You're still here?


Hi. So here's what I'm thinking. I know we all agree that I need to get myself in gear and update. We agree that I am also a lazy bum and have an act to get together. My problem is inspiration. You know what inspires me? All of you. You know what else? Music. So I thought to myself, "Self, why not put your two greatest inspirations together?" And I answered, "Well, self, you can't expect All Of You to just inspire you willy nilly." And I answered, "Y u so pessimistic, self?" In conclusion, I propose a project that you, my dearly beloveds, can be a part of.



I just want your music.

Here's exactly what I'm asking for: Escape, The Musical.

No. That's a lie. What I'm really asking for is that if there is a song or twelve you think particularly suits The Escape, send them to me via whatever you want. My end goal is this fabulous at-least-five-song-in-case-you-haven't-all-given-up-on-me-completely-derp playlist that will ultimately inspire this horrendous postless atrocity to end. (Depending on the participation it may become a contest and an actual FST hmmmm? Well. Maybe not. An it can dream. It's a glorious plot in my head, you know.)


So that's about it. Send me your songs if you believe them to be befitting of Escape and I'll make this awesome master playlist that I'll share once the next chapter is done. All of Bya's links are on the profile, and since ff.n isn't exactly link friendly, I'd suggest you send a suggestion to me... y'know... elsewhere.

In conclusion, you don't need to review this and tell me I'm a terrible person (because once the next chappy-chap's up, I'm taking this crap down). Or maybe you do. I can take it.

(That was a lie. I can't. I'm wussier than a sackful of coward pudding.)

Thank you all for your time if you read this! If you didn't... well, then you don't know that I'm calling you a smelly strawberry behind your back. So there.


PS: I would have posted this on my profile, and in fact, I had planned to, but I srsly doubt that this would have received the attention I was hoping for if I did, so here we are. I really hate when authors do this, so I'm willing to accept your unadulterated hippie rage. I love you gaiz. Truleh.