A/N: Hello readers! Here's my 2nd twilight story. It's Twilight but in Rosalie's perspective. I've seen it done once and wanted to try it out on my own.

Note: Rosalie is human and the Cullens are the vampires of course and yes it's an Emmett/Rosalie pairing. So it's mainly Rose filling in Bella's shoes sort of like. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight characters or the story idea. Stephenie Meyers own the characters of course.. I wish I did….*cries* okay I'm done.


Death. It seems painful, but very less. I just never gave that much thought about it. In my seventeen years of existence on this planet, it never crossed my mind.

I felt a stinging feeling going through me as I heard a piercing scream. When that was done, I realized that it was me who screamed that loud. I felt like I was flying, up towards heaven away from my hell.

It wasn't until I heard an angels voice calling my name that the darkness came over me and everything went black.

What do you think so far? It's a work in progress as I'm swamped with my other stories and trying to get rid of writers block for my two other stories. It's a lot plus I have my summer vacation which started yesterday so yeah.

I'll try and do more with this story as of now I'm thinking of the first chapter so expect something soon hopefully.

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