I hate her!

I lay down on my bed staring up at the ceiling feeling slightly depressed and jealous but something else is bothering me.

I shake it off when I hear a knock on my door. I choose not to answer. The knocking continues, ''Sae!dinners ready!''. I just lay there. My door opens, ''Sae Honey...". My mom stands there looking concerned. ''What's the matter Honey? Is it a boy?''

''No mom.'' I stand up, my bob is spikey.

''Honey you look...".

''I'm fine!'' I really don't feel like hearing this crap!

My mom stepped closer. ''You have bags..."

''SO WHAT!'' I scream making my mom jump and gasp. By the look on her face I knew she was hurt. Mom simply nodded and left the room. I regretted hurting my moms feelings but right now I don't care. I slowly walk out of my dark room and down the stairs.

I see everyone sitting at the dinner table. Everyone just starred. I sat down and looked at the table cloth. I hate it when everyone stares at me like I'm a disease. ''Are you okay honey?'' Dad said.

''I'm fine.''

''Dork!'' My brother Kyo said. My mom told him to stop but I didn't yell back like I used to do. Now I just starred down at the table and my eyes were watering but I didn't know why. All I wanted to do was crawl into a ball and cry but I didn't know why. I looked down at the plate Mom sat before me but I didn't want it. I felt if I ate something I would puke.

''Aren't you going to eat, baby?'' Mom asked with concerned eyes. I didn't answer.

I simply sat there feeling miserable my heart was aching like crazy. I need to lay back down, I really don't feel too good.

I stand up from the table and walk away. I heard my father calling me. I kept walking though. I reached my destination, however by this time I was being threatened by my father and I did feel bad by closing and locking the door on his voice, but I had so much crap on my mind!

I clutched my heart and sat thinking on my bed. I heard knocks. As I slowly began to fall asleep the knocks sounded further and further. Till I was overwhelmed by unmerciful sleep.