It was a bright and lovely day in the village of Konoha and all of the villagers were already chasing Miko Yuri,a very dangerous and monsterous being. She was only 12 years old and her powers were uncontrolable. It was unpredictable and strong. One of her greatest crime was almost destroying Konoha. The ten-tailed cat demon,also known as Kyuu, was almost removed out of her body and it caused the village a great disaster. She was still tired and worn out early this morning and she could take another step.

' Kit,hurry up,they're gaining on you' It was Kyuu.
She was talking to her in her mind but nobody could hear it except her.

" I know that...but I cant..." she tried to speak between gasps.

Her legs felt weak and she fell down on the floor.

'kit!! transform,now!'

"right.." Miko said, making handsigns and transforming into a two-tailed cat.

" she turned into a cat, dont loss sight of her!!!" a village official said.

Miko immidiately rushed out of the village and went on wandering through places. Soon, she stumbled upon the village of Suna. She immidiately went on exploring the village. She comes to a time when a petite red haired boy, whom was the son of the current Kazekage. Then, a ninja appeared behing Miko and snatched her away.

"let go of me!"

" no, we'll not let you go unless you do us a little favor"

"what kind?!"

"a assassination,we've heard that you are a powerful shinobi from Konoha, and we want you to, kill the Kazekage's son..."

"i cant do that!"

"it's the kazekage's orders, so you better obey it.."

"why would he want me to kill his own son?!"

" just kill him!!!"

'kit, it's your choice...'

"I-I will"



Gaara was out again, looking at the moon, when suddenlly, a bunch of kunai-s hit his back, but his sand prevented it. He immidiately looked back and saw a ninja in black suit.

------------------1 MINUTE LATER-
The ninja was pinned on the wall. whoever that guy was, he/she was a pretty good fighter. Soon enough he/she was breathing heavily. Gaara approched him/her and took off the mask. Surprisely she was a girl!

" who sent you here?!"

" your father..."

" AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! why does he want to kill me?!"

" i could have declined it you know..."

" what?"

" a ninja made me do it....hypnotism jutsu i think"

" but...why.....why me....they're always after me..." He cried between sobs. Miko reached her arms around him and pulled him for a hug. Gaara winced at the sudden act.

" dont worry...i promise i'll be here for you..."

" but....why..."

" hehehe...it's nothing"

" why?!"

"to make you happy.."

"you....you're different..."

" (^-^) hehehe...."

" ..."

" Let's be friends!"

" friends?!"

" yeah...if its alright with you..."

" I'll....be happy too.."


" you too..."


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