A Christmas To Remember

An Inuyasha Fanfiction

Part 1: Snowed In With Just You And Me

By: Azurite



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Duh: I should have mentioned, this is a Romance fic—it involves Kagome essentially getting stuck with Inuyasha and co. during Christmas. Being the 16th century, this brings about problems. ^^ Also, Christmas does exist during this time, just not the way it does today, with Hallmark ® and all that. So Inuyasha, along with any other 16th century-ers, won't have the same perspective as Kagome does on the holiday—but yes, they do celebrate it in Japan.

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"No! This is not fair!" Kagome stomped her foot and stared angrily at the Bone-Eater's Well.

It was filled to the rim with snow.

"Bah, so you have to stay." Inuyasha seemed almost smug as he said it, but before Kagome had even glanced his way, he was grinning like a fool, thinking Yes! She has to stay!

Had he been a teenager of Kagome's age, he would have been pumping his arm up and down and whooping for joy.

Kagome turned to him, a malicious smile on her face. One might have said she looked filled with a demonic glee… but anyways.

"O-su-wa-ri." Kagome enunciated slowly, so Inuyasha's pain would last. He thudded into the wet, cold ground slowly, and on the last syllable, slammed hard into the dirt below. When he finally lifted his head up from the mud, he growled, his "joyful" mood lost.

"Wench!" He pushed himself up, using his arms as leverage, and ran after Kagome.

Kagome, for her part, only laughed, and threw snowballs at Inuyasha.

It was a strange afternoon indeed.

Later that night, the whole gang—consisting of Kagome, Miroku, Shippou, Inuyasha, Kaede, Sango, and Kirara—lay in the village hut, resting around the fire hearth. Space was limited as it was, but as the miko, Kaede's hut had the largest fire, and all seven of the occupants wanted to keep as warm as possible.

Little did any of them know that while they slept, happily kept warm by a blazing fire, the snowstorm outside worsened. Animals and youkai alike retreated farther into their homes, hoping to find some warmth away from the frozen wasteland outside.

The solitary well in the forest, already filled with snow, was slowly covered to the point of blending in with every inch of the ground. A pure white freeze covered all things—living and non—in an icy blanket. The metal pieces holding the well together were long rusted, and now, with the bitter freeze eating away at them, snapping… ever so slowly…

[The Next Morning]

"N-No… this… this isn't happening! AUUUUGH!" Kagome has just emerged from the hut that Kaede allowed them to stay in, and she stared at the blanket of white—covering everything. The houses, the streets, the trees in the forest…

Oh no… the… the well! I have to be able to go back tonight though! Tonight's CHRISTMAS!

Kagome rushed into the morning cold, heedless of Miroku's sleepy cries behind her. Amazingly, Kagome didn't slip on the frost covering everything. It was as if her shoes already had the traction of ice skates on their bottoms, for she ran over crisp, fresh frost as if it were nothing.

Regardless of her lack of falls, she was still horrified with what she saw when she reached the Bone-Eater's Well.

Instead of a well filled with snow—or even a well covered in snow—there was a pile of snow, lumping grotesquely like a deformed snowman, and several boards of soggy, broken wood. Metal pieces covered in rust and ice littered the surrounding area, and Kagome then began to cry.

The well… it's… broken!

Kagome had started to cry so hard—it was Christmas Eve, and she was stuck here of all places—that she didn't notice the soft padding of feet behind her. The snow crunched loudly, but Kagome's sobs turned into heaving breaths, and she ignored it, her hot tears falling into the cold ice at her feet.


It was Inuyasha. He had been awake long before Kagome had leapt out of bed and frantically flung open the door to the hut, sending in a burst of cold air. When Miroku had gone after her and left the door open, it had only angered him more—wanting to stay warm for once.

So he'd stood up and left the warmth of the house, intent on getting the "wench" back so they could all go back to the hut and get warm. But when he got outside, he too, was surprised at the amount of snow that had covered… well, everything.

Kagome's footprints in the four-inch thick snow led straight to the Bone-Eater's Well—and when he reached there, he found Kagome sobbing hysterically. The well was in pieces—and the hole was filled with several feet of snow. It would be impossible to dig out, and the wait for it to melt would be horrendously long.

He was unsure how to comfort her—as she'd been dead set and very excited about returning home. Not to say he was happy about it… he would have liked her to stay longer, but they both knew it would be useless. After all, searching for tiny white shards… in a field of white… well, it would be most difficult. And with this torrential snowfall, travel would be difficult. Even powerful demons would be holed up in their homes, awaiting the day when warmth would return.

In any case, Inuyasha knew how badly Kagome wanted to go back—and he felt bad that now she was stuck here… so, feeling guilty, he opted for just saying her name.


Kagome's rasps finally slowed, but the girl didn't move. A muffled voice came from her sleeves:

"I heard you. What do you want, Inuyasha?" Kagome looked up, her face streaked red with tears, hot sweat forming in droplets on her neck.

"I… I uh… well, look, I just…" For the first time in a while, Inuyasha fumbled for the right words to say. He knew that if he apologized, she'd just laugh at him—no matter how sincere he sounded.

Bah. I'll never understand women…

Inuyasha was at war with himself—half of him wanted to walk away and let Kagome just sit there in the cold… what good was it talking to her, when she would just slam him into the mud again?

The other half of him demanded that he comfort her—at the least, apologize, and get her to come back inside, so she wouldn't get sick.

Finally opting for the second choice, which seemed reasonable to Inuyasha, all things considered, he hoisted Kagome up, even as she started shrieking protests, and he brought her back to Kaede's hut. He plopped her firmly on her sleeping roll, and sat in front of her in a haunch, to make sure she stayed put.

Kagome stared at him, a bit angry, but that expression soon melted away. She sniffled, and wiped her nose with her sleeve.

"T-Thank you, Inuyasha."

"Y-Yeah, whatever. I'm… I'm sorry you can't go back to your time… but…"

"It's…" Kagome had been about to say that it was no big deal, but this time… this time, it was. It was hard enough dealing with the holidays with her family—after all, Grandfather protested the celebration of any 'gaijin' holiday, while Souta wanted any excuse to get more presents. Mother loved having a reason to throw a party, so ever since Kagome could remember Souta being born—not long after Father died—they'd had parties on Christmas. This year, Mother had convinced Grandfather to join in on the festivities—and he had said only if it was just a family get-together.

Kagome's winter break had started on the 21st of December, and she had planned to stay in the Feudal Age until the 23rd… but the well was filled with snow. In her time, not even a flake had fallen yet… but it was expected Christmas Morning.

The hauntingly sweet melody of "White Christmas" drifted out of Kagome's mind, and she sighed.

"It's okay. My… my family c-can have Christmas… wi-without me…" Kagome had kept her bearing up for a while, but the image of being trapped outside her own home—just a well away—from Christmas—made her burst into a fresh set of tears.

Inuyasha moved to comfort her, but then heard a resounding squeak of the wood floors—and found everyone leaning forward in anticipation, waiting for Inuyasha to embarrass himself. He retracted his hand from where it had been heading—to rub Kagome's back—and huffed by himself in the corner.

What in the seven hells is 'Christmas'?


End of Part 1: Snowed In With Just You And Me

Hehe… would you believe that the title for this chapter was my school's 2001 winter ball theme? *laughs* It's so dorky… but it fits for the story, ne?

In Part 2: Sixteenth Century Surprises…

Inuyasha discovers Christmas from both Kagome's and a 16th century-man's POV. In order to brighten Kagome's –and inadvertently, the whole villages—spirits, he and the gang concoct a scheme Japan has never seen before… 

Stay tuned!

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