Mikan was never found out, because she never actually made it to Tokyo. Her father caught her out. But, she never forgot about her best friend. A year after Hotaru left, on Mikan's eleventh birthday, her grandfather passed away. Because of this, Mikan was cast out on the street with her small saving, at the age of 11, still the same girl just homeless. Four years later, Narumi comes back from a two week holiday to find her sleeping somewhat peacefully outside of the academy gates. What happened to Mikan during those four years? Read on, and find out...

New character profiles:

Dangerous Abilities Class:

Name: Akira Yugi:
Alice: Immobilisation, art, pain
Age: 15
Star Rank: Double

Name: Hotori Hirameshi
Alice: Transformation, teleportation
Age: 17
Star Rank: Triple

Name: Yusuke Taisho
Alice: Soul sucking
Age: 16
Star Rank: Triple


Narumi walked down the street as casually as ever, feeling a strange sense of relief at being back at the academy. He hoped that Fukutan had survived his vacation. Being a middle-school teacher for a bunch of kids with special powers was nothing to take lightly, and Fukutan just wasn't strong enough to deal with the incredible task.

Some distance ahead, something caught his eye. Next to the Academy gates, a heap of garbage lay neatly bundled in a torn up black jacket. From the distance he was at he couldn't be sure, but the jacket seemed a little expensive to be left laying around so carelessly.

Arriving at the heap of trash, Narumi frowned in shock and confusion. It was not a heap of trash, but a sleeping girl, probably around the age of 15. "Odd," he muttered, about to make his way around her when she coughed and rolled slightly, her arm tumbling onto the path to reveal fresh dripping blood. "Odder." He declared, placing his pack on the ground and calling for a car before approaching the body carefully.

Had she not coughed and twitched a few moments earlier, he'd have taken her for dead. Examining her arm, he saw the blood was flowing from a 10cm long cut on her forearm. It was hard to tell what made to cut and how clean it was, but it was obviously deep. She must have lost a lot of blood.

He tapped her in the face, attempting to wake her. She groaned and coughed, tiny specks of blood stuck to Narumi's clean white glove. This caused even more concern: She was bleeding internally, too. What on earth happened to this girl? He questioned himself, to afraid to move her body. She could have had spinal injuries, it wasn't safe. He was glad to have called Subaru, hopefully he'd be able to heal her at least a little.

As if on cue, Subaru came to a stop, waiting for the gates to open before driving out a little further. He noticed Narumi crouching over something on the ground, but couldn't see what it was. Of course, the moment he was out of the car, the girl's body became quite visible.

"What happened to her?" Subaru demanded, placing a hand on her arm to heal the cut, stopping the blood.

"I don't know, I thought she was a heap of trash at first. She coughed up blood just a moment ago, can you fix that?" Narumi said.

Subaru shook his head. "Not unless I know what's causing the bleeding. Does she have an Alice? Is she a student?" Subaru was 23 now, and had accepted a job at the school as a doctor. He knew most of the students faces, and was positive he hadn't seen this girl before.

"I don't know if she's got an Alice, but it doesn't matter. Let's get her inside to the hospital, before she dies." Narumi said, lifting her up while Subaru tossed his bags in the boot. Moments after laying her down in the backseat to took off towards the hospital, tyres screeching as Subaru hit the brakes.

It'd been four days since the girl had been brought to hospital, and so far her recovery had been successful. Subaru had come to believe she wasn't waking up because of either 1, after taking the beating, her body locked itself down for protection, 2, she was in some sort of a coma, or 3, she was exhausted.

The internal bleeding was caused from bruised tissues and damaged lungs; judging by the bruises all over her body she'd been beaten with something like a metal pipe. She was cut on her arm, and on her right thigh, very deeply. The cuts had been made by some sort of blade, like a fine sword, or possibly a razor.

After she was treated, principle Kazu Yukihira of the high school division came to inspect her, checking for an Alice. Something seemed to be blocking his reading a little, which he believed to be nullification. But there was something else, something stronger and more powerful that she seemed to be working very hard to keep secret from him.

But, nevertheless, she had an Alice, and therefore she would become a student. They were guessing at her age but not making any certainties, so both the middle school and high school were informed about a possible transfer student.

Back at her room, the girl gasped as her eyes snapped open, but she remained totally still as she surveyed the room to check for intruders. While doing so, she noticed that she was in a white room that had a one small window that was closed with the curtains shut, and a long mirror along the other wall. One sided mirror! She determined, slinging herself into a sitting position.

She cringed, waiting for pain to strike to find nothing. "Huh?" she mumbled, examining her unscathed arm. "No... Cut? Not even a scar..." she muttered, pushing the blanket back to find the cut of her thigh was fine to. Frowning in frustration, she pulled up her hospital dress to check her torso, searching desperately for evidence of her brutal beating.

"Ah... where am I?" she asked herself, worried. Panic washed over her as the worst possible scenario she could think up popped to mind: "They found me..." she whispered, pulling the blanket back up over her body and closing her eyes. Fools, to leave me alone unguarded. She smirked mentally. I'll take a hostage and make a break, I remember all the passageways. She thought smugly. Clearly, they'd once more underestimated her.

She was growing quickly impatient with her lack of attendance: When would they send someone to check on her? What if she actually fell asleep and missed her chance? Just as she was about to let her panicking get the best of her, the door creaked open, and footsteps were heard approaching her bed.

She waited to pounce, impatiently at that. The moment she felt the blankets being pulled away her eyes snapped open and she kicked the intruder in the face, sending him into the one way mirror, which shattered on top of him. The girl scolded herself, hoping she hadn't killed her only hostage.

Dragging him away from the glass she pushed him onto the bed after dusting the glass shards off of him. Reaching into her bra, she was dismayed to find her pocket knife gone. The hostage was unconscious, but he had a heartbeat, so she guessed he was alive.

She used the thin hospital blanket to tie his legs together, then she bound his wrists behind his back. She then climbed on top of him, pressing her knees into his shoulder blades in a way she knew would leave his arms immobile. She then slapped him, trying to wake him up. How would she get answers if he remained unconscious?

After a few worrisome seconds, he groaned and came too, instantly trying to move. "Stay still and don't scream and I won't kill you. You're going to answer my questions. Say 'yes' if you understand, and say 'no' if you'd like me to dislocate your arms. Answer now."

The man cleared his voice, and then in a very cautious voice, he said, "Maybe," This irritated the girl, so she broke two of his fingers before repeating her last statement. "Yes." He choked out, trying not to call out in pain.

"Where am I?" She asked, starting with the basics. She was suddenly very concerned about being at a normal Tokyo hospital, having just assaulted an innocent doctor.

"Gakuen Alice." He said immediately, trying not to displease her.

"Eh?" she frowned, thinking back to previous conversations. "The school for Alice kids. Crap. How did you people find me?" she demanded, pushing her knees into his back harder.

"You were found unconscious outside the gates, a teacher tried to save you. That's why—,"

"What?" she snapped, pushing harder. "Why I'm still alive? Don't try to bribe me, punk." she hissed, her temper flaring. "Show me the joy in that, being alive, and I'll let you go right now while I skip off merrily to celebrate my miraculous recovery." She snapped.

"S-sorry," he stuttered, tears in his voice. "We were just trying to help." He whispered, his voice quivering with fear and pain.

The girl blinked and jumped off of him, but leaving him bound by the sheets. She suddenly felt horrible, although she remained stoic and emotionless. It took her just moments to regain her anger and worry. "I'm leaving." She stated calmly, noting the clothing piled neatly on the wooden chair near the window. "Perv on me, and I'll kill you without hesitation." She said icily, stripping herself of the hospital gown.

The instant she got to the clothes it became obvious that they were not hers. It was a uniform. "A uniform?" She mumbled, picking up the blazer and holding it against herself to find it was the perfect fit. "What the hell is this?" she snapped, spinning around to see the room was now full of students wearing masks. After closer inspection, she realized they were all male, and remembered she'd just torn her hospital dress off.

An icy, awkward silence filled the air. What should she do? Smash the window and make a run for it in her underwear? Stay and fight all the mask wearing boys? Or give up? She stood perfectly still like a statue, the blazer clasped tightly in her left hand while she lifted the other in an attempt to cover herself. The boys also stood still, in awe of her flawless body.

Reaching a conclusion, she created the illusion of smoke and fire before snatching up the uniforms and smashing the window open. As she prepared to jump, cloud white angel-like wings sprouted from her back. But something was wrong. She tried and tried to move her legs, but to no avail. Turning her head she saw the illusion was gone, and a boy with a black highway man mask was holding her shadow.

"You can't keep me here." She said smoothly, smirking evilly. The shadow faltered for a moment, then snapped back to the boy as his hair caught fire. "Don't blame yourselves," she said, climbing onto the window sill. "You're not the first to fail." Her voice remained stiff and emotionless as she leapt from the window. Thrusting her wings, her body was lifted into the air.

Flying onto the roof, she hurried to slip on the blue skirt, followed quickly by the white undershirt. Seeing no use in the blazer, she tossed it aside and pulled on the black boots, then took off into the air once more.

On the ground, students and teachers clustered, while birds began coming out of nowhere. At first she was unconcerned about the animals; they could be no harm. That was, until, a male voice called "Stop her!" and the birds began to fly directly at her.

"Ah... animal pheromone." She realized, deciding she'd avoid killing the birds while the option remained. After successfully avoiding a swarm of birds, she maneuvered around a net and was clasped from the air by a giant eagle, it's claws digging into her shoulders. As she prepared to roast the eagle, a girl on a duck popped out of nowhere, a large net in her hand.

"Got you." She said stiffly, swiping the girl into the net and tying it up. Her wings folded back into her back, and her flames died out. Something was stopping her Alice's. "Alice-Proof net. Don't bother wasting your energy." She stated icily, staring at the girl with a sense of lost recognition.

"Who might you be?" the girl in the net asked calmly, amused and slightly panicked about being caught. She'd never pictured herself in a net, never even considered the situation. Therefore, she had no thoughts on escaping. The net seemed to be made out of two materials, one was metal, the other was a sort of cotton.

"Imai Hotaru. Yourself?" The girl with short black hair and purple eyes answered, eager for an answer.

The girl remained cold and emotionless, her facade never wavering. "Imai Hotaru, I do believe it sounds familiar." She noted, contemplating the safety of giving her name, then deciding against it. "If you don't already know my name, I think I'd rather keep it that way. Saves trouble, gomen (sorry)."

Hotaru didn't complain, though she wasn't pleased. She dropped the net a meter from the ground, but the girl managed to spin herself around and land in a crouched position. Still in the net, they pinned her down, strapping a black band around her neck, wrists and thighs just above the knee.

After that, they released her, allowing her to climb out of the net. She stood up and took in her surroundings, giving the death glare to each set of eyes she met. One boy in particular caught her eye, he was blond and had blue eyes.

"Animal pheromones, huh?" She said clearly, tilting her head to the side slightly to get a better look at him. The boy had no time to reply, however, because another boy in a cat mask shoved him behind him. "Your boyfriends a little pushy, don't you think?" she said in the same clear, cold voice as before.

The boy took off his mask, revealing a devilishly handsome face and burning red eyes; an expression of strong annoyance plastered to his face. Clearly, he was not pleased with her comment. "Come with me, don't cause trouble and there won't be any." He commanded, lighting a fireball in his palm.

The girl raised a delicate eyebrow, her otherwise emotionless face remaining unchanged. "Are you threatening me?" She questioned, mimicking his pose before igniting her own palm sized flame. "Just because I'm a girl, doesn't make me a pushover." Her voice rose slightly, despite her efforts to keep it composed.

A collective breath was taken by the people surrounding her, and a few stepped back. Cat boy however, raised an eyebrow. "Interesting." He stated, noting the static emanating from the choker and other bands placed on her body. "I was under the impression you'd been restricted. Are those bands not electrocuting you? They should be."

She suddenly realized the overwhelming pain trying to swallow her body, that she'd been ignorant to only moments ago. She closed her eyes to try and keep calm, instead of falling to the ground writhing in pain. When she opened her eyes again, the pain remained, but was under control. "Nothing more than static." She said, relieved to find her voice didn't crack with stress, but remained cold and hard, as if she were about to murder someone.

Cat boy noticed her straining, but decided to remain quiet. "You're causing me quite some trouble." He murmured, deep in thought.

"Having trouble with the little girl, Natsume-kun?" A boy with orange hair and blue eyes asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. Natsume shot him a warning glare, and he removed his hand. "Alice control bands, we've never had to use those before. You're the only one who actually used your Alice with them on for testing, and it was only for a minute. Guess that means she's pretty strong, huh?"

"Akira, shut up and make her immobile." Natsume snapped at the orange haired boy, shoving him forward.

"Geez, Natsume-kun, loosen up." He muttered, staring the girl in the eye as he approached, pulling something from his pocket. He quickly put the object around her neck, then released her from his grip. "So what's your name, cutie?" he asked, smiling sweetly.

The girl almost laughed at his innocent expression. "Immobilisation. Thanks, I'd never seen that one before." She said, rewarding him with a small smile. Looking down at her neck, she noticed the small orange stone around her neck, and frowned. "Nullification Alice stone, huh?" she muttered, wondering if it'd actually work on her.

"If that doesn't work, we'll have to knock her out." A boy with short black hair and coal black eyes said, strutting up to the girl like he already owned her. "Pretty little thing, isn't she?" he said, smirking. "Why don't quit playin' hard ta' get 'n' come chill at my dorm this arvo?" he asked, winking as he took a step forward.

Her instant reaction was to set him on fire, and when that didn't work she tried freezing him, only to find that didn't work either. Apparently, that Alice stone had done the trick. Shrugging, she walked up to him, smiling sweetly to ensure he wouldn't run away. For a few shocking seconds, the small crowd of teachers and DAC students thought she was accepting his offer. That is, until she kicked him in the groin and elbowed him in the back of the head with the force of a small truck, cracking the cement. "Maybe when you're out of hospital." She stated icily, wiping her fake seductive smile of her face to reveal a look of pure disgust. "I hate guy's like you."

Akira and Natsume stared for a brief moment, trying to work out if she'd used any Alice, or if that was just her natural strength. "Ah..." Akira started, about to ask her to use her Alice.

"Looks like you were successful, Carrot head. The stone blocked my Alice." Natsume smirked at her comment about his hair, 'carrot head', while Akira silently fumed. "Does that mean you'll drug me and drag me off to some prison cell now? Or do I get to come quietly?" she asked, sighing.

Natsume and Akira frowned, glancing at their unconscious friend. "Yusuke, such an idiot." Natsume muttered, poking him with his foot. "Is he alive?" He asked her, curious to hear the answer.

She nodded her head. "Think so, I didn't get to use my Alice's, so I don't think I could've injured him too badly. His face might be permanently ruined, though." She smiled. "'Spose it's always been that way."

Akira chuckled, forgetting about her Carrot head comment from just moments ago. "I'll take Yusuke to the hospital, you take her to see Hii-sama." He said, hauling Yusuke over his shoulders before bouncing off towards the hospital from which the girl had come.

When he was gone, Natsume turned to her, concerned but not showing it. What if she were faking? He couldn't fail a simple mission like this just because she'd got the better of him. He'd be an embarrassment.

The girl noticed his lack of words and guessed at his mental debating, although she hadn't a clue about what he was debating. "Relax, cat boy. I give. I'm tired, anyway. Let's just go." She said in a voice so different to her cold hard voice that Natsume actually froze, thinking another person had snuck up on him from behind.

She was stretching her arms above her head and smiling. It was a sad sort of smile though, like she were remembering things she'd never experience or see again. Natsume couldn't help but notice how much nicer and less threatening she looked when she smiled, and he wondered how often she smiled. It was creepy, in a way, to know that the emotionless girl who'd just threatened to kill a doctor before setting Tsubasa on fire to evade them by leaping out a window, almost burning an endangered species just to get away from the academy, could smile and look so... so cute.

"Quit staring at me, it's freakin' me out." She muttered, frowning. It took her a moment to realize she'd totally dropped the emotionless facade. "Oh... shit..." she mumbled, her eyes widening a fraction. She cursed herself, her stoic look falling back to place, her previous calm relation disappearing. "You didn't see anything." She threatened, attempting to make a fireball.

Natsume saw and recognized the position of her hand, and realized she really couldn't use her Alice. "Ah, so you weren't faking." He said, relieved. "Right, I didn't see anything, on three conditions..."

She grimaced, once more dropping the facade. "What?" she muttered, accepting defeat.

"What's your name, age, and Alice?" he asked simply, surprising her.

She looked up and smiled brightly. Natsume couldn't help but notice the way her smile seemed to glow and shed light on everything around her. "I'm fifteen, and my Alice's are Nullification and SEC." She said easily.

"SEC? Steal Erase Copy Alice?" he blinked, baffled. That was rare, and it explained how she has using so many different Alice's. She must've copied or stolen them all.

"Right." She said, her smile growing even wider. "My name is Mikan. Sakura Mikan." She said, still smiling brightly.

Mikan... the name burned itself in Natsume's brain, promising to never be forgotten. "Let's go."