((Warning: rape in this chapter. You can probably guess the specifics right now.))

"Alright, time to turn you into a hollow."

Not long after they had left the throne room, Nnoitra had begun to do that teleportation technique Jackal couldn't even comprehend (how did he move that fast? She had no idea), and so she had closed her eyes and just went with it, locked in a painfully tight hold against him. When she felt him stop, the tips of her boots scraping the ground, she opened her eyes and glanced around wherever they were. Large, crystalline trees surrounded them, and it was dark as well. Now there were even trees in a giant desert. Great.

"Is this a...forest?" She asked, tentatively, a little dumbfounded from the awe of the titanic trees around them.

"Forest of Menos. Have fun, you bitch."

And with that, she was dropped in that Menos Forest instead of crushed against her captor's side. She patted herself down, for no real reason other than it seemed to be a good idea at the time. Nnoitra was gone. Good, she could find her way out of this acid trip gone bad and maybe get one of those shinigami guys to take her somewhere else. If shinigami weren't there in this...desert (with forests, what the fuck), then they were probably in another world, or at least another part of the desert world she was in right now.

A howl that sounded like a scream cut her thoughts like butter and Jackal jerked back to look at where it came from, feeling terror bubbling up in the back of her throat again. Something big was coming towards her. Its weight pounded against the ground, and before she knew it, Jackal was on her feet and running in the opposite direction. Menos Forest, she should've known it was a shitty place full of more shitty monsters. She ran wildly, sprinted and continued to do so even as her legs ached and exhaustion threatened to bring her down, spurred on by all the screams and the stamping of large, horrific creatures, things, swarming around her and seeking a meal. And even as she ran like a bat from Hell, and even as unseen monsters flitted between the trees in the far distance in front of her, causing her to turn and run in another direction entirely, she could hear high-pitched, shuddering laughter echoing between the trees as loudly as her own ragged breathing. Of course that one-eyed fuck was watching her, waiting for her to fall so that he could do whatever he was going to do with her, turn her into a monster just like him...with the help of that absolutely terrifying man on the throne, whatshisfacezen, or that man that didn't stop smiling the entire time she saw him. They were dangerous people. They could do things to her that would drive her even more insane than she already was.

A towering beast lumbered out before her, and Jackal almost felt her sanity crumble into her hands.

"A whole...rare for the Forest..." A slithery voice came from the beast, a masked creature with rows of grinning teeth fused upon the bone, interlocking in an almost artistic design. The jaws parted and a long (too long, too long to be normal, to be human) slid out, oozing venomous saliva that dripped to the forest floor and sizzled. It was at least quadruple her height, and the flat golden-black eyes narrowed slightly before shooting wide open. As they did, it screamed in a horrible, horrible falsetto tone, and it lumbered towards her. Jackal clenched both hands over her ears, digging her fingers into her hair as her single eye widened as far as it would go. Nnoitra, he looked human. She could pretend he was human. Those two in the throne room, they were human (in appearance, at least). But this...this wasn't human. This was a horrific mockery of natural proportion, of humanity itself, and it and all its ilk represented a void that Jackal had not been prepared to stare so fully into.

The sudden show of something so hideous, so very eldritch in proportion, very nearly drove her to gibbering madness.

A hideously clawed paw slammed near her body and broke the mad trance, and Jackal began to run. She didn't know which direction she was running in, she didn't care if she was just going to run back where she came from. She just needed to get away from that thing. As she ran, it whirled around and swung its claws at her. They raked her back and the tip of the middle finger's claw hooked over her shoulder and gouged it as well, and Jackal screeched with pain as it did. But she didn't dare stop running. Unfortunately for the creature, Jackal was smaller a creature and, though not faster, could move with more agility to weave through the trees and disappear, and though she ran and ran and ran until she could run no more and collapsed behind a tree, by the time she did, the thing was far behind her.

It had been a long time since Jackal had felt so very vulnerable. So very human. She was sure that she had been a being above death and danger and fear and all those silly normal things, and so she had forgotten what it feels like to have a predator tracing your steps, something wanting to draw your blood and revel in the sight of it spilling. She now knew what her victims felt as the agony surged from her gouged shoulder and back, and it was a sobering taste of her own cruelty. She sat at the base of the tree, pulling her knees to her chest and clamping one hand over her bloodied shoulder tightly, laying her forehead on her knees and staying like that for as long as she dared. Her shoulder and back screamed with pain, and her legs ached beyond comprehension, and the blood from her wounds was sticking to her cheek and neck, plastering her already dark red hair to her skin and dyeing it another shade darker.

Jackal didn't cry. Crying is for prey and humans and people that don't kill other people for the rush. But damn it, what else could she do but sit there and wait for something to devour her? Or possibly, wait to bleed to death; maybe if she bled to death, she would go somewhere other than wherever that prick Jiruga wanted her to go. She doesn't want to be here anymore, that was for sure. She slowly faded out of consciousness, falling into horribly-needed sleep in that deadly place despite herself.

The sound of footsteps up ahead of her snapped her from her very light sleep, and she rolled up to a pained sitting position; they weren't booming stamps, but actual steps. Maybe it was someone there to help her.

A glimmer of hope dies in that dim forest as she sees Nnoitra walking towards her with an absoltuely predatory grin.

She moved to her feet in a shaky, pained sort of way as he came towards her, already moving backwards. Her legs still ached, but she would run as hard as she could if she had to. And when she saw him moving close enough, reaching for her, she turned and ran again. She weaved between trees, a tactic that had worked before, but finding herself much weaker than she normally was. Her running was no longer brisk and agile; it was sluggish, as every new step became harder and harder to perform.

"Takes too damn long for even hollows to kill you," A voice stated in a sneer right before her, a moment later Jackal slamming into Nnoitra's chest. It was like running full-speed into a brick wall; there was no way this man was even close to human, as his skin seemed to be like steel as she bounced off of him. She was knocked back a step, before trying to turn and run with the momentum. Jackal had sucked in a surprised breath, a gasp of terror and shock, before trying to flee him again. He caught her upper arm and dragged her back, tossing her full-force into a crystalline tree and watching her crumple lifelessly to the ground.

"Pretty sure they're thinking that I want you kept a whole for some reason. Fucking morons can't even eat a soul without being told," He snarled, walking towards her in a steady, unhurried pace, as Jackal wheezed on the ground, trying to catch the air knocked out of her with the impact of hitting the tree. Blood painted her neck and right cheek, the clothing on her left shoulder stained deep carmine, and as she moved to her hands and knees, she was trying to catch her breath. He grabbed a handful of her deep red colored hair and pulled hard, so that she was turned up and her face was visible to him, and when Jackal opened her eyes, she saw that he was beginning to smirk in a dangerous, absolutely vicious way.

"Have to say, kinda like it when you're bleeding," He stated, and she opened her one eye and managed a weak snarl.

"Fuck you."

He slapped her across the face, as hard as he could, and she went careening to the forest floor, sent sprawling by the sheer force of it. She hadn't been this mistreated even in life; why had the afterlife have to be so much worse than the living world? Jackal noted that she could taste blood; probably a split lip, as her lip was hurting at the moment.

"You just don't shut the fuck up, do you?" He asked, rhetorically, grabbing her by the hair again (it was long and easy to hold onto, and he liked that) and pulling her up to look at him once again. She wasn't crying. Why the fuck wasn't she crying? He liked to make them cry, because that meant that they were giving up and they knew he was better than them. And the Arrancar women he'd slapped around before knew that if they cried for him, then he might not be so cruel towards them as he could be. Jackal didn't know this, had no way of knowing, but damn it, that didn't matter.

Blood ran down from her split lip and ran down her chin, the small bead of blood continuing down her throat and disappearing under the collar of her shirt. Her single green eye was half-closed, squinted in pain, and Nnoitra had an idea. He was just going to eat her soul himself and get the fucking process over and done with, but why rush things, when there was so much opportunity?

Jackal didn't miss the sudden appearance of a cruel grin.

"Alright, you know what, Jackal?" He began, shaking her by her hair slightly just for the hell of it, "Since the fucking hollows around here are stupid as shit, I'm gonna finish what I started, just because of all the dumbfucks around here not knowing what the hell to do. But..." He tugged her up further, making her move to her knees just to keep her hair attached to her scalp, before starting to undo his pants. Her eyes widened as she recognized was he was wanting and, to Nnoitra's surprise, began to thrash violently.

"No! No, no no, NO!!" She screeched, twisting in his grip, ripping out hair as she did, but he just slammed her against the tree hard and she went limp, for the most part, as the back of her skull collided with the (fucking hard) tree, and black spots bloomed in her vision.

"Mellow the fuck out," He snarled, "And open your goddamned mouth before I rip your fucking jaw off trying to get it open myself."

He hooked his fingers behind the hinges of her jaw and pushed, incredibly hard, until she could stand the pressure no longer and her clenched jaws popped open. She didn't have much time to see what was happening before he shoved her face down and she took him in her mouth, gagging. Her hands pressed against his midsection as she tried to push herself away from him, to no avail as he cupped the back of her head and began to jerk her back and forth as he liked, sneering and sighing under his breath.

"You bite me, I'll rip your jaw off anyway, and I'll pull out all your teeth with my bare hands, and rip out all your organs through of your fucking mouth," Nnoitra growled in warning to her, feeling her teeth beginning to lower ominously, and she opened her mouth wider to give some notice of compliancy.

And when he saw her face, and saw the tears running down her cheeks, and felt her beginning to sob around him, he began to laugh. It was fucking gorgeous.

"You know," He breathed, and found his voice husky as he approached climax, "I think I like it when your makeup runs like that." It was as close to a compliment as she was ever going to get, and it was happening during rape. He leaned a hand against the tree to steady himself and continued to forcefully slam her face against his pelvis over and over again, groaning softly under his breath now and then. Not ripping out her tongue was a good idea.

When he came, it was about a half inch from Jackal's lips, and she cried out when he made sure that he came on her face. It hung in her hair like pearls against a deep ruby backdrop and ran down her cheek like the tears and the blood, and he spent that moment admiring his work of ruining her face so wonderfully. He did let go of her hair then and she collapsed to her knees again, cradling a broken nose from it being crushed against his hips again and again and again as he forced her. The blood ran down her chin and she was still crying, sobbing, as he fixed himself back up again, laughing quietly.

"Ha, for a murderous, mouthy bitch, you're not bad," He sneered, laughter in his voice, as she sobbed on the floor. He felt satisfaction at the sight, but there was also disgust at seeing her broken so easily. All he made her do was a blowjob, after all; he was being fucking generous in not just fucking the bitch the regular way right then and there. Ah, that was for later. "But now, I'm kind of tired. I'll be back when some hollow eats you alive, probably won't take long for a dipshit to figure it out. See ya."

Nnoitra turned and began to walk, completely unbothered by what he'd done. Really, why should he be bothered? She was his plaything anyway; a possession of his. He would get to do whatever the fuck he wanted to do with her. He'd be back later on anyway; sense out her reiatsu after she became a hollow, drag her back for Aizen to turn into an Arrancar, and then maybe fuck her on his bed until she couldn't move. That sounded good.

Jackal didn't notice he was gone for a good long while, spending an innumberable amount of time curled up on the ground, clutching her face and weeping. She had never been raped before, much less by such a disgusting monster masquerading as a man, and she felt absolutely filthy. Not to mention that her relatively lithe frame was absolutely wracked with agony, from her broken (smashed, more or less) nose to her gouged shoulder raked by that larger monster's long razor-sharp claws. She wanted, above all else, not to be in Jiruga's grasp, and she would've given anything to be out of this hell.

More footsteps caught her ear after such a long time completely alone with her sobs, and terror seized her heart as she thought that Nnoitra had become impatient and decided to finish her off himself. But her body hurt too much for her to try and run away again. So she only sat up as quickly as she could and backed up against the tree in terror, seeing one of the masked monsters heading towards her.

So this was it. This was her death.

Her second death, at least.

It reached out for her again, before the arm, in a flash, fell to the ground and the monster screeched. The head was sliced in half right before Jackal, and she watched as the monster dissipated into thin mist, a man-shaped figure sheathing what looked like a sword and turning towards her. She, her senses highly addled, flattened her back against the tree as completely as she could, but found herself too exhausted to do anything else but watch the person approach her. It seemed to be a real human, a red headed man wearing a brown-furred coat with those monster's masks placed on it here and there, and he seemed to stare at her ruined face for a moment, before drawing his sword again. She only stared, blankly, as he tipped her chin up, flipped the sword around to where the hilt faced her, and pressed the end of the sword against her forehead. She wanted to say something, anything, but could only stare blankly at him before things faded out to black, and she was gone.