Keeping Them on the Leash

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WARNING: WILL CONTAIN MATURE THEMES (sex, swearing, etc.), SLASH (male on male), and BDSM (kinky sex, bondage, discipline, s&M, etc.). Ye be warned

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Sirius Black sat easily, reclining in the late afternoon sunshine that cast much of the Potters' back patio in gold and shadow. He sipped languidly off his Butterbeer before pulling a cancer-laced drag off his cigarette, watching the smoke curl as it made love with the warm breeze. James Potter, who had just closed the lid on a fire engine red Hibachi grill, slumped into the chair across from him, taking up his own beer bottle. "Dinner almost done Prongs?" Sirius asked lazily, in no real hurry to eat.

James grinned just for the hell of it. "Almost," he replied easily, setting his now-empty bottle on the little table between them. "Then again, I'm still considering not feeding you for that stunt you pulled last week at the Order meeting."

Sirius smirked in remembrance of how he'd (slightly tipsily) gotten onto a table before Dumbledore could call everyone to order and announced the news James had confided to him seconds previous, thus stealing the other Animagus' thunder. Before he could comment about it, though (or on James' vow that his best mate was never allowed at his house again) Remus Lupin and Lily Potter (nee Evans) joined them, both taking casual seats neat their respective lovers.

Remus frowned at Sirius' cigarette. "Padfoot, you know I hate it when you smoke…" he chided lightly. The dark-haired man in question merely pulled again from the fag and blew the exhalation into a perfect ring, smirking. Remus shook his head, cocking a brow in silent warning.

"We're going to go in for a bit so I can show Remus some of the baby stuff before we eat," Lily said, pretending she hadn't seen the exchange between her husband's longtime friends. James grinned in reply, as he was wont to do anytime his unborn offspring was mentioned. He and Lily had just discovered their pregnancy status a few weeks ago and were still basking in the newfound euphoria of it (since Sirius had taken the fun out of announcing it to everyone).

"Sure thing, babe. And while you're in there, would you mind terribly fetching me and Sirius another round?" He smiling winningly and Lily returned it as she stood.

"Sure thing," she replied, stopping to kiss him. "Anything else?" Her tone was light and James' grin grew as he tapped her bottom playfully and shook his head.

Lily's eyes glinted as she and their lycanthropic friend disappeared into the house once more. Sirius snickered.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing really," Sirius replied, tossing his fag to the ground and squishing it before downing the last of his Butterbeer in one gulp. "Just amazed that you can be so fresh with Lily when a few years ago that same move would've earned you a face full of boils." James laughed.

"Too true. What can I say though? Lily likes to please." He winked and Sirius guffawed loudly, the sound eerily like barking. He wiped a tear of mirth from his eye with the usual theatrics and waggled his eyebrows.

"And what, pray tell, is her favourite way to please?"

The messy-haired young man giggled. "You're depraved, y'know that? Merlin, if I hadn't walked in on you and Mooney going at it so many times I'd think the poor lad never put out for you." Sirius snorted. "But if you must know, Lily likes it cowgirl style." His own eyebrows waggled now. "She likes to ride it." Sirius cackled, eerily reminiscent of his mother's laugh.

"And Remus?" James continued. "How does he prefer it?"

"Prongs old boy, I thought that would've been painfully obvious. …Doggy-style, of course!" He laughed again as James groaned.


"So we're pretty much set, as you can tell," Lily said brightly as she folded the last of the many sets of baby clothes she and James had already received and purchased back into the drawer in the tiny nursery.

"D'you know what you're having yet?" Remus asked. "Boy or girl, I mean."

The redhead smiled and glowed that telltale radiance that only women with child emanated. It softened her beauty, making it less startling and intense, and Remus found himself smiling with her to see it. "James was all for knowing, but I want to wait; have it be a surprise, y'know, so we have no idea. Of course it doesn't matter as long as he or she is healthy and looks exactly like me." Her grin turned cheeky. "I suppose the Healers could have told us, but it's too early to worry about anyway. I'm barely two months as is."

They descended back down into the quaint and cozy kitchen and began the preparations on a salad to go with the barbeque. "Speaking of James, how's he taking impending fatherhood?" the lycan asked as Lily munched on a baby carrot from the pile she was slicing.

Lily blushed lightly, the faint rose tint to her cheeks enhancing the beauty of her emerald eyes. "Really well, actually. He's over the moon about it. And it's made him rather…feisty lately, which is a nicely unexpected bonus."

Remus chuckled. "You mean horny." Lily blushed harder at the word, and her eyes sparkled guiltily, but she didn't deny it. "So I assume you've taken it upon yourself to put him in his place more often than not nowadays then?"

The two shared a secret smile, which was enough of an answer. Despite what James and Sirius said (and implied heartily) to one another, Remus and Lily both knew the truth. The men in their lives, those more-than-slightly reckless, love-them-so-much-it's-bordering-on-hate men they couldn't think of living without, were masochists. They liked to be controlled in the bedroom; owned, put in their places, as it were. And being the dutiful (and more than slightly sadistic) lovers they were, Remus and Lily obliged their men.

Much later, as they sat around the patio table, a delightful dinner spent with friends and laughter digesting pleasantly within, each of them sipping at the last of their drinks, they made ready to say their farewells. Remus, who was sitting on his boyfriend's lap (and making the randy Animagus even more aroused by the second), patted his thigh as he polished off the last of his Butterbeer. "I think it's about time we skedattled, Paddy." Sirius smirked as Remus shifted slightly, grinding his delectable arse against the Animagus' half-hard cock temptingly.

"Too right you are, gorgeous," he agreed. "Dinner was…well manageable, Prongs," James stuck his tongue out, "and it was a pleasure as always Lily." They all stood for goodbye hugs, Sirius and James clapping one another on the back in the macho way that stated they were strictly friends, Remus and Lily embracing each other's lovers much more warmly, the redhead bestowing her perfunctory kisses on both cheeks to Remus and Sirius.

The pair stepped back after farewells had been exchanged, both smiling and waving, and Remus let his hand slide down Sirius' back to grip his arse possessively. Just as they were turning into nothingness, his mouth whispered hot and seductive over the darker haired man's ear, "Time for my naughty boy to get punished." Sirius felt his cock stiffen in his pants as the suffocating pressure of Apparition gripped him and the Potters' artfully lit back garden spun away.


Remus groaned in anticipation as Sirius dropped to his knees before him. His cock was rock hard and throbbing and he hissed his pleasure as the Animagus' sinfully talented tongue slid out of his mouth to tease it. "I'm not in the mood for you to be a fucking tease," he rasped, and it was true.

Almost the second they had materialized in their one-bedroom flat in a bustling downtown sector of London, their mouths had met, Remus dominating the kiss, spearing his tongue into Sirius' mouth. The lycan had his lover naked and pressed against the bedroom doorjamb in the next breath, nipping and sucking his way down his neck as he ground their pelvises together. "Fucking Merlin, you have no idea how badly I want you," he'd rasped as the Animagus groaned incoherently.

And now, here they were, an infinite and uncountable number of heartbeats later, Sirius naked and on his knees before his boyfriend, Remus hissing his pleasure as Sirius' tongue slid around the sensitive head of his phallus, wriggling into the slit from which pre-come dripped. "Mmm, fuck yeah," Remus grunted, sliding his fingers through and gripping tufts of overlong ebony hair, mussing his lover's locks with reckless abandon.

Sirius moaned as the lycan abused his hair follicles, taking almost the entirety of Remus' cock in his mouth and sucking hungrily. Remus bit his lip, fighting the urge to simply thrust home and fuck his boyfriend's mouth until he spilled his load between those perfect lips. The dark haired man hummed contentedly as he suckled, sending exquisite vibrations up and down Remus' shaft. "Christ," the werewolf breathed, tugging again on his lover's hair and shivering as another moan from the brunette's lips rumbled up his cock to his prostate. He bit his lip again, harder, as Sirius let the organ, now pulsing and slick with saliva, bounce out of his mouth with a passion-igniting pop.

"Mmm," he groaned, licking a ribbon of pre-come from the tip of Remus' cock. "You taste so fucking good Remus… Unh, I want to taste your come…" His sinful tongue swiped over the throbbing head of Remus' erection again.

Remus cocked a brow. "You do, do you?" the amber-eyed man purred, gently dislodging his fingers from their nest in Sirius' hair. The brunet nodded eagerly, tongue snaking out to steal a taste of pre-ejaculate once more. Remus moved toward the bed, but instead of climbing upon it, he rummaged around in the drawer for a few moments, giving his boyfriend a generous look at his curvaceous arse, finally withdrawing a small object.

He walked back over to where Sirius kneeled obediently, and fixed the leather collar around his neck, almost creaming at the sight of those huge, shining silver eyes, darkened liberally with lusty arousal, looking insolently up at him. He tugged admonishingly on the collar and Sirius' grin only widened before his eyes dropped once more. The bloody pouf loved every second of it, Remus knew, and it only fuelled his own passion. But he still wanted to wipe that smug little smirk off his boyfriend's face. And he knew a surefire way to do it.

He smirked, finally continuing his thought. "Well then, in that case…" he murmured softly, stroking the side of Sirius' cheek, watching his lover lick his lips as the dollop of pre-come sat on the tip of his cock, growing, tempting the Animagus devilishly. "Get on the bed and turn over for me. You've been a supremely naughty boy today and you need to be punished for it."

The brunet whimpered mildly, but obeyed, climbing onto the bed, allowing himself one moment of repletion as he stretched on the supple fabric, before bringing his knees up, bowing his back, and presenting his firm little ass expectantly in the air. He really was disappointed he wouldn't be able to have his boyfriend finish in his mouth; he really rather did love the taste of the honey haired man's come, and just thinking about swallowing it made his cock throb dangerously.

"Yes, just like that darling," Remus muttered approvingly and Sirius smiled at the praise. "That's my good boy." The Animagus nearly fainted at the husky possessiveness in the voice and shivered pleasurably as the lycan dipped his head, nipping at the fleshy curve of one buttock before dragging his tongue over the tight pucker of his lover's anus.

His fevered mouth pressed a heady, open-mouthed kiss with just the teasing hint of tongue between those rosy blots of flesh slithering down to Sirius' balls, earning a breathy moan, before he licked his way up every last vertebra of the Animagus' spine. The submissive arched and his hips bucked into air futilely as he groaned, "Ooh fuck yeah, that feels good."

Remus chuckled silently. "Yeah?" he breathed over the shell of the brunet's ear. The sharp sound of flesh meeting – colliding, really – painfully with flesh echoed dully around the Silenced bedroom and Sirius yelped in helpless pleasure. "How about that you filthy-mouthed slut? You like that too?" the werewolf hissed. He squeezed the abused arse cheek and chuckled softly.

"You know I do babe," Sirius managed to get out through the lump of ecstasy that choked him. Remus toyed gently with the collar again and Sirius groaned, already halfway to orgasm. "Fucking Merlin," he rasped.

The lycan spanked him again, harder this time, reddening the other luscious buttock and eliciting a cock-twitching scream of painful pleasure. "Oh dear, I think you might just be enjoying this a shade too much," Remus murmured, running teasing fingers down the cleft between Sirius' cheeks as teasing his straining, hungry sphincter. "What say we put a little more…restraint on you?" Long fingers circled his length and slowly jerked the Animagus, pulling a moan of the brunet's larynx. "Then we can make sure you don't come too quickly and ruin everything."

Before Sirius could open his mouth to respond, the cool chink of metal clamped firmly around the base of his cock, trapping his orgasm. He groaned in the back of his throat as the cock ring warmed slowly and Remus' hand slid away after one last teasing stroke.

"Now," the lycan said, amusement and challenge in his tone as he moved back from the Animagus, hands unable to resist trailing over that which he owned. "Let's see just how much punishment my naughty boy can take."

Another loud spank came down on Sirius' arse, followed so swiftly by a fourth that he could hardly draw breath. His cock throbbed as blood pounding through his veins and arteries, fueling his desire and weakening his tremulous hold on sanity as they came, one after another after another, without pause for a seeming eternity.

His face was red and his legs ached from tensing his entire body, when a deceptively cool tongue skated across his crimson flesh. He forced himself to relax as he pressed his sweaty forehead into the crook of his elbow. "Mooney, fuck…I don't…I don't know how much more…" His heavy panting and screaming lust cut off the words before he could complete the thought, his system shutting down as teeth sank into his flesh.

Remus chuckled again, mouth making its leisurely way up the pristine flesh of Sirius' back, nipping and tasting all the way. He hovered over his lover, his own rock hard erection dripping pre-come against the gateway to the brunet's pleasure. He couldn't help biting Sirius again, this time his teeth grazing over the smooth plane of shoulder, gently exerting pressure.

Sirius melted as his cock gave a powerful surge of need. "Remus," he rasped. "Fuck…Remus, please."

"Please what?" the lycan teased, trailing over the bite mark and indentations his teeth had made with his tongue before fitting his mouth over the same spot and clamping down once more.

Sirius moaned throatily. "Godric Gryffindor in a tutu, fuck me Remus, please," he gasped.

"Mmm, but I'm not sure that you deserve it Sirius…" He wanted to see how far he could tilt his lover over the brink before he lost his balance and tumbling into the fiery pits of x-rated bliss. Sirius shuddered all over, hands clenching the soft bedclothes.

"Please," he rasped. "Fuck…Remus, Master, please…"

Remus kissed between his shoulder blades and pulled back. "Turn over. I want to see your face when I make you come," he murmured and would have laughed at the swiftness with which Sirius complied if his own arousal wasn't a deafening thrumming in his ears and an unquenchable flame in his belly. He knew that the Animagus only called him Master when he was at the end of his rope for patience, and knew that if he continued to torment the charcoal haired angel, he would only get angry and there would be a fight after vigorous, rage-filled sex (followed of course by make-up sex). So while it was worth it at times, now wasn't one of those times.

He paused and put a finger to his lips. "Hmm…just a second Padfoot."

"Jesus fucking Christ Remus, can you get the fuck on with it already?" Sirius snarled, too horny to care that he would probably be punished for being to forward and vulgar, and too far gone to think of the consequences anyway.

The lycanthrope growled and was instantly pinning Sirius to the mattress, tongue in his mouth, claiming it roughly. "You insolent little bitch," he panted when their mouths parted. The grey-eyed man merely whimpered desperately. Remus forced himself to pull away and not simply slam into the tight, hot depths of the other man's arse like his libido was demanding, but to walk calmly across the room to the handsome wardrobe and open the doors.

"What're you doing?" Sirius couldn't help but whimper. His cock throbbed, purple-y-red and engorged, and had to exert force to keep his arms at his sides. Remus merely smirked over his shoulder, reaching into the shadowed depths of the wardrobe. The Animagus almost sighed, picturing the torture he would have to withstand before he was allowed to come (and good Merlin, even thinking that had his body temperature spiking), while he was barely hanging on as it was. Instead, he allowed his gaze to roam worshipfully over the smooth, graceful curves of Remus' arse, the soft lines of scars across his back and arms and even thighs. His prick ached as he watched the smooth undulations of muscle under skin as his lover reached into the wardrobe again and pulled back.

Biting his lip to keep from voicing his roar of frustration, Sirius felt the sharp edge of his impending orgasm grating against the last fibers of his self-control. "Remus, please," he gasped. The lycan turned, maneuvering so that whatever it was he held in his hands remained hidden and strode quickly back to the bed, admiring his lover as he wriggled and huffed impatiently. "Remus…"

The lycan grinned and took pity on him, drawing the ties from behind his back; his grin turned lopsided, into a satisfied smirk, as Sirius' breathing hitched noticeably. The Animagus had a soft spot for bondage and would have undoubtedly come as Remus firmly tied his wrists to the bedposts before climbing back onto the bed and settling his own throbbing erection against Sirius' hole.

"Mmm…please, please, please," he begged, lifting his hips in supplication. "Please Mooney, baby…" Remus groaned raggedly, unable to stand it any longer, and, spreading the darker-haired man's legs, gently pressed his cock into the tight, barely forgiving heat of Sirius' anus. "Fuck!" he called out, the bands of muscle in his arm standing out as he flexed against the bonds. The burn of fabric chafing skin rumbled straight to his throbbing cock and he bucked helplessly.

Remus grunted and pushed in a little further before withdrawing. He knew it was going to be harder, because his lover wasn't prepared, but he was too close to care, and he knew that Sirius, being the bottom he was, loved every little stab of pleasurable pain, and so didn't hesitate before thrusting hard back in, forcing the panting Animagus to accept half of his considerable length. "Sirius," he rasped, nipping ferociously at the silken smooth skin of his lover's neck. "Fuck…Sirius."

"Fuck me Remus," Sirius purred as the lycan withdrew again, and their eyes met, amber on silver, as he thrust home on last time, to the very hilt, and Sirius arched into him wantonly.

"Fucking Christ Padfoot, you're so tight," Remus murmured, setting a punishingly slow pace of long, deep strokes that raked headily across the black-haired young man's prostate and sent tongue of fiery ecstasy up his skin.

"I can't… I'm not… Cock ring… Please…" His incoherency only doubled his honey-haired lover's own enjoyment as he began to thrust harder against the relaxed, stretched opening, the head of his prick now stabbing deliciously into Sirius prostate and making him more incoherent.

"What do you want you divine little whore?" Remus growled, bucking into his willing lover's sphincter brutally now, using the collar he had fixed round the creamy smooth neck for leverage. His orgasm was rising, consuming him with its inferno within, and he felt what little control he'd been clinging to begin to slip inescapably from his grasp. "Tell me what you want."

Sirius whined, sounding uncannily like Padfoot. "Please… Remus…the cock ring. FUCK! Fuck, Master, I can't take it… Please, please, I have to come…"

Remus reached down and caressed the scalding hot flesh of Sirius' dripping, throbbing cock, fingers running over the smooth metal of the cock ring. "Who owns you?" he hissed, fucking the writhing arching man beneath him harder yet.

"You, Remus. Only you!"

"Mmm, good boy," Remus murmured, sucking an earlobe into his mouth as nimble fingers slid the cock ring slowly down Sirius' length, drawing a long, sibilant hiss from those sinful, erotic, perfect lips.

Sirius felt himself being dragged inexorably toward orgasm, the tiny, seemingly insignificant metal ring fraying his nerves and contorting his muscles so that he twisted upward, seeking the contact of Remus' skin against his own. Remus obliged, pounding into him roughly, possessively, perfectly, stabbing his tender, singing prostate. Then the cock ring pulled down as the lycan whispered, "Yes, comes for me. Mine…" and Sirius lost himself to the pleasure, the vivid image of Remus' eyes, glowing with love and lust and animal passion, lived on, burned into his retinas as his eyes fell shut. Flames could have burst spontaneously from his flesh and he wouldn't have known the difference (or cared), so intense and utterly complete was his oblivious climax. His shout, almost scream, of release mingled with the hot sticky eruption of his come splattering onto his belly and Remus' hand, (unfortunately) went almost completely unnoticed.

Remus thrust hard once, twice more before his grip of sanity slipped and the world tilted the wrong way as he exploded into euphoria at the gateway to nirvana and the depths of his lover's succulent, clenching arse. He collapsed forward, dragging Sirius down, and the two sprawled in an ungainly heap of twisted, sated limbs.

When he came to, sweating and panting, Sirius mumbled huskily, "I fucking love you Mooney. Sometimes you can be a prick, but I fucking love you."

The lycan chuckled and rolled to the side, still snuggled into his dark handsome boyfriend. "And just for that, I'm not going to untie you," he replied as he nuzzled into the Animagus' neck and Sirius groaned. "I'm not entirely sure I'm done playing with you tonight…I think I might want to come in your mouth after all."

Eyes slightly glazed over, Sirius licked his lips and nodded. "For sure, Mooney… I love you, eh?"

Remus grinned. "I love you more." And his eyes radiated comforting, warm love as he sat up and bent to give his boyfriend what promised to be fantastic blowjob. It wasn't the frantic razing of his body from the heights of passion, but it warmed his soul like the embers of a fire slowly roasted a marshmallow instead of lighting it ablaze, and he grinned, thinking himself the luckiest man in the world.


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