School was finally over, Touji opened his wallet to see the barret ''What the hell?'' He said and then tossed it away. Not to far from where he was sae seethed.
Nothing ever works for me! Sae thought attempting to run away but face plants on a spikey tree stomp.

Sae's POV

So I didn't get him so I've got to try harder, Sae walked into her house to see her mom sitting infront of the t.v blushing and acting like a little teenaged girl. ''Sae dear!
Miyavi is on t.v! Isn't he the cutest!''

''Mom the last thing I want to see is a damn cross dresser!'' I said bitterly, my mom approached me slowly, Tears were brimming her eyes and the last thing I wanted her to do was cry and then have my dad beat my ass for it. ''I'm sorry mom go watch your cross dressers.''

''I was hoping that you would watch them with me.''

''Fine.'' I said not wanting to, I don't know why but me and Momo are the only two girls that hate every aspect of japanese pop, that's probably another reason why we got anlong so well. ''Honey, why don't you talk to me anymore?'' Mom asked getting all mushy again.

''I just don't like talking. I mean I just don't want to hang out, I feel that it would be best if you would just give me my space.''

At that the water works started. ''What's wrong now mom?'' Mom sniffed, I've never seen my mother so upset. ''Thats exactly what your father said.'' ''What?'' ''Me, and your father are getting a divorce.''

I sighed and then stomped up to my room, I needed no more of it, They always fought, Hell dad even fought me a few times, but he's leaving? I'll get back at him and Mom for causing me so much pain. My phone them rung.

''Hello?'' I said sadly.

''Hi Sae it's Kiri, I'm sorry about your dad.''

''How do you know?''

''He's going out with my mom.''

''Is that what you called to tell me you damned prick? I don't fucking give a shi-

''Your dad wants to know if you want to live with us.''

''Why couldn't he ask me?''

''I don't know! Just answer my question.''

''FUCK NO!'' I screamed crying.

''Okay, um bye.'' With that Kiri hung up.

Nobody cares as all ways, Nobody gives a damn about my life getting worse everyday, I wonder what Touji and Momo are doing, I bet you they're making out and then after they get done he's going to walk her home, where she has a wonderful life and a loving family but not anymore! I'll kill her, she'll never talk to anyone again, Everyone will be sad that she's gone but quite frankly I won't give a rats ass!

Author's note: It'll get better...or will it...