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As the Lucas family and Stella prepared to leave the thrift store, Stella glanced over at her best friend. "Hey, Mace? You will give your mom the stuff they donated, right? It's not going up on eBay or something?"

Macy looked offended that Stella would even suggest such a thing. "I may be a fan, Stell, but I wouldn't do that. I'll leave the bags for my mom to sort just like any other donation."

Stella raised an eyebrow. "Oh, alright," Macy whispered. "One or two items may mysteriously end up in my bedroom, but most of it will be right here in the store." She paused for a moment before looking concerned. "Do you think they know that people would pay a lot of money for their stuff? Maybe they should donate it to a special charity or something to auction it off."

Nick overheard her last comment and smiled, "We're going for normal here, so do you think you could just act like the bags are just another donation from some normal, everyday family off the street?"

Macy nodded, trying to concentrate on breathing so she could remain conscious through the rest of their visit.

At that moment Kevin called to his brothers, "It looks like the coast is clear. We should probably make a run for it."

Macy stood in the doorway waving as the Lucas family drove away. Sighing, she headed back inside to close up for the night. She started by picking up all the empty cups and discarded spoons left behind by the fans before finally heading over to the cash register to count the money. She finally finished all her official duties and was ready to head home. As she reached for her purse, she noticed her question cards lying on the counter. She couldn't believe she had had the perfect chance to interview Kevin Lucas of JONAS and she fainted before she heard the answer to even one question.

She picked up the cards and went to toss them in the trash can when she noticed that there was writing on the top card. She had written, "What is your favorite funny animal?", but under her own question in messy scrawl was "bear in a bikini". She laughed. That was so Kevin! And under his answer he had written, "What's your favorite animal Macy?"

She flipped through the cards and found that he had written his answer and a question for her on every one of the cards. Some of them were funny and others more serious. His note on the last card caught her off guard because it was more of a statement and it didn't relate to her question at all.

"Joe likes plaid pajamas. Nick's are stripes. Mine are the bunnies."

She glanced over at the bags the three boys had brought in and wondered if she would find three pairs of pajamas matching his descriptions. Normally she would wait for her mom to go through donations, but it was almost like he was giving her permission. Peering into the bags, she did indeed find three pairs of flannel pajamas – one that was red plaid, one that was green with white stripes, and one that was pale blue with little white bunnies all over. With a smile on her face, she scooped up the pajamas and the note cards and headed out the door.

Later that night Macy sat on her bed, cozy in her new bunny pajamas, reading Kevin's answers through for the third time.

"Would you ever kiss a girl on the first date?"

Kevin had written, "Does the cheek count?"

Then under it, he had asked her what her perfect date would be. She knew he probably just wrote the questions because he was trapped and bored, but she decided that since he was nice enough to answer her questions, she would do the same. And in a normal, non-super fan way. After considering for a moment, she wrote, "A Yankees game (where JONAS sang the national anthem)." Sports, JONAS, and hopefully a cute guy who liked her. She couldn't imagine anything better.

She flipped back to the animal question and quickly wrote in "otters" before moving on to the next card. She had asked him about his favorite food (his mom's fried chicken), and he had asked "Pepsi or Coke?"

She laughed and wrote, "Neither. Root beer or a mocha."

Next she had asked "What do you like best about going to school at Horace Mantis?" He had written that he got to be a regular guy at school, which made Macy wince. For the most part everyone managed to just ignore the fact that the guys were famous; everyone but her. His question only added to her guilt. "Do you think you could ever think of me as Kevin of school instead of Kevin of JONAS?"

She wrinkled her nose, deep in thought. Would it ever be possible for her to look at him and not see a member of her favorite band? She ran a website devoted to him, for goodness sakes. Is that something you just got over? And honestly, had she even tried yet? She had pretty much just focused on how dreamy it was to be in the same place as a member of JONAS, and look where that had gotten her. She couldn't even stay conscious long enough to enjoy it.

Biting her lip, she wrote, "I don't know. But I'm going to try."

Yawning, she put the cards and her pen on her nightstand and turned off the light.

The next morning, she grabbed Stella before school started.

"Hey, Stella, would you give this to Kevin for me?" She asked, holding out a stack of jumbo index cards wrapped in a red bow.

Stella reached out for the gift and looked confused. "What is it?"

"Nothing weird, I promise," Macy said quickly. "It's just something he left at the store last night."

"Why don't you just give it to him then?" her friend asked.

Macy blushed. "I'm still having problems remembering to breathe around him, and I really need to make it to first period."

"Okay. I'll drop it by his locker on the way to English," Stella replied.

"Thanks," Macy said gratefully.

Stella turned and headed down the stairs to the lockers, but stopped suddenly. "Hey, Macy. I was thinking last night that your mom's store might get a bunch of fan girls stopping in because of yesterday. Do you want me to come help after school in case there's a rush?"

Macy smiled gratefully. "That would be great. I know Mom would appreciate it."

Stella nodded and continued down the stairs. Macy watched as Stella approached Kevin at his locker and handed him the note cards. He looked puzzled at first until he finally noticed that Macy had answered all his questions. His face broke out in a wide grin when he read what she had written under his description of their pajamas.

"I liked the bunnies best."

He looked up and noticed her standing on the stairs. Macy could feel herself getting light-headed as he smiled at her and waved. She focused on taking a deep breath before waving back.

He smiled and waved at her, and she didn't faint.

It wasn't much, but it was a start.