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Sora sat on the ground long after Riku, Donald and Goofy had left him, staring blankly at his old toy sword.

A small part idly wondered where Riku had gotten the thing, but the majority was in total shock.

-Why...Why did you...you come here?-

The Beast's words suddenly rang in his mind.

-I came to fight for Belle.-

Hesitantly, Sora lifted his head to look up at the Castle of Hollow Bastion.

-And though I am on my own, I will fight.-

He pulled himself to his feet and wandered up to the castle entrance, climbing when necessary.

-I won't leave without her.-

Dulled blue eyes stared at the large doors for a few moments before he reached for the handle.

It's no use.

Sora's hand paused at the familiar voice.

As you are now, you have no hope of reaching your friend.

Sora half-turned to look at the figure, dull eyes taking note that it was the same figure he had seen that last day on Destiny Islands, in the Secret Place, before turning back to the door.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I just have to reach Kairi." Sora's voice was hollow and defeated, but his voice softened as he spoke his only true friend's name. "Nothing else matters but Kairi."

The figure was surprised, but instantly found a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

Then step into the Darkness with me, The figure coaxed. Step into the Darkness with me and I shall take you to her.

Sora blinked at the puddle of pure Darkness around his feet and released the doorhandle.

"Alright. If you will lead me to Kairi, then I will follow." The brunette promised as the wisps rapidly twined up his legs.


There was a moment of Darkness as he was drawn through space to a destination by the figure.

The Darkness wasn't like Sora had thought it would be.

Now that he wasn't afraid of it anymore, he found that the smothering sensation he had felt when his world 'died' was more a warm, comforting blanket of apathy. As he was drawn out of the Darkness by the figure, the Darkness tried to cling to him.

Sora smiled sadly. Don't worry. He told it. I'll be back soon. Just as soon as I wake Kairi.

The Darkness gave a shudder, but reluctantly let Sora go.


When he opened his eyes, Sora found himself in a large hall, standing before a giant keyhole and beside Kairi's shell.


The words slipped from the former Keybearer's lips as he fell to his knees beside her, his hands hovering over her face, uncertain.

She will not wake.

Sora felt the figure standing behind him.

That girl will never wake so long as she lacks her heart.

There was something in the figure's voice that caught Sora's attention.

"And you know where it is?"

Yes. Kairi's heart rests within you. That is where it fled when your world was consumed by Darkness.

A gloved hand rose to rest against his chest and a bolt of warmth flashed through him.

"Kairi...? Kairi's inside me?"

That is correct.

"How do I do it? How do I return Kairi's heart?"

With this.

Sora turned as a warm wave of Darkness brought into existence a black and red Keyblade.

This Keyblade holds the power to unlock people's hearts. Place it to your chest and unlock your heart.

Sora took the Keyblade, half-expecting it to disappear like the other one had. Instead there was a steady pulse of warmth, like a heartbeat.

Go on. Release her.

Acting on instinct, the brunette turned the Keyblade in his hands, barely noticing when the figure suddenly vanished.

"What are you doing here, Sora?"

The boy blinked out of his daze and turned to the source of the hostile voice.

Riku's angry ocean eyes met Sora's tired eyes of sky.

Sora smiled.

"You look after her now, ya hear?"

The confusion of his three once-friends barely registered compared to the sudden pressure from the dark Keyblade being buried in his chest, then...

...Sora had never felt so light, so free.

He had just enough time to see Kairi's eyes open and the look of total horror on Riku's face before his eyes slid shut.

The sound of four voices screaming his name in unison followed Sora down into the Darkness and its welcoming, womb-like embrace.

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