. Vindaloo.

"So who's going to clean up this mess?" asked Eustace, "You made it when your body was turned into a zombie."

"Well, I think you should clean it up, I had a busy day being locked away in a jar!" barked Muriel.

Things were no different in Outworld, as poor Shao Khan who woke up from the fight suddenly realized he lost the fight.

"That stupid dog, he cost me a realm that I could have controlled!" cried Shao Khan as he began to pound his fists into the ground, "but I'm going to vent my anger upon my so-called warriors who failed me in stopping that stupid dog."

The scene then ends with Shao Khan getting up and began to make his typical evil laugh as he headed toward the throne room.