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Extended Summary:

Henley Ryan was at the top of her game. She was living her dream as the WWE Women's Champion. She had a great job, great friends. Everything was perfect. Then she developed feelings for someone she shouldn't have. Acting on those feelings became the biggest mistake of her life. Her career took a nosedive, she lost everything she'd worked so hard for. But now she's getting a second chance and she's made a promise to herself and her friends that 'love' is the last thing that will ever get in her way again. Will she be able to keep her promise and redeem herself?

Fiona Tyler has just started over herself. After receiving treatment she didn't feel she deserved, she left TNA and is now with the WWE. Jeff Hardy was her least favorite person in TNA and one of the reasons she's so happy to be in another company. So what does she do when she finds out that Jeff Hardy made the jump to the WWE as well? And what will they do when they find themselves on the same side of a tense locker room?


Chapter 1...


"Henley Ryan?" Stephanie McMahon stared across the table at her father. The very name gave her a migraine the likes of which she'd never imagined. He temples started throbbing, "Have you lost your mind?"

"Tread lightly here Stephanie," Vince pulled off his glasses, setting them down on the table.

"Tread lightly?" she stared. "You want to reward the woman who tried to ruin my marriage and I need to tread lightly? Shane, do you hear this?"

"She's not being rewarded Steph," Her brother spoke up. Stephanie stared at him. She walked in that morning prepared for their weekly morning breakfast meeting, not a McMahon Family ambush. "She's been off the road for more than a year now. It's time."

"It's time?" Stephanie looked back and forth between them. "I cant believe this."

"Her contract is up in two months," Vince said. "The Knockouts are getting TNA some of their highest ratings. We've got to build up a women's division that can compete."

"And you think we need her to do that?" Stephanie folded her arms over her chest.

"I know we do," Vince nodded. "Personal issues aside, we signed Henley for a reason. There are women who we bring in to look good and there are women we bring in to fight hard. She's at the top of both of those lists. Put her head to head with any of those women in TNA..she wins."

"He's right Steph," Shane shrugged. "We need her back."

"Why aren't we trying to bring in new blood?" Stephanie asked. "Get some of that talent away from TNA, isn't that what we do?"

"It is," Vince nodded. "And we are in the process of doing that. But we have one of the best collecting dust in developmental territory. Her contract is up in two months and she doesn't have a no compete clause. She could be on Impact in 60 days. Just think about it…the most controversial woman in the business jumping ship. They cant wait to sign her. We've left her toiling away for all this time, they thinks she's gonna pop up on their show and tell everyone where the bodies are buried. And she just might..if we let her."

"How much do you really think her word means to anyone?" Stephanie raised a brow.

"How much does mine?" he returned.

Stephanie shook her head, her jaw clenched tightly, almost painfully. She understood everything they were saying. The logical side of her knew that they were right and she should just agree. Unfortunately, that side of her was small and completely overruled by the side of her that wanted Henley Ryan fired and penniless, begging to get work alongside all of the hopeless losers who would never see the walls of the WWE's corporate offices and the has-beens who would never see them again.

"Stephanie I know how hurt you were and I did everything I could to be more of a father than a businessman," Vince reminded her. "Now I'm asking you to be a business woman."

He was right. When the scandal broke, He went against the McMahon mold and did everything he could to keep things under wraps. He didn't try to capitalize on what would have gotten them an enormous amount of attention. He didn't use it for an angle. In fact, he took Henley, who had become the top female moneymaker in the company, stripped her title away from her, suspended her and then tossed her back to OVW.

Her jaw was still clenched as she picked up her briefcase and her Blackberry, walking over to the door. Suddenly, breakfast wasn't so appealing.

"Fine," she said quietly. "I'm taking the rest of the day off. Call it a sick day."


"Hey," Matt said, taking his seat beside Chris Irvine on the plane. His friend was sitting with his head tilted back, staring at nothing in particular. Matt patted his shoulder, "You look like hell."

"Good morning to you too Matt," Chris grumbled.

"Tired?" Matt smirked.

"You would be if you were me," Chris rubbed his face.

"Long night?"

"The couple in the next room had the long night," Chris explained. "They practically screwed a hole in the wall."

"Did you get the room next to Randy again?" Matt laughed.

For some reason Chris was usually the one with the misfortune of having a bed on the same wall as Randy Orton. This time, he didn't know who the culprits were. The only names he heard were 'baby' and oddly enough 'you son of a bitch'.

"Not this time," Chris shook his head, sitting up a little straighter. Now that he knew the seating arrangements, he knew that sleep would elude him for the rest of the flight. Sitting next to Matt on the plane was a blessing and a curse. He and Matt had been friends for years and he was fun to be around. The only problem was that he had a tendency to be a little chatty in the morning and Chris wasn't exactly a morning person. His ex-wife had been a morning person. It drove him crazy.

Matt kept shifting around in his seat, trying to get comfortable and Chris resisted the urge to elbow him in the side.

"I didn't get much sleep either," Matt said. "I was up watching a marathon of M.A.S.H."

"That sounds exciting," Chris smirked.

Chris had a pretty good theory on why his friend couldn't sleep. There was a rumor going around that sometime soon, Jeff Hardy was going to have a meeting with the powers that be.

"That would explain you not getting any sleep," Chris said. He felt for Matt sometimes. Being the older, more responsible Hardy seemed to come with a lot of worrying and stress.

Matt shrugged, "I'm trying not to be too concerned with it."

"And failing miserably?" Chris asked.

"Okay so I'm a little worried," Matt admitted.

"Because..." Chris gestured for him to continue.

Matt ran a hand through his hair, "I'm not exactly sure how people are gonna react to Jeff."

Chris couldn't blame him. That was definitely an understandable concern. Jeff wasn't exactly known for making the most sound decisions and he hadn't kept up many of the relationships he'd forged during his time with the company.

"Well, when you leave because you say you're burnt out and then come back to the business and work for the competition, you cant expect much," Chris shrugged.

"Thank you Chris," Matt looked over at his friend. "That makes me feel completely at ease."

"I'm not saying that's how I feel," Chris said. "But we both know that's how some people think. As your friend, I'm obligated to be real with you."

"How do you feel about it?" Matt asked.

Before Chris could say anything, they both felt a hard push to the back of the seats.

Chris looked over his shoulder and met the angry eyes of Dave Batista. Dave was also not much of a morning person. He didn't really like Chris at any other time of day either.

"Can I help you?" Chris asked.

"Why don't you two shut your mouths for a few hours? People are tryin' to get a little sleep back here," Dave gestured to himself and Shawn Michaels, who occupied the seat next to him.

"Sorry," Matt rolled his eyes.

Chris turned back around, mumbling, "Asshole."

Dave hit the back of his seat again, "I heard that."

Chris was tempted to let Dave known he didn't care if he heard it but he decided against it. With the threat of the angry animal behind them looming over his head, Matt might quiet down, allowing Chris to get a little shut eye. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise.


Henley Ryan pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head, stopping and looking around the busy airport. She almost laughed, thinking about how much she used to hate airports when she was on the road. She would easily have called them her least favorite places. She seemed to have terrible luck with delayed or canceled flights and getting stuck next to chatty moms with whiny kids when she was running on two hours of sleep and had to be at an appearance the second she landed. Now, standing in Connecticut's Bradley International Airport, she realized that they were truly wonderful places. She felt like she was going home, not leaving it. Her apartment had taken over as her least favorite place.

She'd been sitting at home for an entire year. 12 months of Raws, Smackdowns, house shows, pay-per-views, signings, flights, rental cars, interviews, friends' birthdays, everything. She didn't wanna do it anymore. When she first signed her developmental contract, OVW was like heaven. She loved it there, she loved the people, she loved the experience. She'd had the time of her life. But after being in front of sell-out crowds in Madison Square Garden, winning her first championship at Survivor Series, being on the covers of magazines and having fans practically in tears just because they got to hug her...being back in OVW wasn't nearly as exciting as it once was. Especially because Stephanie made sure she did as little as possible. She wasn't really a part of the OVW roster. She was told she was there to help train up and coming divas, which was like torture for her. Having to train someone to do what she desperately missed doing was hell. While there, she did manage to develop a friendship with Paul Heyman, which undoubtedly made her even more of a thorn in Stephanie's ass. Paul tried his best to push to get Henley back on the roster, which was more of a hindrance than help but Henley appreciated the effort. Then he got fired and that was the end of that. She'd begun to accept that she was going to be toiling away in OVW until her contract expired. It sucked but there wasn't much that she could do. She'd made the ultimate career killing decision and she had to live with it.

Then, a friend of hers called her after reading an internet rumor that she was being brought back to WWE TV. She advised her friend not to pay attention to rumors but soon after, she got a call from the office explaining that it was time to start negotiating a contract extension. She wasn't even remotely interested until she got a call from Shane. The call that she wished she'd recorded because it had to have been the greatest phone call ever made. The call in which Shane informed her that she was, indeed, coming back...if she wanted to. They already had an angle ready, she just needed to sign on the dotted line and she could start getting her life back. She wasn't sure what had changed but she was sure that she didn't give a damn. She would have signed in blood if she had to, she just wanted to get back to work, back on the road, back with her friends, the few she had left. She saw them from time to time but not nearly as much as she wanted to. Now she could see them all she wanted. She could do what she loved. Everything was looking up....Sort of. She couldn't ignore the fact that a lot of people had developed a pretty healthy dislike for her, lost respect for her, lost interest in her.

"Excuse me."

She turned around when she heard someone close behind her. She smiled when she saw a young boy. He looked about 11 or 12 with short brown hair and blue eyes. She couldn't help but notice that he was wearing an old Stone Cold t-shirt.

"Hi," she smiled. "How can I help you?"

"I'm a huge fan of yours," he said excitedly.

She tried to hide her surprise as she said, "Well thank you."

"Well thank you," she smiled.

"Would it be okay if…Can..Can I have an autograph?" he smiled.

"You sure can," Henley smiled. "What do you want me to sign?"


Hunter downed the rest of his bottle of water as he walked out of the weight room. Breathing heavily, he pulled his headphones out of his ears and draped a towel over his neck. He stopped walking when he heard the loud sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floors. He looked over at the clock on the wall and frowned. Stephanie wasn't due back for hours. There were creative meetings all day. Normally, he would be a part of those meetings but Vince declared that no talent would be involved in these particular meetings. No one knew exactly why.

He rounded the corner and walked through the living room and into the kitchen where he found his wife looking for something in the refrigerator.


She jumped, slamming the door shut, a hand instinctively covering her chest, "Jesus, Hunter, you scared me."

"You caught me a little off guard too," he said, throwing away his empty bottle. "I thought you were supposed to be gone all day."

"I was," she nodded. "I left early."

"The meetings were over?" Hunter asked, confused.

"Nope," she shook her head, opening the refrigerator again and pulling out a can of diet coke.

Hunter sighed. Something had to be wrong. There was no way Stephanie would just walk out of a meeting before it was over.

"What happened?" he asked, leaning on the island.

Stephanie closed the fridge and took a deep breath before closing her eyes and looking over at him, "Henley Ryan."

Hunter looked down at the counter. Now he understood why he wasn't allowed at the meeting.


"You don't seem to understand, this reservation was made over a week ago," Fiona put her hands on the counter in front of her. "I don't know how you lost it but you need to find it. Now."

Henley was on her way out to her rental after she finished signing autographs when she heard a strangely familiar voice. She couldn't place it but she knew she'd heard that angry woman somewhere before. Curious, she walked over to AVIS, eyeing the confrontation.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but I cant get you a car until tomorrow morning," the clerk apologized.

"Well I'm here now," the petite brunette argued. "So I'm gonna need a different answer."

Henley got closer and stopped when she realized who she was looking at.

Fiona Tyler, former TNA Knockout, and by most accounts, huge drama queen.

Henley knew a few people in TNA and she'd heard some..interesting accounts of Fiona's tantrums. And she'd heard a few rumors about her jumping ship.

"Ma'am I cant give you a different answer," the clerk insisted.

"Is there a problem?" Henley stepped in.

"There is definitely a problem," Fiona crossed her arms over her chest. "I need a car and she's claiming she doesn't have any."

"I don't," the clerk insisted. "I told you, I apologize but-"

"Your apologies don't help me very much now do they?" Fiona sneered.

Henley felt for the poor Avis worker. But she could see Fiona's side too. When you lived on reservations and schedules, a glitch could be beyond frustrating.

"Tell you what, why don't you just catch a ride with me?" Henley asked. "I'll drop you off wherever you're going and I'm sure this lovely lady will give you a call as soon as something becomes available."


Fiona folded her arms across her chest and eyed the blonde in front of her. Henley Ryan, easily one of the most recognizable faces in women's wrestling and not for the best reasons. Sure, she was a former women's champion and by most accounts, quite an athlete, but she would always be known for the scandal that tanked her career. And now Fiona, gossip extraordinaire, had the opportunity to get some scoop straight from the horse's mouth. She couldn't really pass it up.

"Okay," Fiona shrugged. She turned to the desk clerk, "You have a nice day.


"That doesn't make any sense," Trish shook her head, annoyed beyond belief. "We don't need her."

"I don't think so either," Stephanie paced back and forth. "But I've been overruled."

After telling Hunter about Henley's return, the first person Stephanie wanted to talk to was Trish Stratus. Over the years, they'd become very close friends and Trish had been her rock when she found out about her husband's affair.

"There has to be something you can do," Trish insisted. "You're the head writer, you have a say."

"I cant change my father's mind," Stephanie shook her head. "And he told me at the last minute. She's probably already at the airport."

"What?" Trish stared. "How could they do that to you?"

Stephanie shrugged, "Easily."

In all her years in the company, Stephanie had learned to separate family and business. She didn't call her parents Mom and Dad at work. She didn't take creative disagreements personally. But she was having a hard time with this. Her father had been so supportive when they first found out about Henley and Hunter. She couldn't understand why now all of a sudden he was bombarding her with Henley this way.

"I just have to deal with it," she sat down.

"Well," Trish turned to her, smiling, "Maybe we can make this a good thing."

"Even you cant be that optimistic," Stephanie stared incredulously at her friend.

"Think about it Steph," Trish smirked. "Henley being back here gives you the chance to make her regret what she did. It's payback time."


"Thank you for keeping me from getting arrested," Fiona laughed as she and Henley put their bags in the trunk of Henley's rental car.

"Anytime," Henley laughed, unlocking the car doors. She looked over at the brunette, smiling when she read the writing on her white t-shirt: "Don't Believe Everything You Read"

"Making a statement right away, huh?" Henley smirked.

"I thought it was a good idea to put it out there right away," Fiona laughed as they got into the car.

"Well I certainly like it but I'm not sure how many others will," Henley laughed.

"That's okay," Fiona shrugged. "As long as I have one ally, who already seems to have some experience in crisis control, I think I'll be fine."

Henley laughed, "I am rather good at keeping friends from assaulting customer service workers but uh..I'm not sure Henley Ryan is an ally you want in this business."

"I'm sure you'll do," Fiona laughed as Henley pulled out of the parking space.

"So…the rumors are true," Henley said. "Fiona Tyler coming over to the corporate dark side."

"Yeah," Fiona winced. "I'm sure you heard things in TNA weren't exactly going smoothly."

"I did hear that," Henley nodded.

"I'm sure you heard a lot about me," Fiona said. "I've certainly heard a lot about you."


Jeff Hardy rubbed his forehead, his eyelids feeling heavy as he listened to his brother talk. Matt was detailing the last few days since they'd talked and, though he was interested, he was having a hard time focusing. He'd been having some trouble sleeping and it was starting to catch up to him.

"Listen, I told Chris about you coming back," Matt blurted.

Jeff wasn't surprised. Matt was never all that great at keeping secrets. It didn't matter though. It wasn't exactly a well kept secret to begin with. The rumors were already all over the place.

"We don't know if I'm coming back or not Matt," Jeff corrected him. "It's just a meeting."

"You have to own it Jeff," Matt said. "You gotta go in there knowing that you've already got it."

"I don't know that," Jeff shook his head. "I'm not gonna act like I do 'cause I don't."

In fact, that was the very thing keeping him awake the last few nights. At one point, he was the guy everyone wanted. Now he was the wildcard. The guy who didn't show up on time for work. The guy whose bosses felt he needed a babysitter. He was the guy who'd let drugs become more important than work. He'd been sober for a while but he didn't delude himself. He knew people would still see him as that person. He couldn't blame them. The thing that gave him hope was that he knew he could still put on a great show. He had something unique in this business and if there was anything that smart businesspeople valued, it was having something no one else did. He just hoped the good outweighed the bad in his case.

"So when do you fly in?" Matt asked.

"The ticket is for early Wednesday morning," Jeff answered, slowly pacing back and forth in his living room.

"And you're gonna be at the airport on time, right?"

Jeff's jaw clenched and he stopped walking.

"Jeff?" Matt waited.

"How am I supposed to answer that question?" Jeff asked.

"You're supposed to say 'Yeah Matt, I'm gonna be there early, with bells on'," Matt said. "You're supposed to say 'There's no way I'm gonna blow my chance this time'. That's how I'd like you to answer it."

"I would hope you know that without me having to say it," Jeff said, annoyed. Sometimes his brother had a way of making him feel like even more of a screw up.

"I just want you to be positive Jeff," Matt said. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked like that."

Jeff shrugged, "It's alright. I'm gonna be there on time."

"You are excited about this, right?" Matt asked.

"Hell yes I'm excited," Jeff laughed, sitting down, resting his elbows on his knees. "Nervous but excited. It feels like a homecoming, you know?"

"You are coming home," Matt said.

Jeff leaned back against the couch, "You know, I got an email from a friend of mine and he said he saw some crazy rumor about Fiona Tyler getting a WWE contract. You know anything about that?"

"Fiona Tyler?" Matt sounded confused at the mention of the TNA Knockout. "Not to my knowledge."

Jeff breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn't think of a single person in his entire time in the business that he hated working with more than Fiona Tyler. Just thinking about her made his muscles grow tense, and not in a good way. He shook his head quickly.

"Good," Jeff said. "I'd rather sleep on a bed of hot coals every night than work with that woman again."

"I refuse to believe she's as bad as you say she is," Matt laughed. "She's too pretty to be the demon you make her out to be."

"Looks can be deceiving big brother," Jeff insisted. "Trust me on that one."

"Whatever you say," Matt laughed.

Jeff laughed, "Just be glad you haven't had the pleasure."


"How many times has she called?"

Fiona laughed, looking down at her phone, "I believe that makes six."

Dixie Carter must have heard the good news. She'd called quite a few times and left some undoubtedly angry voicemails that Fiona would listen to later. At the moment, she was having too much fun. She and Henley had gone out to eat and sat talking and laughing for an hour.

In the last year, Fiona had heard quite a few harsh things said about Henley Ryan, mainly that she was a home wrecker who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and lost her job. That much could be confirmed but what she hadn't read about was how much fun she was. And, surprisingly enough, she seemed really smart and sweet. She stopped and signed an autograph for anyone who asked. She even made a camera phone video for a kid who said his friends wouldn't believe he'd met her. Fiona didn't usually like being bothered while she was trying to eat but she joined in at the time. Henley's enthusiasm was somewhat infectious. She definitely liked her.

Now they'd arrived at the hotel and were getting ready to check in. Fiona pulled her bags, rolling her eyes at the lack of carts in the lobby. She didn't exactly pack light and the idea of carrying her luggage all the way up to her room wasn't exactly a pleasant one.

"I will pay you fifty bucks to carry these bags for me," she laughed, looking over at Henley. Then, she realized that her new friend was no longer beside her. Frowning, she turned, looking around until she spotted her, still standing at the front doors, holding her bags.

"Let's get a move on Ryan, these bags wont take themselves upstairs," Fiona smiled, hands on her hips.

Henley didn't respond. She was too busy staring off into space.

"Okay, I know people say you blondes are pretty vacant but…"

Fiona turned around, her words trailing off when she realized Henley wasn't spacing out. She was, in fact, staring at a very real Hunter Levesque and Stephanie McMahon talking to Shawn Michaels.

"Okay well this is..awkward," Fiona winced, scratching the side of her head.

"That's a word for it," Henley finally looked away from the couple.

Fiona felt for her. She couldn't imagine being in her position.

"Hey, I have a fantastic idea," she smiled, clapping her hands together.

"Run like hell?" Henley forced a laugh.

Fiona's grin widened, "Yes and no. You like booze?"

2 Hours Later…

"So I don't get it…you don't seem like a home wrecker," Fiona rested her chin on her wrist, looking across the table at Henley.

Henley laughed, "Yeah I try not to let that show until I know people for a few days."

"Probably a good idea," Fiona laughed. "Seriously, I just..I don't get it."

"And you wanna hear the story from the home wrecker's mouth, huh?" Henley sighed.

"Call me nosy," Fiona shrugged.

Henley knew this wasn't the last time she was going to have to explain herself. She finished off her long island iced tea and gestured to the bartender that she needed two more.

"Well, I might as well tell you before you get 15 other versions," Henley sighed. "Contrary to popular belief, I never intended for any of this to happen…When I first got called up, I was on Smackdown, which I hated. Hunter was on Raw. We didn't exactly run in the same circles but then on a European tour I started hanging out with Maria and we got close and then she started coming to our shows, I started going to hers. I didn't seek out anything with him. I was talking to Shane one day about borrowing some old AWA tapes from the library and out of nowhere Hunter just came up and joined the conversation. We just..hit it off. We were friends, just friends. Hunter became someone I could talk to..someone who always knew what to say. And Stephanie and I were oil and water. I didn't agree with a thing that she said and she couldn't stand me from the first day we met. I was so frustrated having to be on Smackdown when I wanted to be in the championship picture and I was so stupid and cocky and I felt like I wasn't being used the way I should have been. I bitched and moaned to him and Shane and they both told me to just be quiet and patient. Hunter said just do your job and do it so well that no one can deny you. Be great and no one can hold you down."

"Sound advice," Fiona took a drink.

"Very," Henley smiled, nodding. "So that's what I did. And Hunter and I got closer. We talked on the phone a lot and spent a lot of time around each other when we were all traveling together. We uh..we agreed that there wasn't any reason for Stephanie to know we were close. We weren't doing anything wrong we just…didn't want her to get the wrong idea," she smiled wistfully, finishing one of the two drinks she had left. "I don't wanna make it sound like some fairytale, I mean, we disagreed from time to time. I could be a brat. He could be a pompous ass but…we just had this bond. We talked about everything. He told me about his problems with Stephanie, his ideas for the business, whatever. I told him all the details if I went on a bad date. Then things just started to change. I couldn't help but develop feelings for him. But there was no way I would ever act on them. And I didn't think he saw me as anything but a friend. Then this one night, we were all in the same city. I had gone out with Tess and Maria. We got in relatively early but I was uh..a bit drunk. I was almost asleep and then Hunter showed up at my door. He was all red in the face about some argument he just had with Stephanie. He came in, told me what happened, I calmed him down. We started watching a movie and then I got up to change clothes. I thought he was still watching TV so I didn't bother to go in the bathroom. I pulled off my shirt and then Hunter came up behind me. He kissed me and I just…I knew it was wrong but I just…I couldn't stop. The next morning I just..I tried to blame it on the booze and Hunter said that he was sorry and that it was a mistake. I didn't really know how to feel. I felt like I should have been relieved or something but I was..sort of..I don't know, sad. Disappointed. Hurt. All those girly emotions. We just didn't talk about it. I tried to just focus on work but then my angle ended and Stephanie said that creative was having trouble finding something for me. I got thrown into bikini contests and a pointless matches and I got scared that I was gonna get fired. I didn't wanna lean on him but I couldn't help it. Hunter helped keep me sane. He was so comforting and perfect and it was really hard to ignore how I was feeling. Then, one day Hunter called and told me he had huge news after a creative meeting. I met him for lunch and he told me I was being moved to Raw. A week later…we had sex again, after a show. It was obvious to both of us that there was something there and..we didn't know what to do about it. And..we made the wrong choice I guess. It just kept happening and before I knew it, I was in a full blown relationship with a married man. We both knew what would happen if he left her so we just..didn't discuss it. We knew our limitations. We were both under a lot of pressure. He was World Champion with his hand in everything, I won the women's championship and Vince was grooming me to be the 'face of women's wrestling'."

"He said that?" Fiona asked.

"Oh yeah," Henley nodded. "As I'm sure you know, it's hard as hell to keep secrets in this kind of environment. And I started to worry about what would happen if anyone found out. I was paranoid but Hunter told me that no one would know. We had to act normal around each other though and there were a few times that guys hit on me and Hunter had a..hard time acting like he didn't care. Fortunately, he was able to play the protective friend card and no one really caught on. Then, Maria and Tess came to me one day and confronted me. I guess they saw something that they thought was suspicious between Hunter and I and…I couldn't lie anymore. I told them and they did not approve but, they kept quiet. And me and him we just kept on going. I tried to watch myself with Stephanie. Mind my manners, bite my tongue when she insulted me as she constantly did. Everything was okay. Then..the night of New Year's Revolution..everyone had to fly out to New York right after the show to avoid some bad weather. That night…everything changed."

Henley ran a hand through her hair, taking a deep breath, "We were waiting for the plane and Hunter sent me a message to meet him somewhere. He got up and a few minutes later..I followed. I went in a big circle in case anyone followed. Once I was sure we were alone..I met him. And then five, maybe ten minutes later, Stephanie caught us. Kissing."

"Holy shit."

"Holy shit is right," Henley nodded. "She snapped. Made a huge scene in the middle of the airport. I just stood there, looking stupid because I didn't know what else to do. Hunter dragged her away before she drew too big of a crowd. I followed them once I got my shit together and I stopped when I heard Hunter's voice. He was telling her that I kissed him. I went in the room to argue but Hunter stuck to his story. He told Stephanie that he knew it was wrong to kiss me back but he just insisted that I made a move on him."

"And she believed him?" Fiona stared.

Henley nodded, "Yup. So the next day, we had this big scary meeting and we were asked to admit to the affair. And our stories were different. Really different."

"He made you out to be the home wrecker?" Fiona asked.

"Precisely," Henley confirmed sadly. "He admitted to the affair, we both did. But by his account, I instigated everything. It was made very clear to me that day that my career was in jeopardy. They sent me home and told me they'd decide what to do with me soon. Shane wouldn't speak to me. Two weeks later, they flew me out for Raw just so I could drop my belt. Everyone looked at me like I had a scarlet letter painted on my chest. People said things, some behind my back and some right to my face. And then there was Hunter."

"What happened?"

"We had a uh…well, I guess you could call it a fight," Henley winced. "He actually tried to convince me that what he did wasn't that bad and that he was just scared or something, I don't know. I didn't really listen. I just yelled. And yelled..until I was hoarse. I told him I hated him and then I left. I flew to Louisville and I've bounced back and forth between there and home ever since."

"Wow," Fiona nodded, obviously unsure of what to say.

Henley smiled, "And now here we are, well on our way to inebriation…And I hope we never have to speak of this again."

"I'll try not to bring it up," Fiona smiled. "Now…how about some tequila?"