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As I floated in the darkness, I could hear a woman humming a lullaby. It sounded eerily familiar to me and when I tried to focus harder on the voice, a sharp pain shot through my chest. Giving up, I just laid there, wondering if I was dead. Wasn't there supposed to be a light or something? Could it be that I was still alive?

The woman continued to her lullaby and I continued to float—almost as if I was in limbo—and I tried to focus on all the accomplishments I had achieved. Terry was going to be okay and Gotham was safe because of me. I should've felt happy or something, but all I felt was a longing in my heart. I wanted to see Terry! I wanted to wrap my arms around him and assure myself that he was okay.

Is that what you really want?

The voice startled me and I suddenly realized it had been the woman who had been humming the lullaby.

"Yes," I replied. "That's what I want."

If you do go back Dana, your life will be threatened again. You will be in danger and your life will probably end at the hands of a madman. Knowing all that, you still wish to abandon your reward of paradise and return to the land of the living?

"Yes," I answered without hesitation. I had to go back—not only for Terry's sake, but for my Dad's as well. He couldn't lose Mom and then me too—it would kill him. "I need to go back."

Then, it shall be done.

And I fell headfirst into a vortex of shining light.

The first feeling I could feel was pain.

I was hurting everywhere and as I forced my eyes to open, I could see that I was in the hospital. Bandages were covering my arms and bruises had developed on nearly every part of my body. I flexed my hands experimentally and then hissed at the pain.

"Dana?" A voice mumbled. I glanced to my side to see Terry, who had obviously fallen asleep in the chair he had placed next to my bed. As I met his gaze, I saw pure relief fill his eyes. "Are you awake?" I glanced at him curiously and then forced one of hands to touch his. He held my hand within his own and I realized that he was real.

Terry was back!

"Oh, Terry," I cried. "I'm so glad!" All the worry, all the stress, I had felt suddenly was released and I could no longer hide my tears. All the times I had forbidden myself to cry had built up within me and I suddenly just felt the need to cry, to let it all out. Terry lied down beside me and held me and let me cry for as long as I needed to and I felt thankful for that.

It wasn't every day, you saved your super-hero boyfriend and Gotham in one day!

As he held me, Terry explained that Mr. Wayne had given him the cure and he was now free of Alexandra's influence and it was Alexandra's cure that Mr. Wayne had managed to tweak to save me as well. I was barely hanging on when I was brought to the hospital, but they were able to stabilize me long enough for Mr. Wayne to go through Ivy's old poisons and run a scan on Alexandra's antidote for Terry's condition. Comparing the two, he had been able to synthesize an antidote to Alexandra's poison. Terry finished with how Mr. Wayne administered the antidote to me while the nurse was out of the room and I had been making a full recovery. The hospital was even planning to release me this afternoon.

"And your mom and Matt?" I questioned. Last time I had seen them, they were in a drug-induced sleep.

"Both awake and fine," Terry explained. "They both think Matt was sick and that's why neither of them went to school or work."

"Oh no!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Terry asked, instantly tensing up.

"My dad!" I screamed. "What does he think—?"

"Calm down," Terry assured me. "He thinks you were caught up in one of Alexandra's attacks on Gotham." I sighed with relief and rested my head on Terry's chest.

"Everything's okay now," I told him. "We're all okay."

And then I feel asleep.

Two weeks later:

I was released from the hospital that afternoon and, after assuring my dad that I was really, truly, honestly okay—he finally agreed to let me out of the house again. I had first spent my newfound freedom informing my worried friends that I was alive and I hadn't become fertilizer. After I had done that, I felt myself gravitating towards Wayne Manor more and more. As I drove over there for the first time since I had been cured, I was worried that Mr. Wayne might try to ignore me and pretend that I didn't know anything about him or about Terry.

Ace greeted me at the gate and I let a grin break out onto my face.

"Hey, there, boy!" I called as I pushed open the gate. Ace barked happily and licked my hand. I had really missed this dog.

"You're here." A stoic voice said. I turned and saw Mr. Wayne standing near the door of house.

"Yeah," I mumbled. "I hope that's okay." He didn't say anything, but simply turned around and went back inside which I took as an invitation to come in. As I stepped into the musty living room, I wondered what was going to happen now.

"You almost got yourself killed." Mr. Wayne informed me.

"I did what I had to do." I protested.

"I know," Mr. Wayne answered. "Don't do it again. Terry was worried sick and Batman can never be distracted." I thought I caught of a ghost of a smile on his face, but I chalked it up to wishful thinking and simply sat down in one of the arm chairs.

"And in other news, the D.A. of Gotham has reversed his stance on Batman after the dark knight was found to be working once more on the side of the law again. A very much relieved D.A. informed officers that the 'shoot-on-sight' order was removed and that Batman should once more be treated as a friend. In other news—"

Mr. Wayne turned the TV off and sat down across from me. He met my gaze for awhile, almost as if he was deciding something. Finally, he nodded his head and rose from the seat.

"Mr. Wayne—!"

"While I don't approve of Batman having a girlfriend," Mr. Wayne began. "You've saved Gotham and Terry's life. You nearly died in the process for something that didn't concern you and for that, I owe you my respect."

"You don't—!" He held up his hand for silence and I guiltily sat back down.

"You are welcome here whenever you choose to be."

And with that, he left the room. I grinned—I had won the infamous' Batman's respect!

Later that night:

"The movie was wonderful!" I insisted.

"Dana, c'mon, it was so bad!" Terry chuckled and I playfully punched him. After all the worries over my safety were thoroughly discussed, Terry and I decided to keep seeing each other—a decision for which I was eternally happy for because I loved this guy! Sure, he had his moments of stupidity, but didn't all guys?

"Terry, can I just—"

His phone rang and I tensed for a second. He placed it to his ear and nodded his head.

"I'll be there." He hung up and met my gaze.

"Go," I told him, releasing my hold on his hand. "I'll see you later." He kissed my forehead and then sprinted off.

My name is Dana Tan.

My boyfriend is Batman.

And, for the first time since we started dating, I'm okay if he has to break a date or run off to go to something because in the end, he'll come back to me. Mr. Wayne doesn't believe that I should be in Terry's life, but I think that it's the little things like this that keep Terry human and allow him to be himself and Batman at the same time.

In a way, I keep Terry grounded to reality and it's my love that keeps him human.

I fall asleep listening to the news—Terry's saved the day yet again.

All is as it should be.

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