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Chapter Eight: Getting in Deep

"Did Aizen… sama, really say this was alright?" Orihime asked timidly, fingering the bracelet attached to her right wrist as she followed Ggio down the streets. Not that she minded this situation, it was the complete opposite. When he had informed her that she'd be joining him and Findor to retrieve needed supplies from the World of the Living, she had been overjoyed. But the two downs were that: one, she had to wear the bracelet and two, she couldn't try to see her friends.

"Do you want to be taken back?" He mutedly snapped as he kept his head down. Upon gaining the supplies Aizen had seen to it that the Arrancars each have a Gigai. Lucky woman, he thought as she was able to stay invisible to the worthless humans. "Because I can, you know."

"Eh?!" She waved her hands franticly in front of her. "No, no, no! I'm just double checking. Really, Ggio, I just don't want to find out it wasn't and have you get scolded at! That's all! I swear!!"


She watched as his back slouched and his arms retreat into his sides. It was certain he didn't want these, as Ulquiorra put it, trash to touch him. Let alone accidently brush against him and stain his Gigai. Findor had long ago left them to see about stocking up on needed food Cook requested which left Ggio to escort the woman to her apartment. She was allowed to point out any needed items: toothbrush, hairbrush, pads, undergarments, soap, toothpaste, and that was it. Much to her disappointment, but she didn't mind.

That was the main reason she was there. But it still felt like she wasn't supposed to be.

Ggio came to a halt in his steps and perked his head up; scanning the area they stood in. "Which way now, Hime?" He grumbled softly and soon started in the way she pointed to.

"Ggio, do you think I can grab a couple of board games too?"

"Are they necessary items?" He hurried down the ally and wouldn't tell her: he had no idea what this 'board games' were. For all he knew, it could be a needed item for her personal hygiene. He never cared for the human ways anyway. Not since he became a Hollow. He had no need of such useless needs. "Remember, Hime, that's what we're here for."

"Well… yeah, for me it is."

"Alright, fine." Ggio would trust her to tell him all the requirements that a human girl like her needed to keep from looking like such a dirty peasant. And once they returned back to Las Noches, he might ask her how these 'board games' worked. A type soap maybe? Well, whatever the case, he'd put it in the sack slung over his shoulder.

"And Ggio, do you think we can, maybe, go see my friends?"

"No," He instantly snapped knowing fully well that was a number one no-no. And hadn't he told her that before they left to this pathetic world? He was certain he had.

"Well, can we do something fun before going back to Las Noches?" Her voice hung on the verge of sadness and he glanced over his shoulder to see if she would cry. Her eyes weren't water, yet, so that was a good sign. Wasn't it? He knew it wasn't allowed but maybe… if Findor hadn't finished his task, they could…

"We'll see."

Orihime clapped her hands together in excitement and he wondered if something truly was wrong with her. He hadn't said, 'Oh yeah, sure'. But then again he hadn't said, 'No' either. Am I… becoming soft, his mind questioned with a snarl. Didn't he want to get back to base as soon as possible? He growled and hurried towards the building Orihime pointed out, telling him that was her place.

The sooner he got this over with, the better.

He needed time to think once back at Las Noches.

Ulquiorra watched with an impassive face as Orihime was seated on the floor, shaking her hand a bit before opening to allow the continents to fall from her hold. The dice rolled atop the plastic square shaped board of some kind with useless drawings scribbled on it. In the center was a set of cards facedown. He came to deliver the woman food as always and didn't exactly know how to react to this scene. And she wasn't at all paying attention that he and the servant had arrived. Instead her attention was completely focused on the task at hand.

"Woman, you're meal is here." He finally announced and watched as her hair swayed to the side, her face turned to smile at him. However he didn't smile back.

"Hi Ulquiorra-san!" She beamed at him and stood from her spot, hurrying back to the couch to eat her meal. If he allowed himself he would have raised an eyebrow in response to her sudden brightness, but nodded to the servant who rolled the cart in front of her.

Instantly she ate without much of a fuss and finished in a record's time. The servant quickly left and he was about to do the same before she had gave a shy 'Um' which peeked his curiosity in the slightest.

"Would you play one round with me, Ulquiorra-san?" She asked timidly and his emerald eyes flickered to her face and then to the board. "It's a really fun game! Just… it needs at least two players and… it's boring winning when no one's competing against you."

"Woman, where did you get this 'game'?" He removed one hand from his pocket and pointed at the board. Something in the back of his mind already gave him the answer.

"I picked it up from my house when Ggio took me to get some personal accessories." Orihime mumbled somewhat cutely and he remained silent. So his analysis had been correct. Ggio was responsible for allowing her retrieve this piece of trash that was unneeded. He began to make his journey to retrieve it himself and rid them of such a worthless want, but halted. She had willingly ate her food without a fight, too big in a rush to return to her game. "Please, Ulquiorra-san, one round that's all!"

"Woman I have other higher duties to attend to." Ulquiorra remarked as he went to make his exit. True, Aizen had already informed him of his missions once he saw to the woman and he didn't have time to waste.

"Well… could you tell Ggio to come by? Maybe he'll play one round with me…" He heard her muse and he almost tripped in his walk. Ulquiorra quickly corrected himself and opened the door to leave.

"Bye Ulquiorra-san." She called after him and he began to wonder if she was coming down with something. Never before had she bid him farewell and this certainly was a surprise. Maybe having Ggio Vega as her caretaker wasn't such a good idea after all.

Perhaps he would request a replacement for the second caretaker.

"This game is… stupid!" Cuuhlhourne dramatically said as he stood from his seat and acted as if he would faint. He had already lost all his money, therefore Orihime had pointed out that he had lost the game and couldn't start playing until the rest finished. "They're cheating! I know they are!"

"Aw, shut up moron!" Ggio gritted his teeth as he rolled the dice before moving the little car six squares. He snickered landing on a safe spot and casted the dice towards Nirgge. "And I am not cheating. I just have better luck than you do."

Nirgge moved his piece two spaces and made a face. He had landed on the 'Go to Jail' spot and without further ado, that's what he did. At least this meant he was safe from having to pay on someone else's 'property'. His 'cash' was already down to twenty-nine dollars. And Cuuhlhourne had about fifty before his piece had landed on a dreaded spot. Maybe if he was lucky he'd win without getting out of jail.

"No one is cheating. It's against the rules, as Orihime told us." Findor watched as Orihime moved a few spaces before taking the dice into his hands and going on with his turn. "You, as Ggio already put it, have bad luck."

"And a bad looking face." Ggio snickered darkly as it turned to him with a glare.


"Whatever." Ggio's face overcame with a pleased expression as he told Findor to pay up. He snatched the two hundred dollars from him and began his turn. It seemed out of the most of them, Ggio was winning. Orihime and Findor were at a tie. "Maybe the game doesn't like you and hated having your germs touch everything."

Cuuhlhourne grunted in response and folded his arms across his chest.

"Cuuhlhourne, it's just a game." Findor informed in disbelief at how poorly the fellow was taking it. It wasn't as if they were actually winning anything. H—l, he wasn't even sure why he agreed to playing this game in the first place. "There's always next time."

"Do you want to take my place?" Orihime offered, not minding if she were out or not. She simply enjoyed how she was playing with others instead of by herself.

Tears sprang to his eyes and he opened his mouth to say 'yes' but was abruptly cut off as Ggio punched him square in the jaw. The other two Fraccion watched in slightly amusement and annoyance as Orihime's jaw dropped open in horror. Nirgge poked her in the arm to tell her it was her turn.

"You're not taking her place!" Ggio growled and took his seat, satisfied with the beating he gave.

"I didn't mind if he wanted to." Orihime muttered to herself and quickly her eyes went to the dice as he sent her a glare to shut up. She hurried with her turn and picked up a card to see what her fortune was. Go to Jail. She pouted and joined Nirgge.

"… Ggio, I believe you are cheating." Findor casually said as he handed over another two hundred dollars to him. "Either that or this game is rigged."

The other gave a smirk and rolled the dice. He seemed to be landing in safe spots and Findor watched carefully as he let the dice bounce from his hand and onto the board. Again Vega was able to make a peaceful, safe passage on the board. Something really wasn't right about this. He watched as Nirgge took his turn and was disappointed he had to leave jail, already landing on one of the properties Ggio owned and wiping him out.

Nirgge stood and began to leave. "I'm going to find something to eat."

"Ha! Looks like I'm the winner!" Ggio laughed insanely as the other two stared at him.

"You haven't won yet." Findor pointed out and Orihime passed him the dice. He rolled and was pleased to see he passed 'Go' without having to pay him anymore money. In addition he was able to receive two hundred dollars. "Orihime and I are still in the game. Or have you forgotten?"

"Yeah, but I own more land then you! And," He pointed at the colored, paper money in front of him, "I have more money than you two too."

"You never know, Ggio, your luck may run out." Findor said as he watched him roll the dice.

"My luck will never run out!" He said snidely and moved the car piece five spaces before his face became darkened. Orihime quickly covered her mouth to swallow the fit of giggles threatening to escape, but Findor, on the other hand, let the sly smile etch on his face.

"That'll be a total of two hundred and fifty for landing there." He held his hand out and watched as Ggio, quietly seething, hand him the pay. "Oh, and Ggio?"

His narrowed eyes connected with his in suspicion.

"What was that about 'your luck never running out'?"

She released the giggles, unable to hold them back any longer. Findor leaned back in his seat, obviously pleased with himself.

Ggio simply scowled and passed the dice onto her.

"I still say he cheated!" Ggio growled in pure anger as he escorted Orihime back to her room. They had finished playing and Findor had won, the tables turned. Ggio had demanded for a rematch before Choe came along to tell them, mostly Findor, that his majesty had another task for them. "That game IS rigged! Makes you think you'll win before bam! It screws you over!"

She clasped a hand over her mouth still in a fit of giggles.

"Tomorrow I demand to have a rematch with him! And if he wins again, I will challenge him to a different board game!" Ggio snarled and casted his golden eyes to her. "You did get a few others besides this one, right."


"Good," He stuffed his hands in his pockets and released a breath of air, "… stupid game…"

It was muttered softly for her not to hear him, but she ended up catching it anyway. She tried to burry the giggles within her chest. He really didn't like the idea of losing to anyone. But she had mentioned, to simply cheer him up, that he hadn't been beaten by Cuuhlhourne. He had glared daggers at her for that and she nervously laughed it off.

"They are different though… right?"

"Yep!" Orihime nodded and he titled his head at her.

"Like, how?"

"Oh well," She tapped her chin in thought while the other arm secured the rectangular box closer to her side, "there's Scrabble. It's a fun game although my brother said I'd cheat since I'd make words up just to get some points. And I even grabbed Twister! That's a really fun game to play! And CandyLand, it's wickedly fun!"

He raised an eyebrow at the world 'wickedly' and shrugged it off.

"I think Nirgge will definitely be into that game. He'll most likely try to eat the candy too…" Ggio could picture it now. Nirgge wouldn't hesitate to play the game with the word 'Candy' in it and hoped there really wasn't any real candy involved.

"Well, we can have candy be the prize for the winner?" She gave and he shrugged in response.

"Ooh, I even have Apples to Apples! That's a fun game too!"

Ggio scratched the side of his head. He hadn't notice her shoving that many rectangular boxes into the sack he was told to carry to and fro. But whatever, he didn't care so long as it meant victory.

They soon found themselves settling back inside her quarters and he watched as she skipped over to the couch, kneeling down to retrieve the sack and putting the box back in its new rightful place. Ggio approached her cautiously, making sure his steps were light against the marble ground. So far she was blabbering to herself, or to him he wasn't sure, about something or another. He now stood directly behind her and studied her as if she were prey. In a way she was.

"Oh! And I grabbed the game Tatsuki had made…" Her voice seemed to waver slightly as she pulled out cut out squares of piece of papers with words scribbled. "Tatsuki's Style of Truth or Dare… I remember the first time we played it."

He remained silent; his golden orbs watching as her shoulders began to shake lightly.

"Tatsuki, Chad, Uryu, and I… and… Kurosaki-san…" Orihime whispered his name like a prayer and Ggio felt something flare in his chest. He noticed how she'd say peoples' names differently, the affection special for each one. He'd felt this flare sometimes when she'd say Ulquiorra's name. But this… this flare was stronger. The affection dripped with the word was intense.

Why do I care, he thought bitterly as he kept studying her.

"Hime." He spoke her name with an order tone and yet her shoulders continued to shake lightly.

Were these memories of that damned Shinigami the cause of her distress? Or were they… the opposite of that? He remembered hearing from his majesty how Ulquiorra had come up with the bright idea that made the woman come here. To stop hurting the ones she loved. And that it was stated she held high feelings towards the boy with orange hair. He could feel the animal inside him growl with furry.

"Hime." He tried again, a little louder than before and she bolted.

She stood to her feet and turned around, smiling brightly at him but the water still leaking from her eyes.

"Oh, sorry Ggio, I was just remembering how the event went when playing this game." She explained and her heard the lie in her words.

"Don't lie, Hime."

"Huh?" She blinked at him innocently. "But I'm not…"

Another lie, he could hear it clear as night.

"How much does that Shinigami mean to you?" He bite back the snarl wanting to rise and tried to remain calm. A look of pain flashed across her face and she seemed to take a step back, but couldn't. She was already backed into the couch and didn't want to fall against it.

Otherwise, she was afraid she may break down and let the tears fall.

"I… it's none of your business." She quickly said and he felt himself snap.

Neither one was sure what happened and were both secretly, deep down, scared. It was as if someone had turned on a light switch but for a horrible purpose. Something that should never happen and never even be thought of. But that didn't stop him, them, from doing what they were doing now.

She hesitantly slid her hands up his shoulders, unsure whether to push him away or to pull him closer. It seemed strange. She always thought Arrancars lips were chapped and rough to the touch, but his were soft as petals. A rich taste upon her lips and sense, almost as if she couldn't live without it afterwards and needed more.

For him it tasted like heaven. And he felt the back of his mind ask why he hadn't smelled this sweet angel's scent beforehand. And another part of his mind howled with furry, ordering him to stop this act before it was too late. But it already was too late. Too late to go back to how things were.

His nails dug into her dress but she didn't cry out in pain like he believed she would. Carefully she looped her arms around his neck and tried to pull him closer, tilting her head to the side and shivered as something moist met her lips. A different feeling compared to his lips.

Something about this wasn't right and she knew it. But she loved it too.

She actually let out a strangled cry as his teeth grazed her bottom lip and she wondered if anyone heard her. Abruptly she pulled away and he stared at her with no emotion on his face. Her cheeks were tinted red from the kiss and he leaned forward to take them into his possession again.

And all thoughts flew from her mind as she let him.

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