A Dream, A Legend, and a Legacy
by WSJ

An 01/02/Tamers crossover

Hey peeps!!! This takes place when the Tamers are leaving to go to the DigiWorld to save Calamon. Includes my own charactor, Sakura, and her daughter, Fiona. I also made up Sammi, but I own none of the others.
Ms. Issaji watched in horror as Jeri, Kenta, Kazu and Takato walked away down the stairs toward who knew what in the Digital World. Dropping to her knees she started to weep. "Please!" she whispered. "They're only kids!"

"But we were no older then them either. Who knows, maybe it's time to pass on the toarch to a new group, like we did to you."

Ms. Issaji looked up to see her long-time friend and role model kneeling beside her. "I know Sora, but it seems so unfair! Things are so much different now!"

"I know Kar, but they still have to do what they have to. Our parents weren't very happy with us after Myotismon's defeat, but we had to go anyway." Sora said.

"Oh no!" Kari's hands flew to her mouth. "Parents! Keera doesn't know! She'll be freaking out!"

Sora chuckled. "I'm sure Tai can handle it, and he'll be proud to see Takato's got a dino-type."

"Speaking of dino-types, I wonder if they'll meet up with Gatomon and the others."

"We'll have to wait and see. For now, we should get in touch with everyone else."

Kari nodded. "I'll take care of Davis, Yolei, Cody, Ken and... TK, and you take care of the others."

Sora noticed the slight catch in her friend's voice as she said the blond boy's name, but wisely said nothing. "Make sure you tell Davis to bring Sakura and Fiona, especially Fiona."

"Right. But after that, shouldn't we be getting back to grading papers?"

Sora and Kari groaned in tandem at the thought of Kari's 51 English quizzes sitting on her desk, and Sora's 46 music worksheets. "How did I ever get stuck as band director?" Sora sighed.

"'Cause Matt only does choir?" Kari suggested, which only made the red-head giggle even more at the mention of her husband. Together the two went inside to face the challenges that lay ahead.
Yes I KNOW that was short, the next chapter should be longer. This will most probably end up Takari, but I'm not sure yet...

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