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Aki: Oh great. I'm a criminal now and I'm going to hang around with uneducated thugs?

Crow: Hey! I'm not a thug and FYI, Martha taught us all we need to know!

Kiryu: *pushes crow aside* Hey there, I'm Kiryu. I'm the leader, want to join Team Satisfaction?

Yusei: I don't think that's a good idea, Kiryu. I mean *whispers* she's a girl.

Aki: What was that?! You think I'm a helpless little girl? *grabs Yusei by the shirt* Maybe you want to know how I ended up here.

Yusei: N-no thanks. *sweat drops*

Kiryu: I like her already! Blueorange does not own YGO 5ds.

Our story starts with the Public Security Bureau. After months of tracking down the Black Rose Witch, the police have finally cornered her.

"Drop your duel disk and put your hands up. We got you surrounded, Black Rose Witch." a cop was talking through a megaphone.

"You really think you can beat me?" said the Black Rose Witch hoping that her threats would scare them away. If not, she can always use her powers to escape.

"Don't try to escape. We've surrounded the area. There's no where to hide."

'Crap. I have no choice but to use Black Rose Dragon.'

"Watch out! She's going to summon a monster!" a bystander shouted causing panic and disorder to the crowd around the area.

"Calm down people! Back up! we need crowd control here!" Everyone who was at the Dueling Arena started to run around, pushing each other to save their own selves.

'Here's my chance.' The Black Rose Witch took this opportunity to hide within the chaos in the crowd and runaway.

"She's escaping! After her!" The police had a hard time searching through the frantic crowd. The Black Rose Witch maneuver around the crowd and hid at an alley.

"I should blend in." The Black Rose Witch looked around to see if there was anyone around before she took off her mask and cloak. Without her disguise, she looks like any ordinary high school student, she is one after all. She kept her disguise and her duel disk in her back pack.

"Well that was easy." She said to herself as she made her way out of the alley

"Freeze." There was something cold and metal pressed on her temple. It was a gun.

The Witch was surprised. 'Did anyone see me go here? Why didn't I sense this person?' She was in tight situation, its either she was followed by a cop or this was another trap whichever it was, someone has seen her face.

"Drop your bag and duel disk." commanded the officer. She did as she was told.

"Send the troops here. We apprehended the Black Rose Witch."

"Damn." The Witch cursed. Now she was really in trouble.

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