Hey Guys! I am so so sorry it took so long to get an update out. Every time I remember to work on it, I can't think of anything, and then I get more reviews, and it's a horrible circle that I can't escape from. The story is not yet done, but updates are kind of few and far between. I hope you all like this!


Dr. Cockroach tumbled off his bunk and hit the floor on hands and knees, antennae quivering in expectation. When no further commotion came than Monger shouting for all the monsters to turn out, he relaxed and picked himself up off the floor. Scurrying through his rising door, he noticed Bob and Link both assembled. Susan was nowhere in sight.

"Nice to see ya up and about, Doctor." said Monger as the insect joined the ranks. The Doctor glanced up and down the line, looking for the obvious Susan. As if on cue, Link spoke up.

"Monger, where's Susan?" The general chuckled.

"Well, Monsters, we have a bit of a situation here." He snapped his fingers and all the lights went out. Dr. Cockroach rolled his eyes. For such a stickler, Monger certainly did have a flair for the dramatic. As he watched, he grew grudgingly more impressed. A three-dimensional hologram was materializing in the air just beyond the line of monsters. Monger was circling it like a vulture. The last few bytes of hologram fell into place, and the image began to move. It was Susan, racing through the forest. The trees must have been huge, though, since they were nearly as tall as she was. Suddenly, an enormous figure burst through the foliage and took Susan to the ground. The doctor started and reached out a hand towards the hologram.

"Ginormica took on a special mission late last night, Monsters. She is currently in the great Redwood forest, battling some unknown creature. She took Insectosaurus, so we have no way of getting you to her. And trust me, she needs your help." The hologram, which featured Susan struggling against the beast, faded out into motes. "I'm not going to sugar-coat it, boys. We have a problem.

"We're all over it, Boss." Link gave a mocking salute and hurriedly swung his way back to his quarters. Bob nodded, scooting across the floor. Dr. Cockroach took one last look at the place where Susan's image was fading.

"General, wait!" he cried, throwing out a hand. "Turn the hologram back on." Puzzled, the General pressed a button on his wristwatch and the hologram flashed back into life. Susan was struggling along the ground, pursued by the creature. The massive hand reached out, picked her up, and threw her against one of the huge trees. She cried out, and was still. Link darted forward, but Bob looked down at Dr. Cockroach. The moment Susan's head fell, he had collapsed. Miles apart, both of them lapsed into unconsciousness.

Dr. Cockroach awakened to a raging storm. Blackness was everywhere except where tongues of flame fell from the sky, all whipped about by a seething wind.

"Susan!" he howled over the tempest. He raced about in the darkness, looking for her. Finally, almost despairing that he would lose Susan as well as be trapped in this hell, he tripped. Looking down, he saw by the light of a flame that he had found her. Curled on her side, Susan lay unmoving. "Susan. Susan!" he shrieked, shaking her shoulders. She opened her eyes, but they wouldn't focus. Slowly they closed again. "No, Susan, blast it!" Rearing back, he slapped her hard across the face. Instantly she was awake, clutching her cheek and looking indignant. With a sob of relief, the doctor pulled her to his chest in a tight embrace.

"Doctor? What's going on?" she asked, groggily, pushing herself back from him. Reluctantly he let her go before helping her to her feet. "I don't know Susan. You are unconscious. This isn't how this is supposed to work.

He looked about, much of his vision obscured by the flares. A distant rumble met his ears, and he turned to see Susan go flying, screaming his name. Dr. Cockroach raced after her but when he reached her, she was growing more and more transparent. "Doc, I think I'm waking-" and she disappeared.

Dr. Cockroach stared at the place Susan had occupied. She was gone, but he was still here. A gut-wrenching crack met his ears as a gaping chasm opened up mere feet from him. Desperately he looked around, looking for that white door that always appeared. Instead he found more chasms. Susan's unconscious was breaking up because she was no longer in it. Then why was he still there? He blanched. His work with the DreamCatcher must have tied their subconciousnesses together. When she fainted earlier, he was pulled through by force. But now what? He had no idea where he was, or how far he was from his own body.

A small crack formed beneath his feet. Lost in thought, though, he didn't notice until it was too late. The small crack wickedly yawned, opening up a hole that the doctor instantly fell into. Panicking, the man reached out and caught a protrusion, trying to avoid falling into the depths. For a moment he was safe, but then the rock began to crumble beneath his fingers. He had no idea where the bottom of this hole would take him, but he wasn't taking any chances. Still scrabbling for purchase on the rough wall, he leaned his head against the stone and whispered gently, leaving Susan a message for the next time she dreamed.

"Susan-" he whispered, so low he couldn't even hear himself "I love-" but the chasm was having no part of it, and shattered beneath his grip. He disappeared into the darkness.

Thunder. Or at least that's what it sounded like. He opened his eyes. Oh. Not thunder. Just trees falling.

Trees Falling! Instantly, Dr. Cockroach was awake. He rolled to avoid the gigantic redwood tree falling directly towards him. However, he didn't move quite fast enough, watching as the tree fell on top of his outstretched leg. He steeled himself for the mind-numbing pain, but it never came. Cracking one eye, he looked back at what he was sure was a pool of blood running out from beneath the massive tree. But it wasn't. He gave his leg an experimental tug and watched in amazement as it passed through the trunk with no resistance. Shocked, he looked down at his hands. He could see bits of forest loam beneath his palms. He hesitantly lifted a hand, which felt solid enough, and touched his face. No bug eyes or antennas. Still the hair and the nose.

So not only was he ethereal, he still looked like his old self.

What had gone wrong?