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The Last of the Digidestined

I am the leader, the courage, the friendship. Alot of good it does me now. I, Daisuke
Motimiya, am the last of the Digidestined. The partner Digimon only live as long as their
partners do, so Veemon and I are getting pretty lonely.

Cody went first, ironicly, seeing as he was the youngest of us. We lost him in a terrible car
accident less then a year after the defeat of MaloMyotismon. Within the week
Armodillomon had faded as well.

We had no more losses for quite a while, until Matt developed bone cancer. He hung on
for as long as he could, mostly for Sora's sake. He died on their 12th wedding
anniversery, and Gabumon followed soon after.

Sora left us next, and it doesn't surprise me; after Matt's death she was only a shell of
what she once was. Biyomon followed, dieing on TK's birthday.

Mimi was next, followed closely by Joe and Izzy. She never had been able to choose
between them, and they all three died within a month of each other.

Yolei died about two years after that, and Tai left 4 months later. TK and Kari died at the
same moment, in each other's arms, the night their grandaughter, Hope, was born.

Ken and Wormmon held on longest of all, because I think Ken knew I would loose it if he
left too. But eventually they died, on the night of the 50th anniversiry of us defeating

So now only Veemon and I are left, the last of the Digidestined.
Daisuke closed his journal and walked painfully into the back yard. Veemon was already
there, sitting by the mound of earth that represented Gatomon. Daisuke servayed the
graves, laid in order of passing.

Cody, Armodillomon. Matt, Gabumon. Sora, Biyomon. Mimi, Palmon. Izzy, Tentomon.
Joe, Gomamon. Yolei, Hawkmon. Tai, Agumon. TK and Kari, Patamon and Gatomon.
And finally, Ken and Wormmon.

Daisuke sat down by his old friend. "It's been a while Ken. I miss you so much! You
should see Suki, growing so big. You'd be proud of your granddaughter."

Rolling onto his back next to Ken's grave he stared up at the stars. Veemon came to join
him. He pointed at a particular group. "See Ken, that constallation looks just like your
crest of Kindness. I wonder if Courage is up there somewhere? Lemme check."

And the last of the Digidestined spread his wings, and flew.
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