An Endless Love

To commemorate the conclusion of the Australia and New Zealand tour of The Phantom of the Opera, I am very excited to post my latest fic. After two long years, it's now ready.

An extra special thanks to my Beta for listening to me drone on about Erik and Kristina, for editing and for finally giving back my draft!

I do not own The Phantom of the Opera.

The Impossible Dream

Mietta grabbed Kristina's wrist and dragged her through the immense crowds of Hyde Park who were listening to the bands. The two friends had just finished their performance at the theatre less than an hour before and rushed to the park to get their money's worth from the tickets they had bought for the Wireless Festival. They shoved their way to the middle of the crowd to listen to the band currently playing.

Consumed with a feeling that she was being stared at, Kristina turned around. Searching for someone who was paying her an unusual amount of interest was impossible. The only person who might have been showing even the slightest bit of interest was a man with dark hair and a little mole under his left eye. She shrugged and turned her attention back to the band on the stage.

Hours later, she and Mietta headed back the way they came. They were at the edge of the crowd when a dark-haired, slim-faced man – the man who had been standing near them – extinguished his cigarette and took a step towards the pair.

"Do you have a mobile?" he asked, looking pointedly at Kristina. "My phone has died and I need to make a call. I'm happy to pay for the call." He fished his wallet from his trousers pocket.

Kristina nodded and handed him her phone, refusing to accept the coin he held out to her. She watched as he waited for whomever it was that he was calling to pick up. In the end he ended the call and handed the phone back to her.

"They're not answering. Thanks anyway…" His voice trailed off, waiting for her name.

"Kristina," she responded with a smile as she held out her hand. "This is my friend, Mietta."

He shook the two women's hands. "I'm Roy. Thank you for your phone, Kristina." Roy gave the two women a beautiful smile, complete with a dimple, and then left the park, leaving them staring after him in confusion.

"A few of us are heading to the pub. Are you coming with us?" Mietta asked Kristina as the two friends made their way to their dressing room at the end of the show. "You don't have another breakfast date with Roy, do you?"

Kristina smiled at the thought of the man she had met at the festival. The sneak had called himself on her mobile to get her phone number. The following day he had called her and invited her out for coffee. The meeting had gone so well that they decided to go out the following day. That had been over a fortnight ago.

"Mietta, if you keep pestering me to come out with you I might change my mind," Kristina said with a grin. Ever since she decided not to go out to the pub after theatre last Saturday night because she was going out with her boyfriend early the next morning, Mietta had been constantly teasing her. "I'll be there." She gave her a playful shove, giggled and went on ahead to their dressing room.

A short time later, Kristina, Mietta and a few of the cast members and techies walked the short distance to the pub. They pushed two tables together and settled themselves down around the tables. Kristina ordered herself a cheap house wine while the others ordered a jug of beer.

"How can you drink that?" Sean, the lighting director, glared at Kristina's wine.

"The same way you insist on drinking that," Kristina responded as she poked her tongue at Sean.

Defending Kristina, Mietta picked a peanut from the bowl and threw it a Sean. It bounced off his chest and landed in his beer.

"Sod off, Mietta!" He fished the nut from his drink and threw it back at Mietta, missing her and hitting Kristina.

Kristina laughed and began to dig around in her bag, searching for a tissue to wipe the stains from her top. She didn't find the tissue, but she did find something sharp which cut her finger. Pulling her hand out from the depths of the bag she looked at the blood that oozed from the cut and felt the world spin.

"It's all right, Kristi," Mietta said softly, having seen her friend's pale face. She wrapped a serviette around her finger and pushed her head down between her knees. "Just breathe and you will feel okay."

Kristina looked anywhere but at her bleeding finger. She and Mietta watched the breaking news on the TV in the corner of the room. The pub fell silent as the patrons listened to the news.

"Police are investigating the suspicious deaths of the two men and one woman in Brasov. They believe the deaths to be linked with the alleged murders of four men and two women in Ufa and Tula, and also to the deaths of three men in Uliastay last month. All twelve victims were found with two puncture wounds on their neck and were drained of their blood."

Her eyes wide, Kristina glanced at the others, trying to figure out how to react to such alarming news by judging the others' reactions. Sean raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"Two punctures on their neck, huh? It sounds like a vam-pire," he announced loudly in a Transylvanian accent.

The table burst into a noisy chatter. Kristina shuddered. There was no such thing as a vampire, yet she could not help but be alarmed at the deaths these victims had endured. How could people drink blood? It was disgusting! She fainted at the sight of it.

Seeing her shudder, Mietta elbowed Kristina and smiled. "They're not so attractive now, are they? Vampires are much more sexy when they're in the pages of a book, aren't they?"

Grimacing, Kristina took a big swallow of her wine.

Erik knocked on the back door of the butcher shop. He played with the keys in his pocket as he impatiently waited for the door to open. Knocking again, louder this time, Erik was greeted with the sight of his butcher, looking tired in his bloody apron.

"'Evening, Erik."

"Good evening, Joseph. I was hoping you had some blood."

He had been buying his blood from Joseph for years and still the awkwardness of asking him for blood had not waned. He would never be able to explain the truth about what it was and why he needed the blood so often. No one would understand.

Joseph nodded and left Erik standing in the alleyway while he fetched the containers of blood. Money changed hands and Joseph eyed Erik curiously. Erik breathed a sigh of relief when the blood was in his possession.

"So, what are you doing with that?" Joseph had been trying ever since he had first met Erik to discover just what he did with all that blood.

Erik offered him a forced and patently fake smile. "The usual."

Joseph watched him leave, more confused than ever.

"I want that," Kristina whispered softly to herself as she stared up at the stage of the West End theatre in awe.

She and Roy were attending a matinee performance of a new West End musical. Kristina could feel Roy beside her, bored at the storyline and the singing, but Kristina could not pull her eyes away from the stage. She took everything in, delighting in the music, singing and costumes.

Kristina watched the leading female with a great deal of envy. How she longed to be up on a stage in a theatre more respected than a little amateur theatre. She wanted to sing in a musical in front of crowds of people who wanted to see her.

"You're very quiet," Roy commented when Kristina had not said anything as they sat down at a nearby coffee shop.

The play had been boring, yet Roy had suffered through it for Kristina's sake. He had hoped that she would be excited about the show – and make his sacrifice worthwhile – but since the end of the show, she had been silent and almost sad.

"I'm just thinking," she responded softly, her mind still imagining what it would be like to play the lead. She absentmindedly placed her hand on his, even as her mind continued to drift.

Roy smiled. "Anything you want to share?"

Kristina didn't respond. She just allowed her imagination to run away. The thought of having to go to her little theatre now after such a magnificent performance left her shattered. She wanted to cry. At the moment, her dream seemed so far away. Impossible.

All her life she heard that she was not good enough. She was not as smart or pretty as her sister. Rebekah had succeeded where Kristina had failed. She was the one with the well-paying job and the handsome husband. Kristina had neither of those things. She was no closer to reaching her dream now than she had been when she was sixteen.

"Roy, do you think I will ever be good enough for West End?" she asked, tears in her eyes.

"I already do, Kristi," he assured her as he folded his hand around hers. "You are a great singer and I am sure that one day you will be on a stage."

She smiled through her tears, thankful for his support. She just hoped that he meant it and was not just saying that to keep her quiet.