Chapter 11. Fallacious

"It's my turn. I activate a magic card, Hinotama!"

The field was set ablaze. Ember directly scourged The Witch; her cloak catching fire while her skin ached from the burns. Discharging her cloak away, her school uniform had some cuts and damages on them. Her breathing was heavy and her stance is slouched as she could barely keep herself up.

'Darn, she's going to die at this rate.' Thought Jack who couldn't do anything to help her. What can he do? He's defenseless against psychic attacks. He'll just get in her way if he interfered in her battle. All he can do is watch from behind.

"I see I'm not alone then. There are more people who have this ability."

"That's right, Aki. I'm like you and there are more like us."

More of them, did Kiryu know about this?

"Let me explain, I am the Head of Arcadia Movement, an organization that helps people with abilities such as you, Aki. If you come with me, you'll have a home again. You don't need to fear the world or your powers anymore."

Aki Izayoi, The Black Rose Witch, denied Divine's offer in her mind. She didn't want to believe a word he said. How can he accept her after the damage she did to him?

"That's a lie. I don't believe a word you've said." Blood was trickling down from her forehead, her right arm burning from the inside and the cuts and burns were killing her slowly.

Divine began to walk slowly towards The Witch. Her eyesight was a failure at this point, it began to show double images of Divine and everything starts to fade into nothingness. Sleep was upon her now, but her mind refused to give in.

Just before The Witch nearly fainted, she remembered something Jack said to her before.

"What are hiding behind that mask for?" Or what her mind interpreted as "What are you hiding behind that mask?"

'I'm not hiding anything. I'm not scared. But why are my knees shaking and my breathing grave? Am I dying? They say you remember things in the past when you are about to die. No, I won't die and I won't remember the past, not here, not yet. I still need to conquer Satellite.'

"Accept my offer, Aki. You don't belong here in Satellite. I'll give you a home you can go back to. I'll help you control your powers. All your pain will disappear if you come with me."

What is this mask for? Well it protects my face from attacks and hides my identity, other than that, nothing else.

Divine's offer sounded good. A place to call home and people to care for you, when was the last time she dreamed for a home to return to? This man called Divine willingly duelled with her despite that he knows that he'd get hurt. Was he really determined about helping her or is there another reason like Kiryu's?

"…Coward." The memory of Jack's words snapped her out of her last minute thoughts; she won't allow herself to die without proving to Jack or to anyone else that she isn't a coward.

"Are you now?" A sharp voice whispered in her ear.

Face to face, the Witch was in recesses of her mind with a girl who looked like her only without her mask on.

"Are you sure you're not afraid or hiding? Or perhaps you're avoiding reality?"

Her twin had a distorted look on her face much like her expression when she hurts people, a happy-demented-sadistic one. Her eyes void of emotion and instead filled with indifference.

"Running, running, running. That's all you ever do."

"That's all I can do at this situation. I underestimated the enemy." Aki looked down on the imaginary ground they floated on. She refused to admit that she was weak; or rather she refused to accept that she finally met her match.

"I can help you. I can give you the power you need." Her grin was just like the Cheshire's. It was like she was hiding something behind that grin. Her tone of voice was inviting and hypnotizing, her eyes sparkled with hunger for power. She leaned forward to her twin and looked into her eyes that were covered by her mask.

"I know why you wear a mask. You don't want to see the monster that you are. Don't deny it." Her words were ice-daggers that were cold and sharp slowly cutting her from inside-out.

"Look at me. Tell me I'm wrong, I'm not you. I'm just a memory after all; that memory." She emphasised her last words to make sure that Aki remembered that dreaded memory; that memory that haunted her for years and is still haunting her till now.

"Sh-shu..shut up...don't make me remember." Aki was nervous; her body was shaking as anxiety raced into her head. Even her own subconscious was taunting her sanity.

"I wonder if they know you're here in Satellite. That you're a wanted criminal now and that you're going mad already? It's not like it matters anyways, we are just trash after all and this place is our junkyard. We'll rot here. Both you and this dreaded memory will just rot here and die. The pain will slowly kill you."

Silence. Aki had nothing to say, but she felt anger, pain and hatred run into her veins. Behind that mask lies nothing but a smile, not of happiness but one of someone who ran out of tears to shed, a smile that holds back a scream and worst of all, a smile that shows hunger.

For power.

For victory.

And for vengeance.

Darkness soon swallowed her mind. Only a crimson light shapped like a claw glowed in the vast darkness.

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