Canada was depressed.

He sat staring out the window of his house with Kumajiro cuddled up against him. Sighing, he tried to think of reasons why he was so pitiful.

"Kumajiro, why can I never win? Why do I have to be overlooked every time?"

He sat staring out the window for a few more minutes.

"Every single time..."

Yes, he wasn't the most outgoing country out there. He wasn't dangerous, poor, or very rich (compared to some at least). Maybe if he was a little more confident... maybe... maybe then...

"I need to talk to someone about this." He told his bear, "I'm going over to Prussia's house. If there's anyone in the world that knows how to be confident, it's Prussia."

He got up from the window seat and walked slowly towards the door, grabbed his coat and locked the door after him.

Kumajiro stared out into the living room after him.


... ~ ~ ~ ...

Matthew knocked on the door again, this time a bit harder.

"Maybe he's not home?" he muttered to himself. Maybe he was being ignored... that... that wouldn't really be unlikely either.

He was just about to leave back down the walkway dejectedly when the door opened.

"Hello?" the Canadian turned in surprise.

"Oh! Hello, I thought you might be Germany and had forgotten your key!"

In front of Canada was Italy.


"Ve~ what are you here for? Never mind, we can talk inside. Germany and Prussia aren't home they went to visit someone, I forgot who but they won't be back for a while so we can talk without them coming in and getting angry. They always get angry at me, all the time--"

Italy continued chattering on about random topics, usually about Germany or Prussia being mean to him, or pasta. He dragged Matthew into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen.

He pushed Canada into a chair and sat down across from him.

"Now, what are you doing here? Did you come to eat pasta with me? I was just about to have my Siesta though! Did you wanna join me? Is that why you're here?"

"Umm... no. I was actually coming to talk to Gilbert about something," Matthew hung his head slightly and shifted in his seat. He had not expected the bubbly Italian to be here, but then again, it did make sense. He and Germany were very close after all.

"Well, seeing as you're here and he's not and I'm here too why don't you talk to me instead. I'm good at listening to stuff!" Italy suggested.

"I'm not so sure about that." Matthew muttered quietly. He looked across the table at Italy and sighed. Then again, Italy was pretty confident himself. No one ever forgot who he was and he had a twin brother.

"I...I guess I could tell you... I mean, I would prefer to talk to Gilbert, but I do need to talk to someone about this, and if you think you can give me some good advice then sure. I guess."

Italy leaned forward and continued to smile at Matthew.

"Ahem. Well, to start with umm..." Matthew stuttered, this was harder than he thought it would be, even telling someone removed from the situation like Italy, "I-I kinda haveacrushonArthuranddon'tknowwhattodoaboutit." Matthew covered his face in embarrassment.

"Aha! You like England! Have you done anything about this?" Italy sounded serious, though he was still smiling slightly.

"Well, I went over to Arthur's house yesterday to confess because I had finally gotten up the courage to tell him. I Felt should do it before I lost the nerve.

I got to Arthur's house and was about to knock on the door when I noticed it was slightly open. I walked inside worried that maybe something happened. I called out, but I guess he didn't hear me so I made my way to his study and looked through the door. I-I couldn't move, couldn't speak.

Inside the study, bent over the desk, was Alfred with Arthur on top of him.

They were having sex, and being so gentle with each other I could barely look!

I ran, I had to get out of there. I ran all the way home and was crying up until this morning.

I know they're probably together and Arthur probably wants nothing to do with me, but I want him so badly, I can't stand it!"

Matthew was hunched forward in his chair, sobbing.

Italy got out of his chair and sat next to Canada. He put his arm around him and held him close. When Canada was done he sat up out of the loose hug and wiped his eyes.

"Thank you for listening, I really needed that," Matthew sniffed trying to pull himself together.

"You are most welcome. Now, you said something about getting England back? How are you going to do that? Do you still want to?"

Canada was sure that Italy was usually not this perceptive but he made a valid point.

"I would like to try anyway. Even if nothing happens I would still like him to know." He smiled slightly and looked down at his hands, "He's so close to Alfred, and I don't want to make trouble, but... but I can't help how I feel."

"Well then do you know what you will do to make him understand?"

"Eh? No. I don't know anything about THAT. I know the basics b-but nothing ab-bout the... mechanics." Canada covered his face with his hands and blushed so hard his ears went red. Talking to Arthur of all people about feelings, it would be mortifying! Not for the first time he wished that he had gotten some of Francis' confidence when it came to love... then again... perhaps it was better that he hadn't...

"Ve~? Let me help you then! I know many things about amore. I will teach you so you know what to do!"

Italy grabbed Canada's hand and dragged him out of the room.

"We can use Germany's room; beds are more comfy to do this sort of thing on!"

Canada was dragged along behind Italy, blushing madly and contemplating protesting.

They got to Germany's room and Italy closed the door behind them.

"So, sit down on the bed!" Italy commanded as the sound of the lock sliding into place echoed throughout the room.

"Umm... do you really need to lock the door?" Canada asked nervously. Just what did Italy think he was teaching him anyway!?

"Oh! I suppose not!" Italy replied as he absently unlocked the door again.

Canada breathed a sigh of relief.

Italy turned to face the Canadian again with a huge smile, "Alright," He clapped his hands, "Now take off your shirt. That's the best way to start this!"

"R-really? Eh, ok. If you're sure..." Canada hesitantly began taking his coat off and then unbuttoning his shirt. It... it was kind of hot in here... but... what did this have to do with telling Arthur his feelings?

Once both shirt and coat were neatly folded on the one chair in the room Matthew sat back down looking up at his... tutor... expectantly.

"Now lie back on the bed, close your eyes and put your hands above your head. Don't open your eyes until I say so." Italy said.

Canada did as instructed. This... maybe Italy had misunderstood. He heard shuffling noises and opening and closing drawers as he rested his hands above him on the pillow. He should probably say something. Yes, he should definitely say something, but he didn't want to upset the little Italian... no, Matthew was wrong, there was nothing strange going on here. Nothing at--

He felt something slip around both wrists but whatever it was finished very quickly and he could only feel a light pressure.

He felt a tug and suddenly his hands were pulled up against the headboard.

His eyes flew open. "Wh-what are you doing?!" This—this was definitely strange!!

"Don't worry! This is the best way to do this!" Italy declared happily.

"What?" Canada asked worriedly, "Best way to do what?"

"Seduce people of course! Don't worry, don't worry! Big brother France taught me everything I know!"

There was a short pause.

Big... big brother France!?!

Canada began struggling against the rope. "Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!!" The rope only seemed to tighten more on his hands the more he pulled.

"Wait a minute," Canada paused in his struggles and looked at Italy as a thought occurred to him. "I thought you hadn't done anything... like that... yet!"

Italy smiled down at him seemingly unbothered by the fact that someone he barely knew was aware of such a private fact.

"Oh, I've never participated with them! I always sat off to the side. By the way I happen to know England really likes this position," Italy continued to smile despite the appalled look on Canada's face.

"Of course he was swearing a lot more than you are, so he must have liked it more. I couldn't hear what he was saying after a while though. Big brother said that's what the gag is for!"

Italy held a piece of cloth up before swiftly placing it in Canada's mouth and tying it around behind his head.

"Now, you can't be wearing clothes when this happens so, off come the pants! Speaking of it I haven't had my Siesta today. I can have it after! You'll probably want to join too."

Italy climbed onto the bed and straddled Matthews' knees.

He began unbuttoning Canada's pants and ignored the struggling that had started up again at the movement.

He was just unzipping him when the door opened.

Germany stood in the doorway.

Italy stared.

Germany stared.

Canada pleaded with his eyes.

"Ve~ Germany, did you want to join in?" Italy asked politely, "I know how much you like bondage!!"

Germany, in one swift movement backed out of the room and shut the door. They both heard the distinct sound of heavy footsteps walking back down the hallway double time.

"Alright, now where were we?" Italy said not bothered at all by Germany's appearance. He then began enthusiastically relinquishing Canada of his pants, shoes, socks and soon afterwards, his boxers. They were surprisingly cute with chibi Beavers munching on trees decorated all over them.

Canada was looking very nervous so Italy leaned in and spoke quietly in his ear.

"It's probably a good idea to find out where he likes to be touched to set the mood."

He began running his hands over Canada's chest lightly and paused whenever he heard a moan or strangled gasp of pleasure.

Canada began panting and squirming under Italy. Italy flicked a nipple with his finger nail which had Matthew writhing against his bonds.

Italy paused briefly to undo the gag before Canada passed out from asphyxiation.

Canada gasped and whined, bucking up against Italy's hips as the other country ground down on Canada's now prominent erection.

"And once you've acquainted yourself with those particular areas, it's best to use other methods." Italy murmured as he lent down to run his tongue across Canada's chest.

Canada squirmed and Italy took the second of inattention to swiftly take his own shirt off.

He began to play with Canada's nipples before raking his short nails down Canada's stomach lifting his hands at his hipbones.

He stopped and heaved himself up briefly off the bed to finish pulling his pants off. Nothing else was needed, he'd only just gotten up a little while before Canada showed up and had just been getting ready to have his Siesta when he arrived. He really hadn't been wearing much of anything.

He straddled Canada again and began sucking on his neck and up to his ear. He nibbled on the earlobe and kissed his way to Canada's mouth. They kissed open-mouthed and hurried, sloppy.

All pretence of a lesson had long since been abandoned.

Italy reached over to the bedside table and groped around for the tube of lube he kept there. While he was searching he reached out and lightly grasped Canada's curl rubbing it between his fingers.

Canada writhed and moaned louder at the feeling.

Italy found the bottle and began to move down Canada's body, kissing and sucking a path towards thus far mostly unclaimed territory.

He draped Canada's legs over his shoulders and dipped three fingers into the lube. He placed the lid back on the container and dropped it to the floor.

He lightly began to suck on Canada's hip bone which was apparently a very sensitive area as he inserted one finger.

"This feels odd." They both spoke at once.

Italy looked up at Canada who was panting with the strain on his body and looking right back.

"Why is it for you?" Italy asked first.

"Well, I've never been in this situation before... the partner I've had always wanted me to top so I've never been on the receiving end before." He laughed lightly at himself.

"Ah! It is the opposite for me," Italy said as he worked the finger in and out slowly. "My partners have always dominated me and though I am perfectly willing to let them it would still be nice to be on the other side sometimes." Italy, for the first time took full notice of Matthew's cock.

"And... and I think that you might be a bit uncomfortable for me!" The Italian laughed continuing his ministrations.

Canada nodded and then moaned loudly. "Oh! Do that again! Press right there!" he begged.

Italy smiled and pressed the small indentation he'd brushed up against before lightly pushing another finger in to press alongside the first.

He kept up the slow press and drag until all fingers were sliding easily in and out and Canada was quite well stretched.

He grabbed a hold of Canada's thighs and lined his erection up with the stretched hole and slowly pushed the head in.

Italy hissed at the tight feeling of being surrounded by pulsating heat. Canada panted and grunted, "You can move more if you want, I'm not going to break." As he closed his eyes and braced his hands against the headboard.

Italy pushed forward slowly until he was all the way inside.

Both Canada and Italy paused a moment to catch their breath and adjust.

Canada pulled with his arms until Italy was pulled out slightly then pushed back down.

Italy moaned at the feeling and began thrusting.

It wasn't long before they were moving with each other. They both set a hard pace and pushed the other to go faster.

Italy had enough frame of mind to reach down and grab Canada's erection and begin pumping it in time with the brutal rhythm they both set. That was more than enough for both of them, not being used to the positions they were in it didn't take long before the pleasure overpowered them.

Canada came, gasping and crying out Italy's name while Italy gave one long high pitched whine before collapsing.

They lay gasping for several moments before Italy roused himself enough to pull out and slowly untie the other. Canada just as slowly brought his hands down to chest level and began rubbing his wrists to get the circulation back in both those and his arms.

Italy wearily reached down and pulled the blankets out from under them and draped himself over Canada while simultaneously snuggling under the blankets. Canada briefly thought of rolling him off to the other side of the bed but eventually just cuddled up against his side and followed the brunet into sleep.


"Hey, West was Italy upstairs? It's about time for his Siesta right? West?"

Prussia almost looked concerned when Germany walked stiff-legged into the kitchen and sat down heavily in a chair. He placed his elbows on the table top and put his head in his hands.

"So... was he there or not? I wanted to talk to him about whether he'd seen Matthew lately. England and America caught me on the way in and asked if I'd seen him 'cause he's apparently missing. Was Italy there or not?"

Germany just continued to stare at the table as if he couldn't hear him.

"Fine then, I'll just go check for myself," he declared. "I'm too awesome to be asking you questions like this anyhow." He stood turning away from the table.

Germany grabbed him by the wrist before he could go any further.

"Don't... go up there. I know where Canada is. Let's just go find America and England and tell them not to worry."

"But, West, how do you know where he is? You've been with me all da- oh ho ho! He's up there isn't he? Wait a minute, Italy's up there too! What if he's doing something naughty to Matt?" Prussia exclaimed. Then laughed at his own joke. Canada and Italy... yeah right.

Germany choked.

Gilbert blinked, his jaw dropping in surprise.

"He IS?! Oh I must go up there and give them a talking to! They should know better than to do that without the awesomeness that is me and my FIVE METRES!!!!!"

Prussia smirked and went to leave the room when Germany suddenly grabbed both his arms and marched him towards the door.

"WE are going to find England and America and tell them that they have nothing to worry about, that Canada is here and just came over to talk to you for a while and that he'll be staying for the afternoon and possibly dinner. Is that clear?"

He pushed Prussia into his shoes.

"But- what? West! Ludwig! Leave me alone! Don't shove me out the door, hey!"

Germany practically threw his brother out the front door as the moans and squeaks coming from the bedroom directly above the entryway began to resonate in the house.

"Gilbert, move out!"

And Germany practically ran them off the property.

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