I had a dream of this two, for some strange reason, and I thought they looked cute together. Totally a crack-pairing fic, but that's OK. It's a Ggio/Orihime fanfic. And I got the title from listening to, "That's All I Ask of You" from the Phantom of the Opera.

My friends urged me to write this after I told them my dream (we talk about our dreams alot, for some unknown reason) and therefore I decided to do so. My first Bleach fanfic. Yay! Although my beta reader wasn't so happy with this... (she's not a huge Bleach fan)

Disclaimer: If I owned Bleach I would make sure that Ulquiorra, Ggio, Stark, Szayel, Halibel, basically all the Espadas and Arrancars would live. And Orihime would end up with Ulquiorra (sorry Ichigo/Orihime fans!), but I don't so it will never end up that way. That's when I have my second choice: writing fanfiction about them!

Now, please enjoy.

Chapter One: The New Guard

Deathly cool air snuck through the bars that lined the window. Silence bounced off the dark white walls.

Orihime, the prisoner of Las Noches, sat on top green cushions. Her frame was thinner as she continued to refuse the mush that was brought to by the servant. The hair she had come to be proud of was now greasy and dead. Along with the unique gray orbs and the snowy white skin she obtained.

Her captor, Ulquiorra Schiffer, finally took action to this and began to make threats that if she didn't eat, he would force feed her by shoving it down her throat, give her an IV, among many others. First time he had 'promised' her that the girl only took small bites. Slowly it went back to before until it went into a daily order: their arrival to the room, her refusal, his threat, her taking little sips of the mush and making a request once she finished, his denial to it as he and the servant left the room.

However a week ago (Or was it just yesterday, Orihime thought) Ulquiorra said more besides his usual threats, his usual insults at her – at her friends. The impassive Espada openly told her, for once without her trying to pry something from him, that another Arrancar would be the girl's second keeper. That he had more important missions being given to him and therefore she was to gain a new guard whom would watch over her making certain that she ate the wretched 'food' they gave her.

Fear rose within her chest, imagination taking off in process and going completely wildly of how her new 'guard' would treat her. But instantly as it had come it had gone, the crazy beating of her heart slowed to a gently beat as a blanket of calmness gently placed over her. Orihime didn't understand if Ulquiorra had done something to make her precious organ slow to a steady beat, but perhaps he had done something because of the look in his eyes… the look of…

"I wonder what they'll be like." Orihime sad aloud, silently praying that they would be calm and collective like Ulquiorra, but willingly talked more. She sighed turning her thoughts to Ichigo and her friends. "I hope they're doing OK."

Before she had left with the jaded-eye man, he had granted her one person to say farewell to. He was knocked out from his previous fight with Grimmjow, the blood-thirsty Espada that had murdered one of his own kind after she had restored his arm and removed the scar from his back where it revealed the number six tattoo. That caused her to believe that they brought her here to so she'd heal their army. Yet there had not been any further tasks of using her powers for such needs. In fact they seemed to have forgotten that she even had great powers as that. Surely they wouldn't otherwise she would be dead by now, disposed of as if she were simply trash that took up too much room.

Then what do they want me for? The question echoed itself in her mind.

Upon hearing the low squeaking of the food cart, Orihime snapped her gaze to her usual cold and silent guard preparing to refuse what they called 'food' even though she'd be forced to eat some of that disgusting substance.

"I do—oh,"

He had not been what she had imagined him to be. Her mind had pictured him something utterly different. Not at all this teenage boy who seemed to be more mature compared to most of the other Arrancar whom she had met. The remains of his hallow mask reminded her of a saber tooth tiger skull, which sat neatly atop his short raven hair, but what she was surprised most by was his eyes – pure gold.

Those said eyes were locked on her still form.

Time seemed to stand still as neither of them said anything, not even the servant.

"Hmph," Orihime blinked in response as he finally broke the enduring silence, "what the h—l are you waiting for? Do you need an invitation to eat your own meal?"

Without being ordered to, the servant pushed the cart over to her and bowed, before making his way to the entrance of the door. She didn't notice instead keeping her gaze locked on him. He stared back at her.

"I'm not hungry…" she muttered.

"You're not hungry? Or you just don't know how to use your own contraption?" He taunted. "Look, you just pick the spoon up and dip it in the soup, next you bring it up to your mouth and place it inside," Before the blink of an eye, he had suddenly appeared in front of her. Spoon in his hand, he did as he had instructed only brought it up to her lips. "Now open you mouth and—"

"I know how to eat." Orihime said trying her best not to open her mouth much so he could suddenly stick the cold, icky liquid inside the carven of her mouth.

His gold eyes flashed for a second before closing them, smirking. Without even warning her he let go of the utensil – which cluttered against the silver surface of the cart. "Then do it."

Orihime shook her head. "I already told you, I'm not hungry."

"I don't care."

They stared again, Orihime keeping her ground as he kept his. It seemed unreal that he hadn't even dared make a threat to her yet, stating he would cram the food down her throat until she either learned to accept it or choke to death. She swallowed the thick saliva that had been gathering in her mouth as his intense gaze remained on her.

The girl blinked as he suddenly has his back to her, hands raised to the side in defeat, a soft sigh escaping past his lips. "Fine, be that way. I figured I would go easy on you, woman, but I can always let Charlotte Cuuhlhourne or Avirama Redder take this task." He placed his hands back and turned his head to stare at her.

"'Go easy'…" Orihime repeated slowly, eyebrows furrowing.

He gave a 'yeah', turning back around to fully view her once again. "They can teach retards how to eat. Though you make not like their technique, but that's too bad." His tone was sympathy for her, though underneath it she could clearly hear the taunting he was doing. As if he was trying to make his prey go the way he wanted them to go before he went in for the kill. Like he wanted her to take the bait he was setting right now…

Hesitantly, she picked up the forgotten spoon and dipped it back into the slowly hardening mush, a victorious smirk spread across his face and quickly went as soon as she placed her eyes back on him, and placed it in her mouth – holding back the urge to gag – and swallowed, feeling the slim ooze its way down her throat and into her stomach.

"That wasn't so bad, was it."

Again the process went until there was nothing more in her bowl, the servant once again returning to wheel the cart back out and leaving without so much as a 'good-bye'. Orihime watched as the Arrancar finally let out his triumph smirk and bit the inside of her cheek from making gag reflexes as the food sat horribly in her intestines. That's the first time I actually ate a whole bowl of that… that… stuff! She thought with horror as she heard her stomach give a gurgle of protest from wanting to digest the 'stuff'.

"Be back in a bit, woman, with your second batch of 'yummy-goodness'." The Arrancar with the golden eyes grinned, seeing the look of sickness pop up on her face. He was nearly at the door when he heard her give a small 'um' as if wanting to question him. He continued walking, not wanting to waste any more time on the human.


Against his will, he found himself stopping in his tracks as he gave a lazy glance over his shoulder at her. "What?"

"I have two things I want to ask you."

"Forget it."

"What is your name?" Orihime fiddled with the end of her sleeve, watching her new guard raise an eyebrow until it vanished and he turned around fully back at her – once again.

"I am his majesty Barragan's fraccion, Ggio Vega. The most loyal fraccion of Barragan," Ggio answered as he gave a smile that wasn't meant to be one for kindness.

"…" Orihime blinked not at all familiar with this Barragan fellow, "Who now?"

Ggio stared at her in disbelief, almost seeming to fall face first anime style. "What do you mean, 'who now'?! Barragan Luisenbarn, the great king! His majesty!" Ggio yelled at her, Orihime again blinking and seeming to not understand a word that he was saying.

"Oh, I see…"

"No you don't, you're just saying that so I'll stop." He growled hearing her give a nervous laugh and watched as she placed a hand behind her head. Ggio let out a sigh through his nose, placing a hand on the remains of his skull and seeming to be in deep thought. "You're more then likely to meet him." He turned on his heel and took a step forward only to get halted once more.

"Vega-san, may you please bring me mustard, pickled plums, and salt with my next meal?"

It took a lot of restraint to hold back the sick expression that wanted so badly to appear on his face. "Why should I?"

Orihime, again, laughed nervously. "I always asked Ulquiorra-san to bring me some spices or small pieces of sauces with my meals, but he never does. And if you could, I promise I'll eat it without any complaint." She glanced down at her lap and waiting to hear the answer she would get from him, positively sure that he would reject it. "That's all I ask of you."

When she saw a movement in his jaw, she was sure he was going to tell her the answer was 'no' and leave, like Ulquiorra always did in the past. This time was different. Her gray eyes widened slightly as he turned his head, then his body, and walked out the door without answering her second question, not even giving her a one worded answer. The door slid shut until they arrived with her meal once more. Silence echoed off the walls as the deathly cool air softly entered the room.

A sigh sounded from her.

Then she realized the difference between his 'answer' and Ulquiorra's.

He didn't say a for sure 'no'. She heard her brain tell her, whisper to her.

The only way for her to know what his answer would be was when he came back with the servant to deliver the food. Only then will I know what his answer is, Orihime thought as she lied down on the soft cushions of the couch, only then will I know what Ggio-san's answer will be.

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