A Dream, A Legend, And A Legacy
by WSJ
Chapter 4: Much Ado About TK

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"Now, what we need to figure out is, how are we going to help them? We can't go after them, that much is for sure. So now what? Just sit by and watch?" Tai asked.

Thay'd been at it for almost an hour, and they were getting absolutly no where. Yolei sighed and stood up. "We need to work from our ends, on our problems, which in turn will help Kenta and the others. As 'Riley' I work for TK, oh, excuse me, *Yamaki* and he's getting more nutsy by the second! And Ken's wasting away before our very eyes! We have to worry about them now! Kenta and them have Digimon to protect them, but nothing's gonna help if TK gets any crazier!"

Sakura got up to stand by her friend. "I didn't know TK very long before he became Yamaki, but someone needs to knock that boy to his sences! I propose one of us should go talk to him. It shouldn't be Yolei or I, because then if we fail our cover will be blown. It probably shouldn't be Matt either. So, any volenteers?"

After a moment a heavy sigh was heard from those assembled. "I'll go." Kari stood up to gather her things. "Right now in fact. I am, well, was his best friend, maybe I can make him remember."

Tai came up and put a hand on her shoulder. "But Kari, that's the problem, he *does* remember. He remembers MaloMyotismon, and Piedmon, and especially Devimon! He's forgotten all about Wizardmon's sacrafice, and Whamon's, and Pixiemon's. He doesn't remember Leomon or Centarumon, or even Patamon anymore I'll bet."

Kari shrugged off the reassuring hand. "Then I'll make him remember. He has to see the light. My Light."

No one else could very well stop her, so she headed toward her car. On the drive to TK's apartment she racked her brain trying to figure out how to get through to him, but her mind was drawing a blank.

She parked as far from TK's window as she could, lest he see and recognise the shiny silver Mustang he and Davis had chipped in and bought for her the year she turned eighteen. She straitened the navy skirt about her waist and fluffed the collar of her blouse almost unconciously on the ride up the elevator.

'Wait... What am I doing, primping to see a maniac?' She stopped the line of thought with a decisive chop. 'Maniac or no, he's still my TK.' She blinked and repeated those words aloud. "My TK..."

Before she had any more time to ponder her thoughts the elevator opened. Kari took a deep breath and headed down the corridor. To her ears the clicking of her heels on the tile floor was almost unbearable, and the swish of her silk slip was loud in her mind.

Gulping she reached TK's door and with sweat beginning to settle on her forehead, reached out to ring the bell. The door was opened almost immediately by a tall man in a jeans and a green t-shirt. His blond hair was mussed up and spiked every which way, and his blue-gray eyes were as hard and cold as diamonds.

His brow furrowed when he saw her, a name half-formed on his lips, eyes beginning to thaw with confusion and recognition. "Do I know you?"

Kari gasped. She'd known it had been a long time since they'd seen each other last, and she had changed, but not that much. "Um... Hi T-" she stopped what she had been going to say. "-Yamaki." she finished hurridly. "You remember me, my name is Kari Kamiya."

"Oh yes, one of my childhood friends." He waved her off. "Now, if that's all, I have some urgent business I must attend to..."

He started to shut the door but was cut off as Kari flung herself in his way. "TK! What happened to you? We were best friends! And what about Patamon? How could you destroy Digimon when they're our friends?!?"

At the sound of his true name Yamaki-TK turned around, his eyes shooting daggers at her. "How dare you! Friends? They are beasts, made only to be used as slaves..." But he stopped, the gray seeming to fade from his eyes a bit as Kari reached the end of her speech. "Pata... Mon?" He looked at her with that look she loved so much from their days battling the Digimon Emporer, back when she'd thought he liked her. "Kari?"

But just as quickly the gray seemed to overpower the powdery blue and his gaze returned to one of hatred. "I know no such names." He turned, and before she could protest, shut the door in her face.

Kari leaned against it, pounding and sobbing that he couldn't keep running from the past, or from her. Yet her cries fell on deaf ears.


Yamaki sat in front of the mirror, simply staring at himself. What had become of him? Or maybe more accurately, what had he been? He strained to remember, his eyes flicking back and forth from blue to gray until one was almost solid blue, the other gray.

A distant memory clicked, and slowly he reaced into a dresser drawer and pulled out a battered, stained and smudged Gilligan hat. He sat there and looked at it a moment, shards of a happier time twinkling at him from the corners of his dark reality.

"Kari... Matt... Tai... Davis... Sora... Ken... Yolei... Cody... Mimi... Izzy... Joe..." He whispered the names one after the other as they came to him, in order of importance in his heart. He was beginning to remember now. His big brother Matt in a cave all alone, Kari being pulled into some sort of Ocean not once, but twice... Why could he only remember the bad times?!? And why couldn't he remember anything about his own partner Digimon?

He slammed his fist on the desk in frustration, aware that Kari's cries from outside had stopped. He looked back up at himself in the mirror.

His eyes were blue.


"Kuso. I'm losing him again!"

"That devil-woman was actually getting him to remember! You need to keep a firmer hold on him."

"Watch who you call a Devil-Woman. But yes, I agree with you."

The three glowered at each other across the table as the first picked up the dice for the next roll.

"Get him back under control or the game ends immediately!" he barked.

"Whatever." The second rolled his eyes and reached out to trace the young blond's mind.

The third and only female snatched the dice away from the first. "It's my turn! Cheater!"


His eyes were gray.


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