Hello Readers,

Okay, so here it is, finally finished. I'm sorry it took me so long, but I got sick after I came back this weekend and it took forever to finish the last part and revise it. I hope you guys like it and it's cohesive. I changed parts of what I had posted on here before so it gels more all the way through. I also changed it so it's only the Tuatha De Danann influences and not both that and the more English summer and winter courts that I had mixed together in the version before. Hopefully it makes more sense to people and those references are not confusing to people who don't really know that much about Celtic Myth/the sidhe.

I also decided to forego doing it in chapters as it's finished now. Not to mention the way that the set up on this site is weird to me and makes more work than neccesary for the authors. It's much easier to edit things and update when it's all together. Not to mention seperating it into that many docs before you can even upload it. It's easier for me this way, so I'm sorry if it's too long for you guys like this. If I get too many complaints or something I might change it.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me and I hope you guys like it.