Katie had brought back six books from the book store: Supernatural, Skin, Faith, Phantom Traveler, Jus in Bello and No Rest for the Wicked.

Evie had read them all that same day. She'd read them over and over since then and had even compared the characters of Sam, Dean and Bobby to the Sam, Dean and Bobby she'd muttered about on the recordings. The similarities were too much to deny.

Both sets of characters drove in the same car, they talked the same way, they had the same job. Bobby was the father figure for both sets of characters. The characters she'd drawn even looked like the characters in the book to a degree. Bobby had a beard, Sam's hair was longer and Dean's was short.

She still didn't know who Castiel was, and a Captain Jack Harkness was never mentioned anywhere in the six books. She was still as perplexed as ever about these two people she'd spoken about in her sleep.

She did find something interesting in one of the books. The anti-demon possession necklaces in Jus in Bello looked exactly like the necklace Evie wore around her neck.

This caused her to start wondering if she'd read some of these stories before and the people she had been muttering about in the night were all just fictional characters. But somehow, she didn't think so. It didn't explain the necklace around her neck, unless she was a serious fangirl. But if she was a hardcore fangirl, wouldn't she remember? Besides, the series mentioned nothing about the other two characters she'd spoke of. Castiel and Captain Jack Harkness were still mysteries.

For weeks, she read the six books over and over again, she poured over sites dedicated to the series. Nothing ever came up about Castiel or Captain Jack Harkness. She was beginning to believe she would never know about these characters.

She was slouched on the couch drawing another addition to the Castiel archive in charcoal pencil. She was finished with the character, but was using her finger to create effect in the background. She loved drawing with charcoals, though more often than not, she got as much charcoal over her arms as on the paper.

There was a knock at the apartment door. Katie was in one of the other rooms, "Can you get that, Evie?" she called.

"Let me get right on that." Evie said. She unburied herself from her drawings and looked down at her charcoal covered arms. Moving around since getting the casts off had become much easier. Her leg and arm still hurt sometimes, but she supposed that was natural with any break. She stepped over to the door to open it.

She opened the door just enough to peek out of. She peered up a tall handsome man. She had only just opened the door, but she had already taken in his muddy boots, distressed jeans and flannel shirt.

Before he could say a word she spoke, "Let me guess, you're here for Ross, but as usual, he's not answering?"

"No, but nice haircut," the stranger said.

Katie's voice answered from behind, "Really, Evie, their called sketchbooks for a reason." Evie looked over her left shoulder to see her friend and roommate shoving papers in a pile. Katie picked up one of the drawings and looked up towards Evie at the door, "Oh my," Katie's eyes were wide and she stared at the man behind Evie.

"Katie?" Evie questioned.

Katie stepped over to where Evie stood and handed her a picture she'd picked up from the table, "Just look,"

Evie looked down at the drawing and up at the stranger still standing in the hallway outside her door, "Similarities are striking," Evie said, "But there's no way,"

Katie opened the door wider and looked at the stranger, "Are you gay?"

"No." the stranger spoke.

"Do you have any good looking friends?" Katie questioned.

"I have a brother." The stranger looked at Katie strangely, wondering why all the questioning.

"What's his name?" Katie asked.


Katie looked at Evie who was still studying the picture in her hands, she turned back to the stranger, "What's your name?"

"Dean," he answered, he was unsure why he was being asked who he was. Evie knew him, why was she playing dumb?

Evie dropped her hands to her side and looked at her friend, "Joke's over," she turned to face the stranger, "Get out," she turned back to her friend, "Where did you find him, Katie? You saw he looks like one of the guys from my drawings, you persuaded him somehow to play a joke on me. Do you think this is funny?" she asked angrily.

"This isn't a joke, Evie." Katie spoke.

"Look," the stranger spoke, taking a folded up piece of paper from his pocket, "You drew this picture for my brother and me on the plane."

"What plane?" Katie and Evie asked simultaneously.

"The plane to Cardiff," Dean spoke.

Evie looked at the drawing Dean held, it was a pencil drawing and it was drawn with her drawing style, her signature and the date was even on the bottom corner.

"I've never been out of the country." Evie said, "And I couldn't have drawn that picture on that date."

"Well, you did." Dean spoke, "Really, I'm Dean and my brother's name is Sam."

"Prove it," Evie spoke, looking harshly at the two men.

Dean pointed at her window, "Look outside, that's our car."

Evie stepped to the window and peered outside, the car from the drawings was parked in the parking lot.

"Evie, you know me, you know my brother."

"Scooby, I don't remember." Evie told Dean.

"Did you just call me Scooby?" he questioned.

"Did I? That was weird."

"No, because you always call me Scooby, you hardly ever call me Dean." He spoke.

"That's on the tapes."

"What tapes?" he questioned.

"That's beside the point, where did I get this necklace from?" Evie questioned, grabbing at the necklace she'd never taken off.

"There's more in the trunk of my car." Dean spoke.

"Fair enough, what does it do?" Evie asked.

"Don't ask him that!" Katie spoke up, "It's a necklace. Necklaces don't do anything."

"That one does," Dean spoke, pointing at the necklace Evie wore, "It protects against demon possession."

Evie turned to face Katie, "See? Not a trick question," She turned back to face Dean, "Okay, so you might be Dean, if you are Dean, you can tell me who Castiel is."

"He's an angel." Dean spoke.

"What does he wear?" Evie questioned.

"A suit and a light trench coat," he answered.

"What about Captain Jack?" Evie asked.

"Harkness wears period military, he's got a dark coat, and there's no way he's straight." Dean spoke.

"Why do you say that?"

"Period military is not the dress code of a straight man."

"Okay," Evie told him. She wanted to believe him. He looked almost exactly like her drawings. But she'd lost a month of memories, she couldn't be sure, "Where's your brother?"

"Sam's outside," Dean spoke.

"Get him up here," Evie said.

"You might actually want to go out to him." Dean suggested, he turned and took a step towards the outside door.

Evie slipped on flip flops, Katie did the same. The girls followed Dean outside.

"What's Sam doing out here?"

"He's watching something you left behind."

"What is it?" Evie asked.

"You'll see, but here," he handed over a dark folded up t-shirt, "Here's the t-shirt we owe you." He led the girls through the parking lot.

"You owe me a t-shirt?" Evie questioned. She opened the t-shirt and looked at it, "Aww, Scooby-Doo. I love Scooby-Doo."

"Yeah, look, you probably don't remember, but trust me, we owe you a t-shirt."

"Why do you owe me a t-shirt?" she questioned again.

"Long story,"

"Why? Did you rip it off or something?"

"It was one of those 'do or die' moments," Dean said, smiling at his own joke.

"I'm sorry, I must have cement on my brain. Do or die?" Evie asked, anger shone through her voice.

Dean picked up the anger, "You probably have a scar there," he pointed to Evie's abdomen exactly where her scar should be, "Most likely, no one can explain that scar, but you know it's a recent one."

Evie's hand flew to her scar, "How did you know that?"

Dean smiled, "Told you," He rounded a bend in the parking lot and waved at his brother.

Katie stopped mid-step when she saw the car Sam had been standing by, "That's your car?"

Dean answered, "No, that's Evie's car."

"Look, I know I'm short a car, but this can't be my car." Evie spoke.

"Well it is your car," Sam stepped up and joined the conversation, "Nice haircut, but how can you forget you drove this car?"

"I lost a month," Evie admitted, "But that's not my car." She paused, "I don't even know what it's called."

"Six-fifty-one horsepower," Dean hinted.

Evie's face was blank.

"Zero to sixty in three point one seconds," Dean hinted again.

Evie raised her eyebrow, she had no idea what he was talking about.

"V12 engine with four valves per cylinder, four-hundred eighty-five pounds per feet of torque and a top speed of two hundred seventeen,"

Sam slapped his brother's arm, "Dude, just tell her."

"Yeah, I don't speak car." Evie admitted.

"This Ferrari Enzo is yours." Dean spoke, "You left it at Bobby's, but apparently someone wanted you to keep it. Dean pulled a badge from his back pocket and opened it.

It was a piece of paper with the words "Give her the car" written on it. Evie blinked and the message changed to her address.

"Whoa," Evie spoke, she studied the badge, "How did it do that?"

"Psychic paper, you gave it to us, Evie." Dean answered.

"Where did I get it from?"

"The badge or the car?" Sam questioned.

"The car,"

"The angels gave it to you." Dean answered.

"Why would they give me a car?"

"Incentive to go on a mission for them," Sam spoke.

"What mission?"

"The one where they gave you an Italian supercar for and where you got shot, but don't remember." Sam answered.

Dean shot his brother a glare. Dean didn't need Evie to know he was the one who shot her.

"You were shot?" Katie asked.

"Apparently," Evie said, "That's what the doctors said, but it was all a mystery to them."

"Who shot her?" Katie questioned.

Dean looked uncomfortable under her gaze. Sam stepped in and answered for his brother, "Don't worry, cops caught the guy already."

Evie nodded, "Okay,"

Sam offered Evie the keys to the Enzo, "You should take it for a drive."

Evie took the keys from him.

Dean turned to Evie's friend Katie, "You should go with, she'll probably be more comfortable with someone she's sure she knows riding shotgun."

"Okay," Katie said. She ran up to the Enzo and touched it as if she was unsure if it was real.

Evie looked at the two guys in front of her, "Look, I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna disappear before we get back," She hugged both of them, "Feel free to pop in whenever you guys are in town."

"What was the hug for?" Dean questioned.

"For saving me from the Chupacabra," she smiled and hurried away to the Enzo where her friend waited. She got in and waved to the boys on her way off into the sunset.

"Dude, she remembers," Sam spoke.

"I noticed," Dean spoke. He dug out the keys to the Impala as they walked to their car, "Where to, Sammy-boy?"

"Sunny Arizona or rainy North Carolina?"

"Arizona," Dean spoke, he opened the driver's side door and stepped into the Impala, he thrummed the engine to life and just as Sam closed the door, they were off and on the road again.