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The last thing Kyoko remembered was Maria's scream, and then, everything went black…

"Owww" Kyoko sat up rubbing her head. She could still smell that gross smell. "Must've been chloroform." She looked around the car. Her eyes resting on her enemy, Shou Fuwa. (Haha, originally it was supposed to be the band, but since everyone guessed that, it wouldn't be fun! ;D)

"Y-you! What do you want?" Kagome stuttered.

"Listen, Kyoko, I liked you, I really did, and now, I want to start over." Shou said with a fake smile.

"Listen, bastard, I know that smile is fake, I use the same one around the new band." Kyoko replied snottily.

"What band? Oh you mean Eternal Night?" Shou said, spitting his last two words.

"Yeah, at least they have more style, they didn't have to drug me to talk to me." Kyoko smiled, secretly thinking that she hated them almost as much as she hated Shou.

"That doesn't mean that I don't still like you!" Shou yelled.

"Well, sorry, but I was over you a looong time ago, so if you'll excuse me, please stop the car." Kyoko said.

"You're not leaving!" Shou yelled.

"Listen Shou-Tar-O, I have to leave, and besides, if I stay here, it doesn't mean that I'll talk to you." Kyoko smirked, drawing out his name.

With that, Shou forcefully kissed Kyoko, slamming his tongue into her mouth when he heard her gasp.

…..Back with Maria…...

Maria ran as fast as she could towards LME, her feet pounding across the gravel. It was a far run, but she ran with all of her might, her dress flaring behind her.

She burst in the building and prayed that Ren would be in his dressing room, thankfully, he was.

"Ren-chan!" she panted, come quickly! A car came up out of nowhere and took away Kyoko onii-san! (I know she doesn't call him "chan", but I think that it's cute.)

"Uh, what did the car look like, Maria?" He asked frantically, rubbing a hand through his hair.

"It was a black and gold Ferrari… an arm shot out and grabbed her….. there were a lot of ring….. and a studded bracelet!"

"Did you see what any of the rings looked like?"

"One had a big black rock…. On a… silver band!"

"Rock…. Oh!" Ren snapped his fingers. "That sounds like Shou Fuwa! There was a picture of him on Music Weekly with a big black rock facing the camera! Come on Maria! No time to lose!" He tucked his script into his bag and ran after Maria

….With Kyoko…...

"SHOUTARO FUWA! WHAT IN THE SEVEN HELLS DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? YOU CAN'T JUST KISS ME!" Kyoko was furious! She had feigned lack of air and when Shou had pulled back she spit in his face.

"What the hell do you think YOU'RE doing? You can't just spit in my face!" Shou was wiping Kyoko cooties off his face. He pulled up back to the park saying, "You can go back now, Kyoko, but I will get you back later, when you're ready to talk in a CIVILIZED MANNER!" He pushed her onto the curb and sped up.

Not 10 seconds later another black Ferrari pulled up, this one all black. Maria jumped out and hugged her leg.

"Kyoko onii-san! Are you okay? What did he do? ARE YOU OKAY?" She was crying frantically, hysterically actually.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine Maria, let's just head back to the house, I can tell you about it when we get there. Tsuruga san can join us if he wishes."

"I'm still sleeping over?" Maria asked, hopefully.

"Sure. C'mon, let's go!" With that, Kyoko stepped into Ren's car, giving hi, a quick smile.


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