Spoilers for chapter 89+


He hadn't woken up to the usual chaos that filled the house—the only normalcy to the usual background noise that accompanied the ringing of his alarm clock was the youngest of his siblings arguing over the telescope he'd groggily directed them to in his first moments of waking.

He only gave them half his attention while he attempted to read his clock with tired eyes and sleepy thoughts.

Groaning, he sat up in bed and turned his full attention to his brother and sister.

"You're gonna break it!" he exclaimed, scrambling out of bed to rescue the telescope from their tug-of-war.

"Nuh-uh, we're gonna watch the 'cplise-thingy teacher talked 'bout," Scott argued, reaching for the telescope.

You have to wear dark glasses, or watch it through stained glass. Maybe Terry can find some film to put on this, but it's bad to watch it with the naked eye," he lectured, relinquishing the telescope to Scott once he nodded in understanding.

When Christy let Scott take it without complaint, Denny glanced at her and found that she was doubled over, giggling, and frowned. "What?"

"You said naked!" she burst out.

Denny rolled his eyes, and tugged on her pigtails. "So did you," he accused.

"Nuh-uh," she denied, running to Scott's side.

"Woah!" Scott shouted, leaning out of the window with hopes to get a better look down the street. "They're really fighting."

Denny rushed to the window, and spotted a crowd gathering at the end of the street. Without asking, he took the telescope from Scott to get a better look. He ushered the two out of his room, pulling on some clothes as he did so.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he told everyone to stay inside, and dashed out of the house.

His destination was H.Q., he needed to know what was happening, had to find a way to keep his brothers and sisters safe. He hadn't avoided all risks for the past seven years just to have the possibility of them getting torn apart re-surface.

His blood boiled when he found out Mustang was behind the city turning into a battleground. First, Mustang had killed the only female he'd ever considered introducing to his family, and under false pretenses, too, and now, this!

He would have risked everything to save her from the fate Mustang had delivered upon her. Suddenly, he found himself wanting to jump the make-shift fences MPs had put up, and face Mustang.

He couldn't think rationally when it came to the dead brunette, and then he froze, just the thought of Maria had her voice in his head. The crowd was stirring, quiet, but stirring, suddenly a nearby radio got louder, and it was her voice. He'd wager everything he had on it.

"What station is that?" he called.

"Capital Radio."

Denny left the crowd, heading towards the station's offices. Anticipation built as he got closer to the building. She was alive, and he would keep it that way. This was the biggest risk he'd taken since his parent's death.


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