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Bella POV

Jasper's loud obnoxious country music blared thought the car speakers as we pasted the Washington State line. I swear he goes college in Texas for one year and he comes back with cowboy boots, a southern accent and a strange love of country music. He had been using the I-am-driving-so-I-get-to-pick-the-music excuse all morning, to keep us from changing the radio station.

I could tell that Rosalie, my 'perfect' sister with her long blonde hair and model figure, was going to lose it by her death grip on the door handle.

"Jasper Hale, I swear to god if I have to listen to your freaking country music for another hour I will jump out of this car." She said when she finally snapped. We were driving up to some town called Forks for the summer to meet and get to know Rosalie's fiancé's family. Normally I wouldn't have minded Jasper's weird music because I could have listened to my ipod. But unfortunately my ipod broke when my water bottle exploded in my backpack last week. It was quite embarrassing.

"Aww… Come on Rosie lighten up. It's not that bad." he said with his newly picked up southern twang.

"Jasper, yes it is" I said from the backseat.

"Fine if you insist." he said with a laugh and changed the radio station.

"Thank god" Rose said under her breath. Jasper just laughed at us again and reached up and fixed his cowboy hat (yes he has a cowboy hat).

"So Rose you haven't told us much about this guy." Jasper said.

"You guys have met him" she said. Which was true, he took me, Jasper and Rosalie out to dinner over Christmas break when Jasper came home from school and Rosalie came down from Seattle with him. The entire night he was cracking jokes and telling funny stories. Emmett was nothing like the kind of guy I would have expected Rose to bring home, normally she's uptight and NEVER relaxes but at dinner that night she was smiling and laughing along with him and for the first time in a long time she seemed really happy.

"Yeah, but what's his family like?" He asked "We need to know what to expect."

"Well, they're a really wealthy family but they live in a super small town. Their father is some big time doctor and their mother is an interior decorator. He has a sister that's Bella's age and a brother that's your age, Jasper. Their all adopted too."

"That's cool. But what are they like?" I asked this time.

"They are the sweetest people I've ever meet. You guys will love them. His sisters name is Alice and is in to fashion and is really in to drama too. Oh! And his brother Edward is just as in to music as you are Bella." She said and winked at me. "He's even going to that special art school up in Seattle."

I sighed "Rosalie you know I have a boyfriend."

"Yeah but Bella, you could do so much better than Mike." She said with a genuinely caring look on her face. She was probably thinking of all the times I had to call her to come pick me up from a party because Mike was too drunk to drive home.

"You really could, Bells." Jasper said, butting in to our conversation. My sister and I don't always get along, but Jasper and I on the other hand are practically best friends and they both hate Mike. Even my father cares enough to hate him too.

"I could" I said "But I love Mike."

Rose let out an angry sigh and turned around in her seat so she wasn't facing me anymore. She had obviously giving up on me. Jasper just focused his attention on the road, but I could tell he was disappointed with me too. But I didn't care, I love Mike and that's all that matters and nothing this summer is going to change that.

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