I must warn you that this sucks. A lot. But it was my first M- rated fic, and I figured I'd put it up anyways cuz I was a little proud of it.

It was just one night.

One night couldn't hurt anything, could it? Just one night. One night when they weren't brother and sister. They were just Jace and Clary, and the rest of the world melted away. They would go to Idris tomorrow, and this night would have to be forgotten, shelved away in the deeper regions of thier memories. He didn't want to forget. He couldn't tell if she did.

She could feel it in his bones as he pressed himself against her, the longing and passion that begged to be set free. His lips gently tounched hers, and fire coursed through her veins. She wanted him, needed him, and she didn't let anything stop her as she reached to undo the buttons on his shirt. He in turn led her slowly to the bed, where she stripped off her pants. There was an impossible heat between them that no amount of ice could cool. She let him pull her tank top up over her head, then reach around her back to fumble with the hook on her bra. He tossed it to the floor, still kissing her earnestly. The fell back on the pillows, scrambling for the protection and cover of the white sheet. She allowed herself to take in the moment, feeling every part of his warm, naked body against hers. Their lips parted for a moment, and she struggled to catch her breath as he carressed her.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?" He murmered hungrily in her ear.

"About as long as I have?" She guessed with a breathless laugh. He chuckled as well, reveling in the feel of her hands exploring his chest. She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and closer, yet somehow not nearly close enough. She was lost, and he was the pinpoint of light in her darkness.

Later, she would be able to remember the euphoria, however breif it might've been. She would remember every sound he'd made, every word he'd spoken, and every place he'd touched her. She would re-live the night when she needed to escape, even though the aftereffects of the memories nearly killed her. She would remember the way he'd told her he loved her, how gently he'd held her and how safe she'd felt as she drifted into a peaceful sleep. She would also, unfortunatly, remember the way they had both acted as though nothing had happened, and how much it hurt her to look into his eyes after that.

It was just one night.

But it would haunt her forever.