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Kyoko Mogami walked along the hallway, deep in thought, and carrying around 180 sheets of paper for her Love Me assignment. As she rounded the corner, she smashed into a brick-hard wall, her papers flying everywhere. She looked up, and found out her wall wasn't really a wall, but the toned, muscular, sculpted chest of Japan's leading actor, and one of the main sources of her problems, Ren Tsuruga.

"Ts-Ts-Tsuruga san!" she stuttered. "I'm so sorry!" Ren just gave a small chuckle and helped her collect the papers. Glad to help out the girl he loved.

Kyoko grabbed the papers, gave one last bow and dashed of down the hallway, to

Sawara san's office. She burst in through the door, scaring Sawara san. He dropped the pen he was holding, and the three high-school aged boys sitting in front of him to look at Kyoko. Her orange hair escaping the ponytail, and her skin flushed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Sawara san! President Takerada wanted me to deliver these papers to you."

"Ah, it's okay, Kyoko chan; in fact, I have your new assignment right here." Sawara san said, gesturing to the three boys. One of then had long, shiny silver hair and ice-blue eyes, the second a complete opposite. He had light brown hair, and light brown eyes. The third had blonde hair (Like that bastard, Shoutaro.) and green eyes. Blue eyes gave a wink at Kyoko. She took an involuntary step back.

"Kyoko chan," Sawara san continued. These boys are in our newest band Eternal Night. They are Yuki Hanabashi (Blue eyes), Kyohei Takenagi (Brown eyes), and Atsuro Nakamura (Green eyes). Your job is to be their temporary manager. Their real one got sick, with the flu, I think.

"Um, okay, Sawara san!" Kyoko said. "I just have to give the President something, and then I'll come back." With that, Kyoko raced out the door. She went in to the elevator, and found a surprise. "MOKO-CHAAAAAAN!" Kyoko yelled. "Mo! Take it down a notch!" Kanae Kotonami hissed.

"Why are you screaming you lungs and brains out, anyway? I mean c'mon, you were perfectly happy 10 minutes ago when you were delivering the papers to Sawara san!" That's why I'm so down!!!" Kyoko yelled. "Huh?" Kanae asked in a concerned voice. "It's terrible!" Kyoko cried. "I have to play manger for a few days for this new band! And, the creepiest thing of all, one of them winked at me!"

Kanae was alarmed; Kyoko had been winked at tons of times before, why was she freaking out because of this certain wink?

Mo, are you okay? You're acting kind of spazzy…" Kanae stated with concern.

"Thanks, yeah I'm fine; it's just, I don't know, I have a weird feeling…"

"A weird feeling about what?" A deep, but recognizable voice sounded in her ear. Kyoko shrieked and turned around, only to look up into the face of none other than, Ren Tsuruga.

"Ah, nothing really, it's just-" At that moment her floor dinged. "Oh, excuse me. Moko chan, will you meet me at the café for lunch?" Kyoko asked as she walked out of the elevator. "Sure, see you then." Kanae gave a wave as Kyoko left.

"Tsuruga san," Kanae asked, "Would you like to join Kyoko and me?" "Sure…" Even though Ren was excited. He didn't want it to change his nonchalant appearance.

Meanwhile, Kyoko was walking down the hallway towards the president's office when a little girl bumped into her. "Maria chan!" Kyoko exclaimed, hugging the little girl. "Kyoko onii-chan!" Maria cried. "You're not going to see grandpa, are you?" Maria asked concerned, referring to the president, Lory Takerada. "Uh, yeah, Maria chan, is that a problem?" Kyoko asked, slightly concerned. "Uh-huh, he's scary! He threw his coffee clear across the room! He almost hit me!" Maria chan started crying. "Maria chan, Maria chan! It's okay. I'll go talk to the president, okay. You should come with me." Maria gave a small sniffle and nodded. "Okay Kyoko onii-chan."

Maria and Kyoko entered the room. Kyoko holding Maria on her hip, and Maria burying he face in Kyoko's neck. "Um, President Takerada?" Kyoko asked. "Is this a bad time?" "Oh, Kyoko chan, Maria." The president looked up. "Is something wrong, president?" Kyoko asked. "Yes, our new band, Eternal Night doesn't have a manager." "Oh, is that it? Sawara san gave me that job for a few days." "That's the problem!" The president yelled. Kyoko handed him the papers she had for him, and then asked him why. "Because, you and Ren Tsuruga were supposed to have a photo shoot!" The president answered. "For what?!" Kyoko asked, alarmed. "Well, it's to promote you two, and to also promote your new movie."

"What movie?!!" Kyoko shrieked, causing Maria to flinch. You'll learn the details later. Hopefully it won't interfere with your manager duty. He quickly waved them away.

"See what I mean?!" Maria asked. "Yeah, but I can't believe that that was the thing that was giving him trouble, couldn't he just come out and say it?" "Yeah, um, Kyoko onii-chan? Can you put me down?" Maria wriggled in Kyoko's grasp. Kyoko quickly put her down and fixed the Bow in Maria's gold-ish brown hair.

"Kyoko onii-chan!" Maria declared, "Since you're going to be acting, as well as being a manager, I'm going to help you! I'll be you're assistant!" "Uh, Maria chan, as helpful that sounds, you're only 10…" Kyoko said. "So? You're only 16!" Maria glowered. "Okay, okay fine Maria, you can be my assistant." Kyoko said, clearly exasperated. "YAY! Thank you Kyoko onii-chan!"

By this time, they had reached Sawara san's office. Kyoko knocked, and then entered, Maria following closely at her heels. "Sawara san? When do I start my assignment?" She looked at the three boys, who were staring at her, in her orange-haired, amber-eyed, and hot pink Love Me uniformed glory. "Now." Sawara san said. "Oh yeah, Maria is going to be my 'assistant,' since I'll be acting in some movie the president is making me do." "Oh, okay, but you know that Maria's 10, right?" Sawara san question. "Yeah" Kyoko responded. "Okay then, first, please take them to stage six." Sawara san said gesturing to the boys. "Yes sir. C'mon Maria."

She waited for the band to walk in front of her. As she was leading the band to stage six. Atsuro asked her, "Mogami san, do you have a boyfriend?" Maria snickered quietly as Kyoko whirled around and screeched "EEHHHH?!" "Do you have a boyfriend?" Kyoko just shrugged and said, "I don't know how that's any of your concern." Then Yuki slipped is hand around Kyoko shoulders. Kyoko shrugged out of it.

At just that moment, Ren walked up to them. "Hello Mogami san and Maria…" He looked at the three boys, and then looked at Kyoko. Kyoko quickly introduced them. "Oh then, please excuse me Mogami san, I didn't mean to interrupt. And I'll see you at the Café." Ren smiled and took his leave.

'DON'T GOOOO!' Kyoko screamed in her head, but instead she just took a bow, and leaded them to a stage. She said goodbye. Maria followed her and said, "Why will Tsuruga san be meeting you at the café?" "Moko san probably asked him to come." As Kyoko was heading off the stage, she bumped into Director Ogata.

"Director Ogata!" Kyoko smiled. "Ah, Kyoko chan, I was looking for you!" "Why Director?" "For the photo shoot and movie that you are doing with Ren. Forbidden Love!" "WHAT!!!!" Kyoko yelled. "Yes, please go upstairs to Conference Room #3." 'Forbidden Love?!'



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