A/N I don't own Doctor Who or any of these characters that I'm playing with. This is just a little something I wrote last year when Donna ceased to exist as we all know her. I haven't updated it to reflect the Christmas or Easter specials because I liked it too much as is.

There was something wrong with Donna Noble. Martha and Jack had been sitting in the hub at midnight just after a mission, harassing Mickey, when Sylvia called panicked. She had remembered them from the time when Wilf's computer turned on for Harriet Jones. It had taken hours that seemed like an eternity to figure out how to contact them. Martha Jones' mother was the one who ultimately gave her a contact number. She had been a bit snippy about the late call but ultimately agreed that Torchwood needed to be called.

"One will still die" Dalek Caan shrieked. The Doctor woke up in a cold sweat. She was safe. He knew it. He had walled off her memory.

'Was it the right thing to do?' he scratched his head. Walking out into the console room he felt the TARDIS sigh a sad little sigh. He stood where he had been when she begged him not to take those memories. She had cried, she pleaded, but he was out of time. There was nothing to be done. He was SO close to finally having someone who understood, really understood again but he had to give it up. She was his best friend. He reached his hands out and he could feel her face. He felt her crash into him again, and he felt the same overwhelming despair.

He walked over and stroked the console a bit.

"I know, you miss her too." He sighed, "We had the best of times." The Doctor retreated back into his room, passing by her door on the way. Some of her things were still there. He and Wilf hadn't had much time to move her out. He had actually seen Wilf a few times looking up from that hilltop at him in the night. He stopped and went back to the console.